MUSIC: 14 Foot 1 & Pixels Live It Up At The Salon

Friday, January 18, 2013


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Infectious Indie rock from The Pixels, live at The Salon in Providence. Photo: Kendra Whitcomb.

Last night at The Salon in Providence, a dynamic duo of spectacular bands performed for a night that was to be branded into the minds of many for years to come. Progressive noise band 14 Foot 1 and indie art rockers Pixels were on the bill and it was a great combination of the seasoned vets and the rhythmic upstarts to make one hell of a show. The lights were dimmed and the moods were bright for what was to be a memorable night.


Pixels started off the night, after I saw them play Dusk last month I became an instant fan and I consider them one of my favorite new bands out there today. "This Is Worth Working Out For", "Je Ne Sais Quoi", "What Lovers Do", "As Beautiful As You", "So Wrong" and "She Loves You American" highlighted a pretty good set that got better and better with each song, regardless of a few members of the audience trying to mess it up with the good intention of singing along to every lyric. Pixels currently have an album available at their Bandcamp page called L.H.O.O.Q. that they did as a split double LP with fellow Providence band The Universes last year. Its a great display of infectious indie rock that will have your head bobbing instantaneously.

14 Foot 1

14 Foot 1 featuring Brad Krieger and Robert Forsythe on shredding their strings on dueling guitars along with The Rice Cakes' Casey Belisle being a lunatic on the drums capped off the show with authority. "Farm Animals", "Foo Fighters", "On Dead Dogs", "Fifteen" and "Bathtub Meat Toaster" were part of a performance that shook the floor and nearly made my ears bleed. 14 Foot 1 has a brand new 7" called Two out right now and through evidence of the songs off it that they played live, it's definitely a piece of music that you must get your hands on.  Nearly every Thursday night it's a guarantee that you'll see unreal musical talents being displayed at The Salon, check out the calendar they have posted on the front door or log on to for all the details on whats going on at one of the hippest places to see a show in The Creative Capital.


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