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RI Native and Candidate for Gov in Texas Admits to Falsifying Bio

Monday, January 20, 2014


RI native and candidate for Governor of Texas has admitted she has repeatedly lied about key parts of her biography.

According to a story in Saturday's Dallas Morning News, the West Warwick born Texas legislator admitted to pumping up her story and blurry details about her background.

"Wendy Davis has made her personal story of struggle and success a centerpiece of her campaign to become the first Democrat elected governor of Texas in almost a quarter-century…In an extensive interview last week, Davis acknowledged some chronological errors and incomplete details in what she and her aides have said about her life.

“My language should be tighter,” she told the Dallas paper. “I’m learning about using broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.”

National Player

Davis became a national political celeb when on June 25, 2013, Davis held an eleven hour long filibuster to block Senate Bill 5, legislation that would create new abortion regulations in Texas.

Her filibuster played a major role in Democrats' strategy. Their goal was to delay passage of the bill past the midnight deadline for the end of the legislative session.

In October, the Democrat from Fort Worth announced she would run for Governor of Texas.  


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October 2013: 63.9%

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December 2011: 51.7%

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Treasurer Gina Raimondo


October 2013: 54.2%

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December 2011: 52%

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Senator Jack Reed


October 2013: 51.6%

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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse


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October 2013: 38.7%

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AG Peter Kilmartin



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October 2012: 28.6%

December 2011: 25.6%

July 2010: 32.6%

December 2009: 22.6%

September 2008: 24.1%

September 2007: 23%

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Lt. Governor Roberts


October 2013: 32.9%

October 2012: 37.5%

December 2011: 32.8%

July 2010: 33.5%

December 2009: 22.4%

September 2008: 24%

September 2007: 37%

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Rep. David Cicilline


October 2013: 26.6%

October 2012: 29.7%

December 2011: 24.3%

*July 2010: 40.3%

*December 2009: 40.8%

*September 2008: 46%

*September 2007: 64%

*September 2006: 58%

*September 2005: 60%

*June 2004: 61%

*September 2003: 67%

* As Mayor of Providence

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Sen. President Paiva-Weed

October 2013: 23.5%

October 2012: 26.2%

December 2011: 24.1%

July 2010: 21.4%

December 2009: 19%


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Governor Lincoln Chafee

October 2013: 23%

October 2012: 28.5%

December 2011: 27.4%

*September 2006: 51%

*September 2005: 54%

*June 2004: 56%

*September 2003: 50%

* As U.S. Senator

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Speaker Fox


October 2013: 20.5%

October 2012: 18.3%

December 2011: 25.9%

July 2010: 20.2%


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The headline was not explained in the story, what is her RI connection?? "Falsifying" is not justified/explained in the story which only refers to "pumping up" her resume (who doesn't) chronological errors (big deal??) and the need to use more specific language, what did she say that was allegedly false??

The real issue here is that the Texas GOP has apparently used its power to close numerous women's health clinics which limits access to abortion, birth control, cancer screenings, and other reproductive care - not of course for the wealthy who can travel. Why people want to force women to have kids they don't want and cannot afford is a mystery!

Comment #1 by barry schiller on 2014 01 20

Well, another piece of the puzzle just sort of plops onto the table, doesn't it?

How very interesting.

This one made quite the name for herself, championing the abortion racket which launders money for the demonrat party.

She also let hubby put her thru Hah-vud law school, then dumped him the day he paid the last of the bills, according to published reports.

How very tiresome of her.

Comment #2 by paul zecchino on 2014 01 21

Not for nothing, but if you're a democrat, from a town like West Warwick run into the ground by democrats, wouldn't you try to blur the lines of your past?

Comment #3 by David Beagle on 2014 01 21


Comment #4 by Kenneth Benson on 2014 01 21

Wow, a Rhode Island Democrat lying.

And this is new how?

Oh, it's news because she is spewing her pro-death agenda in Texas.

I'm sure her parents wished they honored her thoughts and aborted her.


Remember the biggest LIE in 2013

"If you like your healthcare, you can keep it. PERIOD"

B. Hussein Obama - Dictator

Comment #5 by Killary Klinton on 2014 01 21

She was married shortly after being divorced at 21 (where she claimed under oath it was 19). 2nd according to court filings, she married a lawyer in Fort Worth and HE took care of her kids (from the first marriage) while she gallivanted off to Harvard. She is such a great mother that her kids requested to remain with Jeffery R Davis.

