RI Department of Health Captures Rabid Raccoon in Newport

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


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Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) has reportedly captured a raccoon that has tested positive for rabies - the animal was found at 43 Broadway in Newport on December 6. 

Several people are believed to have had contact with the animal and those who have are encouraged to contact the Rhode Island Health Department as soon as possible. 

Dangerous contact with the animal can be catergorized by a bite, scratch, or simply having the raccoon's saliva touch an open wound, or one's eyes, nose or mouth.

HEALTH will assess each potetially infected person's contact level with the animal and determine if an individual has been exposed and reccommend treatment. 

The organization warns that without proper treatment rabies is virtually always a fatal infection.

HEALTH also encourages anyone who may have animals that have been exposed to or have come in contact with raccoons to seek treatment as well.

Please call 401-222-3070 for the Environmental Police or to request Animal Control services, and 401-222-2577 to contact HEALTH.

Please share this information with neighbors, friends and family to help the Rhode Island Health Department spread the word about rabies infections and potential risks. 

For more information please contact Christina Batastini 401-641-8726


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