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Saturday, October 21, 2017


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At my weekly sales workshop yesterday, our sales coach started talking about the characters in the movie, The Wizard of Oz, to open discussion. He compared the characters to people in everyday life and how we have many of the traits that the fictional characters do.

Let me explain. The cowardly lion. He was scared of everything, and didn’t have any courage. Everything scared him, and because of it, he was paralyzed with fear most of the time, therefore was unable to function at his fullest potential. Now I don’t know about you, but things in everyday life still scare me. Like…running a business. Everyday there is some sort of fear about what could happen. The computers could crash. The Wi-Fi could stop working. Someone could get hurt. I could make a mistake and screw up a marketing campaign. There could be an unhappy client. An employee might be late for their shift. All these things could potentially happen, and the thought of it instills a level of fear.

We all live with a sense of fear because nothing in life is guaranteed. We all want our friends and family as well as ourselves to be safe so knowing all the possibilities of what could go wrong can create anxiety in us.

But I have a saying that I tell myself over in my head and it goes like this: 90% of what scares us never happens, and the other 10% we can’t do anything about, anyway, so stop worrying and don’t let fear and anxiety control your life like the lion.

The scarecrow didn’t have a brain and, obviously, that’s not the case with humans, but we still let lack of knowledge prevent us from doing certain things. For myself, yes, I lack a lot of things. More education, computer skills, business knowledge among many other things. Hell, the only thing I feel totally confident that I am completely knowledgeable about is getting people fit and healthy. But I never let that stop me from doing the things I wanted to do. It may have slowed me down, but never stopped me. I didn’t know how to answer an email a few years ago, but lack of knowledge or the stupidity excuse started to get old. So now I go out of my comfort zone, and try to learn the tasks I need to do to be productive and achieve the goals I set for myself. Some things are still a struggle, but nothing is impossible, and with the right mindset and approach, anything is possible.

In conclusion, and what I took from the comparison of the movie characters is that they all needed something and were searching for it, but at the end of the story, they learned that they had it all along.

That’s right, we all have the courage and knowledge to be successful at whatever it is we want to accomplish. Sure, it’s easier to make excuses and say, “it’s scary” or “I can’t do that because I don’t know how”, but that is technically a bunch of bullcrap. We are humans and we are stronger and more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. Yes, some are more superior than others in certain fields, and everyone can’t be the best, but you should never let fear or lack of knowledge prevent you from being the best version of yourself.

Remember it’s a tough world out there and survival alone is tough, but we need to put our best foot forward every day and take control of the things we can, and stop worrying about the rest.

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Matt Espeut, GoLocal's Health & Lifestyle Contributor has been a personal trainer and health & fitnesss consultant for over 25 years. He is the owner of Fitness Profiles, a one on one, and small group personal training company, as well as Providence Fit Body Boot Camp, located at 1284 North Main St., on the Providence/Pawtucket line. You can reach Matt at (401) 453-3200; on Facebook at "Matt Espeut", and on Twitter at @MattEspeut. "We’re all in this life together – let’s make it a healthy one.


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