Funny, the tolerant and open donkey's told Jeffery to stay out of the spotlight until after the election. Why? Because according to Jeff, the day after her last tuition bill was paid, Wendy was gone. Maybe Davis follows the President's idea of “open and transparent”.

Take it from a Fort Worth tax payer, Wendy Davis is a JOKE. She isn't raising half of the money that the Dems though she would. She has called Texas a “backward” state and has proudly confirmed that she is all in favor of “Colorado” gun control. (good luck with that)
She is the liberal flavor of the moment, but notice that major players are already pulling support. She was trialing +8 in the polls before this scandal.

Comment #6 by Silence Dogood on 2014 01 21

Oh her RI connection is that she was born in and lived in West Warwick for 2 years

Comment #7 by Silence Dogood on 2014 01 21

Wow...she should return her lyin butt to RI and run for office right away. She'll be elected with a landslide.

Comment #8 by Dave Barry on 2014 01 21

She a Democrat - they never lie. They mis-speak, confuse the facts, are misunderstood, stretch the truth, but NEVER lie!

Hillary Clinton remembers a trip to Bosnia when snipers were shooting bullets over her head - it never happened - explanation we were given: she was exhausted and "Misspoke". Funny, I've been exhausted and can't ever remember thinking imaginary snipers were firing at me!

Closer to home: Elizabeth Warren claimed she was part Native American because she was told "her paw-paw had high cheek bones". She used her so-called heritage in college, listed herself as a minority in the US Law directory until 1995, even contributed recipes to a Native American cook book ... too bad the NE Genealogical Society can find no proof whatsoever of her claim. She must have remembered her past wrong ... maybe she was tired.

Comment #9 by C B11 on 2014 01 21

Dave, So right!

Barry, Agreed, the article tells nothing of what her inaccuracies were. I guess we'll just have to take Silence Dogoods take on the story.
You also could have mentioned that the people that want to force poor people to have babies they can't afford, don't want to help pay for the babies care. I'm all for women's choice. But shouldn't Christians that disagree with me on abortion want to show compassion and make certain that the child has the care needed.

Comment #10 by Redd Ratt on 2014 01 21

This is the article from the Dallas Morning News (not very conservative either, may I add)


Comment #11 by Silence Dogood on 2014 01 21

Thank you

Comment #12 by Redd Ratt on 2014 01 21

"Why people want to force women to have kids they don't want and cannot afford is a mystery!"

Sorry I have to respond to this. When you make that decision to initiate the process of procreation (which, barry is what sex is actually, biologically for) then you are assuming the right of accepting any and all consequences, from pregnancy to STD's.

So please stop with the forcing of women to have babies (with the EXCEPTION of rape, incest or life of the mother) Single mothers are a societal problem that no one procedure can fix.

Comment #13 by Silence Dogood on 2014 01 21

SD, thanks for the link. She appears to be the epitome of the modern ambitious politician. However, its not like she used her husband for Harvard and left him the day after she graduated. She left him 10 years after she graduated. Leaving the day after her last tuition payment was made comes off as bad optics but is probably more coincidence. She was also working and contributing to the family. I see her as a sad figure that will stop at nothing to get what she wants. True believers, whatever their political leanings are dangerous. They believe the ends justifies the means and should never be trusted. Her ex husband on the other hand, seems like a good guy. Maybe he'll run for governor.

Comment #14 by Redd Ratt on 2014 01 21

RR you are welcome. In the end it just shows that she is not some divine figure (which is a dangerous thing to do in the 1st place) it is a shame that we cannot be satisfied with people running for office, it is now a production and as a result, this is more common than it should.

Comment #15 by Silence Dogood on 2014 01 21

So does she claim to belong to the same tribe Granny Warren does. If she were a member of the GOP the dumbo skanks would by FRYING her for leaving her kid with the "EX".

Comment #16 by G Godot on 2014 01 23

Lying and falsifing a bio, reminds me of Joltin' Joe Biden the football hero with a draft exemption for "breathing trouble".

Comment #17 by G Godot on 2014 01 23

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