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Travis Rowley: Liberalism’s Bedrock of Lies

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sadly, it was highly predictable. Despite the unfortunate fallout from other recent racial episodes – most notably the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates and the Duke Lacrosse Case – the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party, and the mainstream media just couldn’t help themselves from injudiciously prosecuting the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

Over the years it has become glaringly obvious that truth and due process are acceptable casualties to the Left, especially when it comes to keeping minorities loyal to their race-hustling masters. Nothing was going to get in the way of this opportunity to further cripple the black community by exasperating sentiments of racial paranoia and solidifying the psyche of victimhood.

And no amount of past lessons could dissuade the Left from exploiting another opportunity to keep the country divided on racial terms, and to confirm the liberal worldview – that is, that white people rise in the morning for the sole purpose of finding new ways to stick it to African-Americans.

Liberalism Is a Lie

Fortunately, the Left’s insistence on rushing to judgment is easily explained by a simple observation: Liberalism is a lie. And it’s a lie that needs to be continuously buttressed by more and more lies.

While the public is meant to believe that righteous indignation is what prompted the progressives, in reality left-wing activists jumped all over Trayvon Martin’s death for the same reason they impulsively politicized the shooting of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – to authorize a falsehood.

In the case of Giffords, liberals pounced on the prospect of upholding their claim that Tea Party Republicans had been creating a political atmosphere that would ultimately lead to violence. Within hours of the massacre, the internet and the airwaves were swarmed by liberals who had been itching to confirm their false accusation.

And in the case of Trayvon Martin, liberals simply saw it as another chance to substantiate their longstanding contention that America remains a racist nation, and that big-government solutions are needed to correct the world we live in.

The Hunt for Hatred

To explain the lack of overt bigotry that is actually experienced in America, liberals have busied themselves over the years by crafting inane theories of “institutional racism” that have helped to sustain their most cherished political asset – the widespread presumption of minorities’ victim status.

But liberals have never abandoned their desperate search for outright episodes of hate – or any events that they can possibly portray as such.

In fact, liberals crave examples of bigotry so much that they have become famous for entirely manufacturing them.

Following in the tradition of the infamous Tawana Brawley case, in 2004 Claremont McKenna College professor Kerri Dunn – a vocal campus activist – reported to authorities that she discovered racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic epithets written on her car. In addition to the terms “kike,” “nigger lover,” and “whore” being spray-painted on her 1992 Honda Civic, Dunn’s tires were found to be slashed and her car windows smashed in. However, among other suspicious details concerning the case, two witnesses told investigators that “they saw Dunn drive her car – adorned with the offending graffiti – into a parking lot and smash the car’s windows and slash the tires herself.” After calling Dunn a “bald-faced liar,” a judge sentenced Dunn to one year in prison for committing insurance fraud and for filing a false police report.

Dunn is hardly an isolated nut. She’s a common liberal activist. As of 2005, the Los Angeles Times alone had “reported on more than 20 suspected or confirmed hate crime hoaxes on college campuses since 1997.”

While normal people are saddened by acts of cruelty, liberals actually enjoy them. They revel in them. For liberals, this is game-time. This is why they’re here.

I witnessed this progressive psychosis for the first time at one of the state’s most liberal institutions – Brown University. At Brown, dozens of student activist groups flatly state their condition of victimhood within their own self-descriptions, claiming that Brown’s campus is fraught with bigotry and fails to provide a “safe space” for gays, women, and minorities.

These declarations are absurd on their face. It would be more credible for a clown to say he felt uncomfortable at the circus than for gays, women, and minorities to say they feel threatened on Brown’s lopsidedly liberal campus.

Nevertheless, these are the presumptions and pronouncements that ground campus liberals into the activist lifestyle, and place them in politically correct positions of authority.

And liberals simply can’t abide a situation in which their very roots of power are suspected to have been falsified.

As a result, Brown activists can frequently be found contorting campus incidents – fights, arrests, etc – into something that they’re not. During my time as an undergraduate at Brown, several episodes would result in unjust expulsions from the University for students who just happened to be in the path of political activists on a quest not to correct injustices, but to simply certify their activist existence.

