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Election Night Winners & Losers

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Who were the biggest winners and losers on Election Night? GoLocalProv has the complete breakdown.


David Cicilline - > There is no question that Congressman Cicilline’s turnaround is the story of the 2012 election. At a time when any number of ambitious Democrats had every reason to throw their hats in the ring against Cicilline, the Congressman managed to avoid a credible primary opponent and then ran an excellent campaign against Brendan Doherty to pick up the win Tuesday.

Sheldon Whitehouse -> Nobody helped Cicilline more than Senator Whitehouse, who cruised to re-election against Republican Barry Hinckley. Whitehouse always had a huge financial advantage and a lot more name recognition, but his decisive victory was among Tuesday’s most impressive wins.

Jim Langevin -> And don’t forget about the Congressman in the 2nd District. Langevin withstood what was clearly the most significant Republican challenge he’s ever had to win comfortably. It appears that Congressman Langevin has the ability to hold his seat for as long as he wants.

Gordon Fox -> The House Speaker may have been caught off guard by his challenge from Independent Mark Binder, but Fox’s talented campaign team placed all of their focus on the Martin Luther King School and it paid off. What originally appeared like it might be a race that was too close to call turned into a relatively comfortable victory.

Twin River -> The Lincoln-based casino will soon offer blackjack, craps and roulette after voter across the state and in the town supported Question 1. It’s a major win for Twin River, but more importantly, it preserves the state’s third largest source of revenue. For now.

James Diossa -> The Central Falls Councilman picked up more votes than every other candidate combined in Tuesday’s Mayoral primary. He still has to win a general election race against former police chief Joe Moran III, but Diossa is clearly the favorite to become Mayor of the state’s smallest city.

President Obama -> The President won four more years in office and now has prove that he can reach across the aisle and avoid the same Congressional gridlock the country has faced in recent years.


State GOP -> It’s bad enough the Republicans lost all their federal races, but every solid candidate it put up in General Assembly races also couldn’t pick up wins Tuesday. From Keith Anderson to Sean Gately to Jim Haldeman, it certainly appeared as though the GOP had a real opportunity this year, but Democrats rode the Obama/Whitehouse across the state.

Brendan Doherty -> The Republican Congressional candidate built himself into a strong challenger for David Cicilline, but he lost a double-digit lead in the polls and couldn’t overcome having President Obama on the ballot. It will be interesting to see where Doherty goes from here. Will he take a shot at Governor?

Newport Grand -> While voters in Lincoln approved bringing table games to Twin River, the voters of Newport turned the plan down at Newport Grand. Newport voters actually supported Twin River’s expansion, but by voting against the proposal in their city, it looks as though the casino could soon fall on hard times.

Jon Brien -> The Woonsocket State Rep. staged a write-in campaign after losing his Democratic primary, but the union-backed Stephen Casey easily won on Tuesday. The conservative Democrat likely joined most of the state’s Republicans in being unable to overcome the popular Democrats at the top of the ticket.

Scott Brown -> In the end, Scott Brown received the same treatment from Massachusetts voters that Lincoln Chafee received in Rhode Island in 2006. It will be interesting to see if Brown ends up following the same path as Chafee and decides to run for Governor in two years.


Dan McGowan can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter: @danmcgowan.


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Winners: Moochers and looters
Losers: The economy of RI

Comment #1 by pitcher 24 on 2012 11 07

RI politics is like an oozing sore that cannot be healed.There is little "hope" for a state that re-elects a scumbag like Cicilline.We might have to re design the beautiful state flag.

Comment #2 by Joseph Bernstein on 2012 11 07

All I can say is that the people of this state must like high taxes, high unemployment, a state that is unfriendly to new businesses because NO ONE voted for change. All the same politicians were reelected. Am I missing something??

Comment #3 by Johnny Onthespot on 2012 11 07

this election is really gives me pause to think about my future in ri.

first, i have to get my kids out. there is no future in ri for them.

i hope to get another 10 years of work here and get out.

if i was under 30-40 years old. i would be gone tomrow.

