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NEW: Prominent Republicans Endorse Brendan Doherty for Congress

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


The Doherty for Congress Campaign today announced that Brendan Doherty has been endorsed for election to the U.S. House of Representatives from Rhode Island's First Congressional District by former Governor Donald Carcieri and several other notable Rhode Island Republicans, each of whom has held elected office and/or a leadership position within the RI Republican Party.

Joining Governor Carcieri in endorsing Doherty are Bernard Jackvony, former Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor and former RI GOP Chairman, and Carol Mumford, former Rhode Island Representative and current National Committeewoman for the RI GOP. Also announcing his endorsement for Doherty was former Chairman of the RI Republican Party, John Holmes.

“I am honored to receive the endorsements of these dedicated officials and I am grateful for the tremendous support I am receiving from Governor Carcieri and other leaders of the RI Republican Party,” stated Doherty. “Having worked closely with Governor Carcieri, I saw first hand the importance of electing men and women who are honest and dedicated to their principles and I intend to take those lessons to Washington to represent the people of Rhode Island’s First Congressional District,” continued Doherty.

In announcing her endorsement, Representative Mumford called Doherty as “a man of proven integrity who will help to restore balance and order to Congress.” “Rhode Island’s Representative should be a leader who by his very presence brings discipline and principle to the floor of the United States House of Representatives. With his personal code of ethics and adherence to truth, Brendan Doherty is indeed, Rhode Island’s man for all seasons,” concluded Mumford.


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Who are these people? I have heard of that Carcieri guy but the others are a mystery. Do they live in Rhode Island?

Comment #1 by ProJo Login on 2011 11 02

This is old news--everything one of these people appeared on a fundraising invitation for Doherty months ago.

Comment #2 by Todd B on 2011 11 02

WOW, 4 people are "Several" ?

Here are the facts:

1.Governor Carcieri did not do much at all to help or support the GOP. This is old news and given his close relationship with Doherty it was expected.
2.Jackvony and Holmes both supported Caprio, and not the GOP candidate for Governor.

Is this how former GOP Chairman Giovanni Cicione is earning his paycheck? This is not even worthy of an announcement. Do you really think Republicans are taking notice with these names?

-He tossed in GOP personnel into the race last minute in 2008 in a desperate move to have candidates on the ballot, and did not fill in the paperwork properly embarrassing the party.
–He cancelled all of the meetings on his own GOP members to ensure closing the primary would never see the light of day.
-His own city/town chair people voted NO CONFIDENCE him
-His own GOP delegates in an ad hoc meeting (since he cancelled all of the regular meetings) voted NO CONFIDENCE in him.
- He stated that he would welcome Lincoln Chafee back into the party with open arms to the media after Chafee was elected Governor.
-He used Heidi Rogers to run in the LT Governor primary only to pull out.
-He engineered Clean Slate which was a waste of money, ineffective and left the GOP in debt.
-He recruited Dan Gordon into the party.
The most untrusted man in the GOP and he was hired by the Doherty campaign? Is there a pattern here? No wonder Loughlin has all of the grass roots support.

Comment #3 by Rhonda Bennett on 2011 11 02

I wonder how much Buddy Cianci is biting his tongue when he backs a candidate that John Holmes endorses. Yes the same John Holmes who screwed Cianci way back when. Cianci's support of Doherty is just too obvious.

Comment #4 by guy smily on 2011 11 02

@Rhonda, Holmes supported CHAFEE and also donated to him! Even worse! You are correct in that neither supported Robitaille.

Comment #5 by guy smily on 2011 11 02

The fact that Gio is involved means I could never consider Brendan. Personally, I like Brendan, I think he's an honorable man and I could never pick on his impeccable record with the RISP.

But, to have Gio as a manager means we'll have a fractured representation of GOP principles that I cannot support.

However, good luck to him.

Comment #6 by Roland Lavallee on 2011 11 02

Good point. I would be open to supporting Doherty but only if he ditched Gio. If he doesn't he'll soon run out of money anyway so it won't matter.

Comment #7 by ProJo Login on 2011 11 02

Hiring Gio Cicione, a big mistake! Having Democrat Victoria Almeida as the campaign Treasurer, (the same one who fund raises for Chafee) another big mistake. Hiring Dante Bellini, (Big Patrick Kennedy supporter) another big mistake. Taking money from union leaders another big mistake. Donating to Patrick Lynch for AG races, yet another big mistake. Accepting a campaign donation from Democrats like Dan Connors, yet another mistake. Mistakes seem to be a pattern here. Getting endorsements from Republicans that helped non-Republicans in races, another mistake. RI politics are incestuous enough! Sorry I can't afford to vote for someone who represents me, with a clear pattern of big mistakes.

Comment #8 by jack flash on 2011 11 03

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