It’s not just that campus liberals are willing to lie. It’s that liberalism itself is a lie – built upon a million falsehoods that ultimately result in actual injustices. On a clumsy course to validate their lifestyles of protest, left-wing activists have stripped students of Ivy League opportunity, they’ve tarnished the lives and reputations of Duke student-athletes, and threatened the career of a distinguished Cambridge police officer.

And in regards to the Trayvon Martin controversy, we’ve already witnessed an elderly couple driven from their home after Spike Lee posted the wrong address for George Zimmerman on his Twitter account after the Black Panthers placed a large bounty on Zimmerman’s head. Lee “shared the erroneous address with his 248,000 followers.” Soon after, “several hostile tweets followed that suggested someone go to Zimmerman's house and seek revenge for Martin's death.”

Liberals don’t care. Past mistakes are no reason to hesitate, or to allow cooler heads to prevail. They’ll burn down all of civilization if an opportunity presents itself to spread their simple-minded perspective –that the world is divided into two groups, oppressors and victims.

Liberals never graduate or mature past the phase of college liberalism. Any liberal who actually does allow himself to develop beyond adolescent politics almost invariably winds up referring to himself as a conservative.

Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman may very well be guilty of murder – even a heinous crime motivated by racial prejudice. But Zimmerman may also be innocent, and on his way to becoming the next victim of the Left’s ongoing crusade to mold the American mind.

Liberals simply couldn’t afford to let justice run its course. They’re too invested in the widespread public perception of all racial episodes. Their vital premise is that racism is rampant. And this notion must be protected. All of the power and institutions that have sprung up from 20th century liberalism stand to crumble if liberalism’s bedrock of lies is finally allowed to catch up with it.

Travis Rowley (TravisRowley.com) is chairman of the RI Young Republicans and a consultant for the Barry Hinckley Campaign for US Senate.

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OMG! Can anyone take this guy's rants seriously??

His one-sided view of the world is exactly what's wrong with our political scene today. Personally, I can't take anyone who drinks the cool-aid for either party seriously. If someone can't think for themselves you have to take their words with a grain of salt.

Comment #1 by Tom Kenney on 2012 03 31

Many of the "victims" you criticize are real, Travis. Gays, in particular, have been victimized by hate and bullying for years, some resulting in teen suicides. When you went on your rant on the topic on this week's "A Lively Experiment," one of your fellow panelists rightly remarked, "I don't know where to begin responding to that!"

Comment #2 by Peter Cassels on 2012 03 31

This article is a spot-on analysis of "Al Sharpton" politics. Not sure what anyone sees wrong with it. Please explain.

Comment #3 by Jeremy Soninjer on 2012 03 31

The politics of victimization is a sad reality. I don't think Rowley would deny that bullying occurs. He would probably just refer to it as "assault"---which is already against the law. The point is that liberal Democrats have crafted victim groups to gain political power. Isn't this undeniable at this point?

You'll also notice that Rowley believes, like a lot of conservatives, that the victim mentality "cripples" people. It's actually unhelpful for blacks, gays, etc to think of themselves as victims, and to habitually look to the gov't for answers.

Comment #4 by Jared D on 2012 03 31

Is there a group that hasn't been "victimized by hate and bullying" at this point? We all need to get over ourselves. This "oh, whoa is me" attitude is ridiculous.

And can we all stop referring to opinions we don't agree with as "rants"...It's so stupid.

Comment #5 by Jeremy Soninjer on 2012 03 31

I got a little concerned when I saw some of Travon's supporters making noise about seeking Zimmerman - I don't like posse talk, whether from the right or left. But after seeing the tale the Zimmerman side put out essentially debunked by the police station video...
The truth may indeed lie somewhere between what both sides say, but you'd have to accept nuance, which in Travis' world makes you a dangerous liberal that must be eradicated (funny, I had the same fine high school education he had). The Travis act is getting stale, and needs to be freshened up a bit.

Comment #6 by David Pepin on 2012 03 31

Tom-can you take Rob Horowitz seriously?A guy named Horowitz supporting anything Al Sharpton is about?
Sharpton has just been criticized by the Seminole County NAACP,but leave it to Horowitz to go simpering about that POS.
BTW I cannot understand how the Trayvon Martin case becomes a liberal/conservative issue,but it has.It is actually a matter for a competent criminal investigation and the framework of the justice system needs to be perserved here.