Comment #4 by jon paycheck on 2012 11 07

The people have made their decisions and all the power to the majority of those that voted.
I do not agree with the majority, that is my privilege in a free country (at least for now).
I plan on moving forward to focus on my success and that of my family through hard work and dedication to make a better life. I will continue to be involved proactively in every community, state and US issue that I feel is important to me and my family.
It’s America and I am proud to be part of this great country.

Comment #5 by Gary Arnold on 2012 11 07

Yes last night there were winners and losers. The biggest loser however is the State of RI.
Once again, the crybaby voters, choice to support one party domination. The same party that approved the union contracts and retirement plans that are crippling every city and town. The same party that passes bills in the middle of the night (auto repair shops, etc.). The same party headed by Speaker Fox, who paid the highest fine in the history of the Ethics Commission and the architect of the 38 Studio debacle.

I could go on and on, but why? There really is no point discussing these obvious issues to an electorate so ingrained with voting for one party that the result is one of the worst state economies in America that is run purely on behalf of special interests with little to no regard for the average citizen. And so it goes....

Comment #6 by Harold Stassen on 2012 11 07

Insanity - a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder; such unsoundness of mind or lack of understanding as prevents one from having the mental capacity required by law to enter into a particular relationship, status, or transaction or as removes one from criminal or civil responsibility; extreme folly or unreasonableness; something utterly foolish or unreasonable.
For those people who voted for this Cicilline just gave him legitimacy and accepted his lame apologies for looting the City of Providence. You were hoodwinked by the scare tactics these people have perpetrated on you.
You had a clear choice between good and evil - casting aside a former State Police Superintendent for a career politician who has given you NOTHING in return just illustrates the insanity of the people voting patterns in this state.
Anyone who walks around with the big “D” on their chest and a donkey tail on their butt is guaranteed a life in politics in RI, regardless of your background or character. You can have people with convictions running as democrats and unseat honest people that are trying to turn this state around.
Rhode Island has been and will continue to be a corrupt little state until the people regain their sanity and see what is being done to them. The tax and spend party is turning this state into a nanny state and forcing people to be dependent on it. With the re-election of this President, you will see major changes in the healthcare system going forward.- your government will determine your healthcare, not your doctor! You have believed their lies and now you will see the results. Medicare as you know it will be changed for the worse and seniors will experience it. “Oh? But the Democrats said they would protect it. Guess what? They lied to you.”
Your currency continues to be devalued, we will be seeing inflation around the corner and jobs will continue to be a myth. RI is a bedroom community to Boston and you can thank the tax and spend party for that AND they thank you for your vote! Fools!

Comment #7 by Gov- stench on 2012 11 07

My dog. There are some really inane zero sum thinkers posting here.

Comment #8 by R G on 2012 11 07

"David Cicilline - > There is no question that Congressman Cicilline’s turnaround is the story of the 2012 election. At a time when any number of ambitious Democrats had every reason to throw their hats in the ring against Cicilline, the Congressman managed to avoid a credible primary opponent and then ran an excellent campaign against Brendan Doherty to pick up the win Tuesday."

Did you forget to add that cicilline rigged the redistricting in his favor to ride the presidents coat tails to victory!

Comment #9 by anthony sionni on 2012 11 07

Sionni, look at the numbers. Even if Doherty had won EVERY SINGLE VOTE in Providence David Cicilline still wins CD1 by a couple of thousand votes. Time to crawl back into the attic with your friend.

Comment #10 by Edward Smith on 2012 11 08

the economy has been awful here in RI. I lost $35,000 a year about 5 years ago. I am just thankful I was able to find a job after 10 months. I'm glad I am 60 because I can retire in a few years if I lose my job again. I want to wait until 64 at least if possible. I just don't know how any young person can live in this state and survive

Comment #11 by Neal Rogers on 2012 11 08

not true, dont forget burrillville use to be in the district and other areas of providence as well, were also eliminated from the district,like the elmhurst area. Also you have to factor in all the people who came out in a presidential election and dont generally vote.

Comment #12 by anthony sionni on 2012 11 08

Term Limits anyone?

Comment #13 by Mark St. Pierre on 2012 11 12

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