MUSIC: Revival 2013 Comes Back To The Columbus

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


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The Felice Brothers (Photo: Robert Houllahan)

One of my favorite moments of 2012 was Revival at The Columbus Theatre. It consisted of all acts that have roots in Providence taking hold of both the main and upstairs stages for a sold out weekend that will always be etched into my memory. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the re-opening of the glorious theatre, Revival returned with a bang. Along with acts playing both stages, you also had a boatload of talent playing Tony's Barber Shop put on by The Port located on the left side of the building. There was so much going on that I need to clone myself a few times to actually cover every little detail, but I did my best. Once again this past Saturday, The Columbus Theatre was the place to be.

Kicking things off in the Barber Shop, King Sickabilly & His Full Moon Boys brought that trademark rockabilly sound that The Creative Capital has come to love for over a decade. You can't go wrong with rhythmic numbers like "Holy Ghost Revival", "Foolish Foolish Fool" and "Song For A Lost", purely timeless music that always brings a lot of energy. There's a reason why King Sickabilly is considered a legend around these parts, it's because he can rock it like nobody else on any given night. Go see him the next time he rolls through your favorite music venue, I promise you won't regret it.

Next up at the Barber Shop was another one of the most talented songwriters in New England with Dan Blakeslee. You can't help but love his charm and storytelling, his kraken adorned guitar is pretty cool as well. "Valentino", "Sirens & The Oxbow", "Songs To Bring Me Home" and "Girl From Baltimore" encompassed a short and sweet performance. Dan has currently been working on a new album titled Owed To The Tanglin' Wind with The Columbus Recording Company and you can get yourself a copy this April. It should be one of the best albums of 2014 and I can't wait to give it a listen.

Over in the main theatre following a wonderful introduction from Columbus Cooperative & Low Anthem member Bryan Minto, The Rice Cakes took things over for another spectacular performance. With "Halloweenie", a new song in "Hay Fever", "Push & Pull", a version of "Floor Boards" with Roz Raskin on the grand piano and the hit "Yellow Fields", this amazingly talented trio brought out something truly breathtaking. The Rice Cakes have also been working on a new full-length album with The Columbus Recording Company that will be out next year, it very well could be the landmark record of their career.

Joined by ex-French Kicks member Lawrence Stump, Pixels played on the upstairs stage that was at full capacity. "Pepsi Queen", "Leave To-Day", "Oh Boy Lichtenstein", "Je Ne Sais Quoi" and "She Loves You American" were highlights of the best set I've ever seen these guys play. It seems that Andy Davis' guitar gets louder and louder and Queen Melba on drums gets better and better, Pixels straight up killed it. They have a bunch of new songs in the works so expect another one of their signature cassettes to be available soon.

I headed back to the Barber Shop where Haunt The House lead by Westerly musician Will Houlihan had a full band with him for a memorable performance. It was so packed you could hardly move, but it was one of the top experiences of the night. "Burial Waltz", "Arrow", "Black Butte" and "Pity Creek" were my favorite songs from Will's new incarnation. Haunt The House is one of those musical projects that has been gaining quite the buzz around Rhode Island lately. Will's genuinely heartfelt lyrics will enthrall you, please check it out.

I walked back in to the main theatre to see one of the marquee acts of the night in The Low Anthem. When the first song you hear is "Pepsi Moon", you know it's beautiful music that's some of the best Providence has to offer. "The Early Morning Of The Air Hockey Fire", "Apothecary Love" with local rockers The 'Mericans, the baseball classic "I Always Wished I Could Be Like Ozzie Smith" with The 'Mericans, Noah Chevalier, Andy Davis & Last Good Tooth's Alex Spoto, A minor reunion with Jocie Adams for a vintage number "This God Damn House" and "Dreamin' Drunk" highlighted an experience that seemed more like an old-school style revue than just a band playing songs. I couldn't put my finger exactly on it, but it seemed that there was a lot of significant meaning behind The Low Anthem's exhibits on stage. I loved every minute of it and at an occasion like this, why not go all out? The Low Anthem will have a new album out this Spring, from what I hear it'll be their most dreamy record yet.

It's not everyday that you get to see an all-star band play for the first time, but Happiness was abundant on the upstairs stage. With Ravi Shavi's Rafay Rashid joined by Deer Tick's Chris & Dennis Ryan along with Ian O'Neil, you didn't know what songs they were going to play but you knew it was going to be groovy as hell. Vintage old school rock & roll that reminded me a lot of Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, this fearsome foursome kicked major musical ass. It was as if Rafay's swagger invaded everyone else's inhibitions on stage through osmosis, a great display of energy flowed throughout the upstairs like a river. Even at one point Minto got in on the action with his harmonica and Samson Kartaoui read a poem. So wonderful, inventive and cool at the same time, I hope Happiness plays again soon and often.

The last act of the night at the main stage and rightfully so, The Felice Brothers were absolutely brilliant. "Butch Cassidy" began quite the display of rock & roll and going right into "Honda Civic" they took things to a whole new level. Keeping the rhythms at a fever pitch with "Run Chicken Run" and then after a while things got intimate with "I Got What I Need" with James & Ian Felice on stage as a duo. A great ending of their performance with the Mike Tyson ballad "Cus' Catskill Gym" had people yelling at the top of their lungs, non stop dancing right near the guardrails was as if the love of music became contagious. With a frenzied crowd, The Felice Brothers came back for an encore of Neil Young's "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World" that capped off a wild experience. If you ever get the chance to see The Felice Brothers live, do yourself a favor and check them out. There's a reason why they're one of the biggest up and coming rock & roll bands out there today, once you see them live you'll know why.

