Fastest Growing Jobs — RI’s Pays $35,000, MA’s Pays $95,000 and CT’s $113,000

Monday, July 09, 2018


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Rhode Island’s job growth picture is a little bleak compared to its neighboring states. A new analysis of the fastest growing job in each state flags that Rhode Island is lagging far behind both Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The fastest growing job in Rhode Island is a fiberglass manufacturer with an average salary of $34,900 and is growing at a 12 percent growth rate. The job is below the actual living wage needed to live in Rhode Island of $54,457 for one adult and one child, according to the Living Wage calculator at MIT.

In contrast, the fastest growing job in Massachusetts is statistician which has a $99,500 average pay and is growing at a 10 percent rate.

And, Connecticut’s fastest growing job pays three times Rhode Island’s — in Connecticut the fastest growing job is an aerospace engineer paying $113,040 and realizing a 9 percent growth rate.

The data was prepared by Money magazine.


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