MUSIC: Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes Ends An Era At The Met

Saturday, December 08, 2012


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Giving fans an incredible send off, beloved local ska band Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes held its last hurrah at the Met in Pawtucket.

On Friday at The Met in Pawtucket, Rhode Island ska legends Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes had their last show ever to close out an era for one of the best ska bands to come out of New England in the past decade. Vertical Twin, Evil Animals and Hank Sinatra Jr. rounded out a bill that promised to blow the roof of the joint with punk rock and comic relief to delight the attendees. It was a bittersweet finale for a band that had an immense reputation for making people skank up a storm, but Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes were going out with a bang.

Vertical Twin

Vertical Twin started off the night with loud punk rock that blasted away the speakers like a nuclear reactor exploding in a pool of gasoline."Sorry", "One With The Asphalt", "Sugar", "Motorcycle" and "Rainbow Unicorn" electrified the room like a spark plug, every track bringing forceful chords that made your head bang. Vertical Twin have a few albums out, with their most recent being ElectrosonicMotherphonic, music that can cure the itch and satisfy your punk rock fix.

Evil Animals

Up next were Evil Animals, a power trio based out of Boston that showcased an interesting mix of reggae, blues and R&B that definitely caught my eye. Their groovy rhythms and bluesy riffs sounded like a mix between Dispatch, The Black Keys and James Brown, excitingly unique tunes that blew my mind. "Pool Hall Jam", "Survive", "Traveling Soul", "Demise", "Alive", "All We Need" and "Treadwell" had everyone enjoying a great fusion of ground-breaking music, it's always refreshing when you see a band mix it up and getting dynamic results. Evil Animals have their self-titled debut currently available, tunes that will lift your psyche off the ground and into the rhythmic atmosphere.

Hank Sinatra Jr.

With his trademark yellow suit and American flag pants, the epitome of comic rock Hank Sinatra Jr. went up and the audience participation was in full effect. "Spider", "Questionable Stain", "Five a Day", "L8 4 M8 D8", "Summertime Song", "Extension Cord", "Irregular Pirate", "Meow", "Tears In The Bathroom", "Too Gothic For Satan", "Whole Foods" and "Open Wide" had the crowd applauding with laughter, funny tunes that are always enjoyable to see live. Hank Sinatra Jr. is simply hilarious, next time you hear about him gracing your favorite music venue you have to go and laugh your ass off.

Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes

Accompanied by an inflatable Frankenstein on stage, Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes began their last hurrah to end the evening. Infectious ska had people kicking their feet in the air and singing every word. "Day Off", "Sinking Ship", a cover of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady", "Too Cool For School", "Jailbait", a cover of The Presidents Of The United States' "Peaches", "Don't Wave The White Flag" and "Selective Service" had the masses crowd surfing, clapping incessantly and going absolutely insane. After the initial performance, the rabid fans chanted "One more song!!! one more song!!!" and Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes delivered with a rendition of Hepcat's "Dance Wid Me" that had members of the audience dancing on stage and "Lobster Boy" to end a memorable night for the ages. Despite the unfortunate fact Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes won't be playing live anymore (until they're like every other band that calls it quits and has a reunion show), they have a brand new album under the title Hangin' Up The Shoes available. Fantastic ska that will relive those memories of seeing these guys for the final time. Another night at the best music venue in Pawtucket, log on to for all the info on when the next amazing show will be gracing their stage.


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