Very much deserving of being the final act of Revival 2013, Tapestries graced the upstairs stage for what last year's attendees will call "The Joe Fletcher Slot". With Mike DeCosta showcasing his impeccable songwriting talents, Seamus Sullivan proving that he deserves the be in the conversation of who the best drummers in Providence are, Jeremy Joubert flirting with a heightened sense of distortion on lead guitar and newcomer Chris Periera being the backbone on bass, the emotional originality of Tapestries couldn't be touched on this night. A captivating display included "Gardenvision Pt. 2", "Repeat", "Great Mapping Out", "The Fear", "Eye Contact" and a rarity in "Mama Mary" that had DeCosta playing solo with his baby blue guitar. Revival 2013 was just good as last year, and a few people even said it was even better.


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Always cheap, always delicious

One of the great miracles of human existence is that wings are inherently easy to find cheap. Wings Over Providence is one of our go-to spots, perfect for delivery. For dining in (and some great beers), check out the English Cellar Alehouse at 6 pm on Mondays—just 40 cents per wing until 10:00! 

Wings Over Providence: 725 Hope St, Providence - (401) 274-9464

English Cellar Alehouse: 165 Angell St, Providence - (401) 454-3434


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(Photo: Navin75, Flickr)

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Save on six-packs: bring your own

Haven’t budgeted for that cucumber-lime-and-elderflower martini this week? If you’re 21+, that shouldn’t mean you’ll go without a drink with that dinner out. A great way to save some cash is to find BYOB restaurants—we recommend Sakura on Wickenden Street in Providence. Delicious Japanese cuisine with a six pack of Shipyard Pumpkin Head ale or a bottle of Smoking Loon from Campus Fine Wines around the corner? Sign us up. Bonus—split the cost with your friends, and suddenly you have some spare change for one more California roll. 

Sakura: 231 Wickenden St, Providence - (401) 331-6861 

Campus Fine Wines: 127 Brook St, Providence - (401) 621-9650


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(Photo: LNeonTommy, Flickr)
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Eat like your free t-shirt depends on it

College students have been known to take some extreme measures when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck on dinner. Luxe Burger Bar in downtown Providence should be your next conquest, with its Everest-sized meal known as the Frankenstein Burger. Four Gold Label burgers. Two jumbo Nathan's all beef hot dogs. Four slices of smokehouse bacon. Four slices of American cheese. All topped with Hereford black bean chili, coleslaw, and relish. On buttered rolls, no less, and served with a double order of fries. If you’re daring enough to finish, you get a free t-shirt. If not, leftovers for days.

Luxe Burger Bar: 5 Memorial Blvd, Providence - (401) 621-5893

(Photo: JefNickerson, Flickr)

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Love the simple things

Fried rice often gets overlooked in favor of more showy examples of Asian cuisine, but it shouldn’t—it’s one of the most filling and versatile dishes on a budget. If you’re near Newport, Tokyo House can’t be beat. Closer to the heart of Providence, try Sura on Westminster Street. Bonus: if the fried rice at the pan-Asian restaurant near you isn’t your favorite, try the scallion pancakes. They’re usually under five dollars, and they’re always delicious. 

Sura: 232 Westminster St, Providence - (401) 277-9088


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(Photo: TSuhlin, Flickr)

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Eat like a king on a jester’s budget

If your taste is on the expensive side, fear not—just watch for specials! Lots of local restaurants have Facebook pages and Twitters, some just have Yelp reviews and personal websites, but chances are, you’ll be able to find information about special deals somewhere. It might take some poking around, but it’s worth it to budget in that four-cheese baked pasta you’ve been craving. Over 21? Look for drinking specials! Check out Rue de L’Espoir on Wednesdays for a custom burger and beer for just $12.50.

Rue de L’Espoir: 99 Hope St, Providence - (401) 751-8890

(Photo: mosespreciado, Flickr)

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It’s the size of the fight in the dog—or burger

Sometimes it’s not the size of the burger that matters, it’s the price. At Harry’s Bar and Burger though, so does the taste. The regular price for a set of two sliders is always under $7.00, and if you go between 3 and 5 pm, any day of the week, they’re half price. Bonus if you’re over 21: amazing boozy milkshakes. 

Harry’s Bar and Burger: 121 N Main St, Providence - (401) 228-7437

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I swear, it’s as healthy as a Chobani!

In college, you could have ice cream for dinner if you really wanted to—who’s going to stop you? But if you want to go a little healthier, try froyo. Most shops charge by weight, so you can perfect the fine art of getting the most bang for your buck. If you’re a Brown student, you’ve probably grown to love FroyoWorld on Thayer Street. 

FroyoWorld: 219 Thayer St, Providence - (401) 865-6055

(Photo: elise.hui, Flickr)

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Don’t get up

In that economics class you took freshman year, you learned that there’s more to cost than just dollars—there’s also convenience. As in, you’re willing to pay a couple of extra dollars for delivery so you don’t have to put on real pants. Here’s another instance where splitting the cost with your friends or roommates can save you tons, and save everyone a trip across campus. Check out GoLocalProv’s College Guide on Best Dorm Delivery Food later in the week for some tips on getting what you want delivered right to your doorstep.


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