MUSIC: The Brother Kite Flies High At The Roi

Monday, December 09, 2013


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Check out The Brother Kite's new album, Model Rocket.

When it's a Friday night in Providence, you know someway or somehow you're going to have fun. At a classy establishment known as The ROI, music scene stalwarts The Brother Kite were celebrating the release of their new album, Model Rocket. With New Haven rockers The Soldier Story and local art-punk weirdos The Universes, it was going to be another great night in The Creative Capital. A gorgeous venue and beautiful music, you couldn't go wrong with what was happening at The ROI.

Reminding me a lot of The National with an alto voice and avant rhythm, The Soldier Story was meant to sooth. Teetering on that Americana borderline, they had an alternative aesthetic with rigid feel along with a therapeutic sound. They did rock though, at point I sensed a little Johnny Marr from the guitar solos. As you can tell, I liked The Soldier Story a lot. If you're ever in the southeastern Connecticut area, check out what this quartet is doing.

Everybody I know always says "You know The Universes? I wanna see them so bad!!!", well if you weren't at The ROI then you should have been here. Art-punk that is so original that it doesn't even conform to the genre, The Universes straight up killed it. "Stuck In The Future", "Watch Out! It's A Trap", "Sexy Dreams", "Hospitals" and "You Photograph Well" were part of a highly energetic performance. Wanna get one of the best local recordings of 2013? Then get The Universes' Hot EP. Warm and amplified, I guarantee you're gonna love it.

Everyone shuffled up to the stage and The Brother Kite got loud and ripped everything to shreds. They played most the tracks of Model Rocket, with "Secrets", "Father To Son" & "Bees" providing one hell of a start. Now I bet you're saying to yourself,"Rob, how come you're not like the Foo Fighters' IT guy and naming the rest of the tracks?" Oh you ask? Because you gotta get the album, you fool!!! Grab The Brother Kite's new album Model Rocket, it's the perfect gift for Christmas. Also, if you want to take that wonderful significant other of yours on a date go to The ROI. Even if it's someone you just met and they give you that feeling, get romantic at a cool place in Providence that definitely provides a good time.

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