Comment #7 by Joseph Bernstein on 2012 04 01

"Liberalism's a lie." Really? Engaging in sweeping generalizations as befits a callow, unthinking conservative, are we? So every liberal belief or action is and always has been a lie? Like free-market capitalism? That was 19th century liberalism. Elected republican/democratic forms of government? Again, 19th century liberalism. Education for everyone, not just the wealthy elite? Liberalism again. Damn, what a pack of lies this has been. BTW, as a gay man living (for the time being) here in Providence, you obviously believe that denying my partner and I equal rights under marriage is a perfectly acceptable policy because, of course, it's not discrimination that neither my partner nor I can make medical decisions for one another if we are unlucky enough to be taken to Fatima, St. Joseph's or any number of other religiously affiliated hospitals with Emergency Room facilities. Or is that another lie as well?

Comment #8 by J. Ferreira on 2012 04 01

FWIW I'd stay out of the Fatima ER if you have something serious-go to RIH.Or Miriam.Even RW.St.Joe's closed their ER I believe.
The hands down worst is Landmark-better off fixing it yourself.

Comment #9 by Joseph Bernstein on 2012 04 01

J.Ferreira-don't you have right now the right to appoint a medical surrogate no matter who they are?I think any mentally competent adult has that right.If your parnter or you has a "living will"I am sure any hospital has to recognize it.

Comment #10 by Joseph Bernstein on 2012 04 01

Why does GoLocal auto-refresh so frequently, thus not allowing thoughtful responses unless you constantly copy and paste every time it wipes out what you've written?

Comment #11 by J. Ferreira on 2012 04 01

Good question.

Comment #12 by Joseph Bernstein on 2012 04 01

[[ Tom-can you take Rob Horowitz seriously?A guy named Horowitz supporting anything Al Sharpton is about? ]]


I don't take what any of them say seriously...nor Jesse Jackson or anyone else on the far left or right!

Comment #13 by Tom Kenney on 2012 04 02

Ahh, little Horst Wessel.

Sing your filthy song ...

Comment #14 by Charles Drago on 2012 04 02

Travis, I couldn't even get through the 2nd paragraph when I was faced with a vile and offensive comment. "Masters?"

Comment #15 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 04 02

"Liberals never graduate or mature past the phase of college liberalism. Any liberal who actually does allow himself to develop beyond adolescent politics almost invariably winds up referring to himself as a conservative."

Must be tough being as smart as Travis. Anyone else had about enough of this tripe? Seriously, GoLocal, this is the best you've got?

Comment #16 by Russ C on 2012 04 02

Jeremy, it's woe, as in distress or trouble, not whoa, like a direction to a horse. Just so you know. You're welcome.

Comment #17 by Jonathan Flynn on 2012 04 02

I watched A Lively Experiment on RI PBS this weekend and Mr. Rowley was a guest panelist. As an experience educator, I can see in him the arrogance of an educated youth that hasn't been tempered with the wisdom of realizing that, whatever you may know, you don't know it all and do not posses all of the answers. He's just too sure of himself and all of his answers, something thinking, mature adults simply do not do. So, as always, consider the source and accept it for what its limitations are...

Comment #18 by J. Ferreira on 2012 04 02

I too watched a Lively Experiment and what we need is not LESS GOVERMENT but less Conservative KNOW IT ALLS like you Travis
And your comments about Sarah Palin LOL GIVE ME A BREAK!Palin is another Kim Kardachian (excuse the spelling)just like any Conserveative she went where the money is.

Comment #19 by Joe McCauley on 2012 04 02

Tom Kenney-OK-I'm with you on that.If you've been in the real world every day(as you and I have)it's enough to just figure out what might actually work.

Comment #20 by Joseph Bernstein on 2012 04 02

Again, it’s simply amazing below Rowley’s articles. With few exceptions do I ever see anyone argue against what Rowley ACTUALLY says. From you people, it’s just mockery all the time. Never anything substantive that you add to the debate (which tells me that you really can't win the debate). If you disagree with something, just tell us why. Peter C. is the only critic of this article who said anything meaningful.

