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Guest MINDSETTER™ Jim Haldeman: Why I’m Running for State Rep.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's a simple question that requires a simple answer...because I have to. I was asked 'why' when I came out of military retirement, left my family and my job, and elected to deploy to Fallujah, Iraq. Quite simply, because I had to. It was my moral obligation to serve my Country. I’m now running for State Representative for the same reason...because I must. It's a difficult endeavor to run and to be elected for public office. I know....this is my 4th attempt. If nothing else, this proves my perseverance and dedication towards succeeding in such an endeavor.

My leadership background attests to the fact that I am well suited for public office. I presently work in a public service industry and engage hundreds of people daily. I have worked under harsh and unthinkable living conditions to promote jobs into a helpless city, worked with Ambassadors under the Secretary of State, worked within multi-million dollar budgets, and negotiated contracts...even for human life itself. I helped inspire and restore the lives of the citizens of Fallujah and redirected their path to bring prosperity, economic recovery and hope toward a brighter future.

And now it is my time to focus my abilities and talents directly to my home here in Rhode Island. The financial path which Rhode Island has taken is unsustainable. Communities within our state are bankrupt. Businesses are closed or have moved to our neighboring states. Our one party controlled state government has failed to provide the very essence of our individual identity and that is in the name of business and jobs. If you are on welfare, unemployed, a municipal or state worker, small or large business owner, the president of URI, a student of URI, or any one of the thousands of wage earners living here in Rhode Island, your financial future depends on me and like minded representatives to bring economic recovery and prosperity back to this state. We are forced to comply with laws, rules, regulations, fees and a tax system that has, sadly, made Rhode Island last in nearly all economic indicators. The state's burden of survival now falls squarely on the backs of each and every one of us as we struggle to make ends meet.

The only way for Rhode Island to recover from economic collapse is to realize and face the fact that the political philosophy of a one party system must change. Only jobs will decrease unemployment, bring state financial aid back to our universities, fund our pension crisis and provide economic relief to each and every one of us who call Rhode Island our home. Elect me and allow me to represent the entire spectrum of our citizenry, not just a select few as do my opponents.


Jim Haldeman is a Republican candidate for State Rep. in District 35.


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