Harvard’s Della Volpe on GoLocal LIVE: Polling Methods Aren’t Changing Quickly Enough

Friday, April 28, 2017


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Harvard's John Della Volpe

Director of Polling at Harvard University's Institute of Politics John Della Volpe appeared on GoLocal LIVE Thursday to discuss new "youth poll" data released this week on Trump and millennials - and spoke to the bigger picture. 


"I don't know if polling is changing quickly enough -- it wasn't unheard of 17 years ago to talk to young people on land lines," said Della Volpe. "Now we use address based sampling methodology -- to make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate, not just those who opt in."

"'Pollster' is one of the most dangerous white collar jobs," added Della Volpe. "Because when you look at the big picture -- most pollsters got the national election just right, with Hillary Clinton up by a couple of points and she won the popular vote by a couple of points."


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