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ALPHA MALE: 6 Fashion Rules for Every Man

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Rule #5: Invest in a good watch.

Week after week, we write about various fashion tips.  We understand that the list of tips and variety of topics may get overwhelming; ways for fat guys to appear skinny, how to dress for a holiday party, why RISD students shouldn’t wear skinny jeans, appropriate Jew dress for the Temple (Happy Chanukah everyone)… the list goes on.  For those of you that just want a simple, meat and potatoes fashion guide, this is your week.  Below are 6 simple, but important tips for any man to be well dressed.

Always match your belt with your shoes.

You’ve heard it from your mother as a kid and from your wife as an adult – brown shoes means brown belt.  Keep it simple and stick with traditional colors such as black, dark brown, or a rich tan.  If you are wearing jeans and sneakers, make sure you aren't wearing an overly formal belt.  I suggest a casual belt made of a fabric.  If you’re wearing suspenders, leave the belt at home.

Make sure you match your tie to your shirt.

Among early generations of working men, solid-colored ties were matched with a same (or slightly-off) color shirt. 

Today, this look is rather dated and certainly boring.  As long as your tie complements your shirt, sweater, or whatever… get creative.  Ties are a great way to express yourself, and you cant go wrong with diagonal stripes, plaids, and subtle patterns.  Additionally, feel free to tie your tie to meet your fancy.  Each knot portrays a different vibe – I prefer the half Windsor or the four in-hand.  Feel free to experiment with different styles and looks.
(As a note – novelty ties and clip-ons need to be tossed.)

Pleats vs Flat Front Pants?

Why men continue to avoid flat-front trousers is a mystery to me.  In our store, we find the majority of men look and feel much better in a flat-trouser than a pleated pant.  Some men believe that pleated pants are more comfortable and fit better on non-athletic bodies.  The truth is that a well-tailored flat-front trouser will make you look slimmer and if taken out at the waste, will be equally comfortable to pleats.  Take our advice – try a well-fitting flat-fronted trouser to see for yourself.

Match your socks. 

Make sure your socks match, but are not the same color as your pants.  To quote Glenn O’Brien of GQ Magazine “…you will ultimately realize that beyond the valley of rules rises the mountain of aesthetics, the peak of which (if there is one) is always shrouded in beautiful clouds of carious hues, many of them resembling certain of my more unusually hued socks”.  To put it simply – cool socks complete a well-styled outfit.
(Note: White socks are for the gym. Even the most fashionable suit is ruined with a pair of white socks.) 

Invest in a watch.

This is the single-most important accessory a man can own.  Every man should invest in one good watch that suits your lifestyle and taste.

Think about eyeglasses.

Everyone knows a guy who effectively uses eyeglasses to enhance his style.  Make sure you find a pair of glasses that compliments the shape of your face and expresses your personality.  Ask the people who wear glasses where to go to get the best advice about the shape and style of glasses that works the best for them.


Marc Streisand is president and owner of Marc Allen Fine Clothiers, and takes the custom clothing business very personally. Having enjoyed a successful career in the clothing industry since 1985, Marc brings his clients extensive specialized experience in menswear. Prior to taking over the Marc Allen store in March 2005, he cultivated his knowledge of luxury male attire in New York and his home state of New Jersey, where he began his vocation at Wallach's Specialty Stores. Nothing gives him greater pleasure, he says, than seeing raw cloth transformed into a custom outfit that can directly impact his customer's lifestyle.

Don't miss Marc Streisand's style tips for men on GoLocalTV, fresh every day at 4pm and on demand 24/7, here.


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