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NEW: Chafee to Host Tree Lighting

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Governor Lincoln Chafee will be hosting a tree lighting ceremony at the State House in December.

The event include all of the annual festivities and some new elements

Earlier report cited a spokesperson for the Governor saying that the annual event would not be held. According to sources, that was not the Governor's intent, but was caused by a miscommunication due to the Governor being on an economic development trip to France.

The holiday events date and time will be announced in the near future.


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Craig Cardullo

I'm sure it will once again be a Holiday tree, which leads to the question, what is a "Holiday" tree? I've seen many Christmas trees but I have yet to see a Hanukkah tree or Kwanza tree and I’m pretty sure there aren’t Ramadan trees or Sojong Day trees either. What is wrong with calling it what it is? Everyone knows exactly what the tree represents regardless of what the political correctness police would like us to think. I’m sure there aren’t many Jewish people that look at the tree and say “how nice, RI decorated a tree in honor of Hanukkah”.

Harold Stassen

A useless story because it involves our useless Governor. Let him try to "PC" us to death, who cares. It is, and will always be, a Christmas Tree. As far as this buffoon is concerned, the sooner we can vote his skinny behind out, the better. Let him go back to Brown University with the rest of the enlightened "folk" (can't say people any more, it might offend some one, somewhere). Merry Christmas everyone!

David Pepin

Maybe the governor (or his spokeswoman) had it right earlier when it appeared there wouldn't be a tree lighting ceremony. I rather like the idea of depriving preening egomaniacs (and those who support them) the chance to be cock of the walk and show everyone how "Christian" they are.
Face it, the people who crashed last year's show weren't about promoting Christmas, or Jesus, at all.

pearl fanch

End of story.

Silence Dogood

Stories such as these are why we are THE national punchline.

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