DePetro Announces Return to Rhode Island Radio

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Former WPRO talk show host John DePetro has announced Tuesday that he will be "returning to radio" -- with an afternoon show on 1540 AM WADK.

DePetro announced that he was leaving WPRO on December 24, when union-backed advocacy group "For Our Daughters" claimed victory

He made the WADK announcement on his website on Tuesday, January 24, which included a "Wolf of Wall Street" spoof video. 

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DePetro's Announcement 

I proudly announce I return to the Rhode Island airwaves starting Wednesday, January 25, 2017,  taking your phone calls weekdays live from 1:00-5:00 p.m. on 1540 AM WADK. Together, we will make Rhode Island afternoon radio great again. The John DePetro Show will be broadcasting from the right side of the issues, on the right side of the dial at 1540 AM.

I am also pleased to announce I am now the exclusive owner of the John DePetro Show, which gives me full ownership of the content of the show and the freedom in the future to syndicate my popular, highly-rated, entertaining program. My listeners should get ready for the most entertaining radio I have ever done, and I will continue to tell  it like it is. As a genius once told me, "content is King." The John DePetro Show will be totally unstoppable, protected by God."

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On Saturdays, 1540 AM WADK will broadcast a 2 hour John DePetro Show Week in Review. Listeners can now enjoy 42 hours a week of the John DePetro radio show, on 1540 AM  WADK, and There will be a live link to the show on, and the show never ends on Twitter. 

I look forward to speaking to all the people of our state, and the various callers, including Ann from Cranston, Raymond the illegal and Henry B. Chafee. The John DePetro Show will always be "up down, always round , you know that." 


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