Tom Kenney, all you said is that Rowley is “one-sided” and asked if anyone can take his “rants” seriously. What a beautifully crafted position. How’s this, Tom: I say 4+4 = 8. Am I too “one-sided” for you? Step outside of the Right-Left political paradigm, and get a clue. The truth has no side. If someone tells a lie, and a conservative points it out, it’s not a credible retort to call the conservative “one-sided.” Your baseless assumption is that the writer isn't being sincere, but is merely taking his position for political reasons.

Pepin, you attack Rowley for having no “nuance” when he’s the one who clearly admitted that Zimmerman may be guilty or innocent. You didn’t even read the article.

Joe, the mention of “Know it alls” and “Sarah Palin” says absolutely nothing.

Drago, all you did was call Rowley a Nazi. Really? Rowley's a socialist?

J. Flynn, you were offended so you stopped reading? How academic of you. You found a misspelling in the comments section? That’s really your comment?

J. Ferreira, you’re upset over the confidence (“arrogance”) that Rowley expresses on a TV show? Seriously?

Russ C. only asked if this (Rowley) is the best GoLocal has got. Well, I ask if all of these pointless comments is all that YOU guys have. Really, it’s pathetic. You are all pathetic. Grow up, and make an argument.

Consider this....If you were on a high school debate team, you’d all be cut. From a strictly objective perspective, Rowley just destroyed each and every one of you---combined.

Comment #21 by Jared D on 2012 04 02

Jared, what did you expect? They're all LIBERALS! Great stuff though. Thoroughly enjoyed your response to them. Completely agree.

Comment #22 by Jeremy Soninjer on 2012 04 03

This article is well researched and reasoned. And it also called on the writer's own interesting experiences. Yes, it makes some serious accusations and strong statements against that liberals may not appreciate. Still, it deserves a response that is just as thoughtful.

Comment #23 by William Suffik on 2012 04 03

Here's the response that is just as thoughtful:

Make boom inna pants is bad.

Comment #24 by Charles Drago on 2012 04 03

most of the negative attacks here are simply ad hominen-attack the person (cool-aid etc) rather than trying to discuss the issue. typical lib response.

As far as Treyvon goes-it's an opportunity as in never let a crisis go to waste-
well documented in Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" - I believe "the one" actually taught a course in the subject. No matter the outcome -given MSM doctored tapes, black panthers "dead or alive" rewards and those MSNBC hosts posing as leaders of the victimized black americans (sharpton and jackson) for all 7 people who still watch the channel, and of course the deep from the heart comment from the one that if he had a son...nice-let's not wait for due process-convicted already in the media. I guess it took the buzz off gas prices going up for a nano-second.
great article-I am new to this golocalprov-couldn't believe I'd find anything reasonable in a RI site! bravo!

Comment #25 by vanessa symmons on 2012 04 03

It seems that Sarah Palin is going to host a morning show .Its just like I said Conservatives go where the money is.Do you think Palin is going to share her Conservative views while cooking on the show LOL Palin is an aid and comfort to the Democrats.
I`m not out to bash Palin but Rowley brought her up as an example on a Lively Experiment during one of his Rants.

Comment #26 by Joe McCauley on 2012 04 03

Yes, Jared D, seriously. I am a debate coach and the first rule of debate is never assume that you know everything about your topic because that's when the opponent pulls out the question or comment you didn't prepare for. Second rule, know your opponents arguments better than they know them themselves. Rowley puts forth an attitude of knowing all the answers, as do most of these biased pundits. They have all the answers and anyone who differs with them is completely wrong, end of discussion.

You want a rebuttal to Rowley's arguments? Well, sorry to disappoint you, because I, too, believe that the media rushes to judgement all for ratings, regardless of political bias. Fox is just as culpable as MSNBC, et. al. What I despise is the assumption by Rowley, or any other extremist politico, that any approach other than reasoned and logical discussion and compromise will produce lasting and valuable results. Rowley's accusations are simply a local, ill-informed example of the toxic nature of political discourse that has ruined the business governing in this state and in this nation. Treyvon Martin's murder is not unique, in and of itself, which is a problem. This senseless death is a symptom of the dysfunction of society where trust in one another and in our official institutions is at an all-time low. Yet, the media from both political persuasions jumps on this story to short-circuit the justice system in an effort to score political points and, more important, ratings that translate into money.

