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Monday, September 04, 2017


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Luca + Danni

Fred Magnanimi posted to Facebook to explain his company’s commitment to making his product in America.

He heads the fast growing Cranston-based jewelry company, Luca + Danni.

He wrote on Facebook, “In late 2014, we launched a company and had an important choice to make - we could import products from China (like everyone else) or we could leverage a family factory and produce the products in the USA. The choice seemed clear to me then but it has, even more, clarity now. There are few things that excite me more than the ability to build a great team and central to that is being in a factory where we can actually see the products we're making.”

He went on to write, “We believe in the beauty of manufacturing - it's an investment in time, people, and skills that form the core foundation of who we are as a brand. We can make products cheaper in other countries and, candidly, we don't really care. Our commitment to making the highest quality products in an American factory using the best possible ingredients is uncompromising. #BornInTheUSA”


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