LIVE: HBOs True Blood Illustrator Clark Huggins Shows RECKLESS DECK

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


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Bristol native Clark Huggins is a visual artist who worked on Fantasy Flight Games and has drawn storyboards for HBO’s True Blood.

Huggins has taken his experience, knowledge for visual arts his interest in fantasy and sci-fi and used it to create RECKLESS DECK

RECKLESS DECK is a deck of cards that Huggins says will help you create endless imagery and create tension between characters and visual aspects of art.  

Huggins says he created RECKLESS DECK because there was a lot of creativity and not a lot of time.

“There’s no wrong answer,” Huggins says, “as long as it gets you drawing and moving, that’s better than sitting and scratching your head wondering what you should work on.”

Huggins is launching a new version of RECKLESS DECK on Kickstarter March 20. 



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