Rowley's position takes the liberal media to task and he dismisses all liberal thinking by using Martin's murder as a stalking horse for conservative ideology. Where's his proof (if he's so confident he's right) that minorities have no reason to believe that they aren't discriminated against and that they haven't been victims of bias, bigotry, etc.? This is why I questioned his confidence and arrogance. He provides no proof that all liberal thought is a lie, because he can't, and you well know it. I notice you didn't query my posting about the substance of his argument as relates to calling liberalism a lie. Do I then conclude that you believe he over-reached by denouncing all liberal thought and action is a lie, because that is the kernel of his argument? Take that away and Rowley basically debates nothing. That's why I responded the way I did, because he has little enough in his debating arsenal to fight with other than bias.

Comment #27 by J. Ferreira on 2012 04 03

When Rowley claims that liberalism is a lie, I think he makes it pretty clear that he's talking about one major component of modern liberalism, which is the presumption of "victim status" for certain groups (minorities, gays, homosexuals, etc). Contrary to what you say, Rowley then went on to provide "proof" for his dispute of this major portion of liberalism. He went on to dissect the exploitation of these groups by liberals and explain its purpose. Is this even in dispute anymore, that liberals exploit these groups for political gain? Al Sharpton, anyone? Then, Rowley cited some cases for you---Duke, Cambridge Police, Prof. Dunn, and his own experiences at Brown. These represent the "lies" that are needed to uphold the "victim lie."

You wrote: "He provides no proof that all liberal thought is a lie, because he can't, and you well know it."

Mr. Ferreira, I think you should read the article again.

Comment #28 by Jared D on 2012 04 03

When I see a dyed in the wool liberal like Rachel Maddow whining over 5-4 decisions on campaign funding and the 2nd Amendment it's amusing because she doesn't have a problem with 5-4 decisions like Roe v.Wade.
A 5-4 decision is is the determining one as much as a 9-0 decision is.
Legally speaking.It is true that a 5-4 decision raises more emotional hackles.
I accept Roe v.Wade because it is the law of the land ubder our system-same with the case of the mandate to educate ilegal aliens inpublic schools.
I have to be consistent or I have no argument.
There is a remedy to Roe v.Wade and any other SCOTUS decision which shocks the conscience of enough people-a Constitutional amendment.Hard as hell to accomplish,but then again we don't want a Constitution that can be changed like underwear either.

Comment #29 by Joseph Bernstein on 2012 04 03

So, every liberal believes the same thing. Al Sharpton is representative of every person who identifies as a liberal? This is exactly what rubs me the wrong way - the blatant, sweeping generalizations about political ideology. I identify as a liberal, but Al Sharpton does not speak for me, nor for many people I know who also identify as politically liberal. Nor does Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann or any other pundit. I prefer to think for myself and engage in discourse from my perspective. As I suspect with you, Jared D, I refuse to be categorized or labelled by others, certainly not by others who want a nice black-and-white, simplistic definition of a liberal, conservative or any other political belief. If Rowley speaks for all conservatives, heaven help them, because his tar brush is wide and all-covering. I have conservative friends who despise President Obama's policies in general, but support his push to repeal Don't Ask/Don't Tell and who'd like to see DOMA go the way of the dodo.

Rowley believes that all liberals walk in lock-step on the issue of race relations and victimization. Really? So liberals don't believe in letting justice take its course, waiting for the presentation of evidence in court following a thorough investigation. So there's no accounting for extremist media types who rant and rave to stir up trouble (and ratings), but who do not actually represent a thinking majority of self-identified liberals. Tell me, does Bill O'Reilly or Geln Beck speak for you on every issue? Do you cede them that power over your beliefs? If so, then you are welcome to let Mr. Rowley speak for you because, then, it seems you'd prefer to be exactly like the stereotypical American voter most politicians believe we are, aka those who let others make their decisions for them.

Comment #30 by J. Ferreira on 2012 04 03

Shelby Steele, a brilliant black conservative, echoing many of the same themes that Rowley wrote about last week. Take a look. This is an excellent piece.


The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin
By Shelby Steele
Wall St. Journal

Comment #31 by Jeremy Soninjer on 2012 04 05

Is Rowley ok ?

There are psychotropic medications and consulting psychiatrists to help people like Travis.

Comment #32 by al toke on 2012 04 12

Write your comment...

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