Ryan Lukowicz

Seventh Grade Meteorologist Lukowicz Predicts Rain-Free Labor Day on LIVE

At just 12 years old, Ryan Lukowicz is doing his best to provide the best weather forecast to Rhode Island.… Read More

John Ghiorse

Ghiorse: Winter Storm Update - Tuesday PM

Here we go again. March Weather Madness Storm #4 is on our doorstep this afternoon. It is already snowing and raining from… Read More

John Ghiorse

Ghiorse: Big Winter Storm Update - Monday Night

My earlier thinking continues on track this evening. The storm is beginning to develop rapidly off the Carolina coast and… Read More

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Pete Gaynor, RIEMA

How to Be Prepared for the Next Big Hurricane - RIEMA Director Gaynor on GoLocal LIVE

Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency Director Peter Gaynor appeared on GoLocal LIVE on Tuesday and gave tips, including… Read More

The Most Destructive Hurricanes Since 1950

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A History of Hurricanes in the United States

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John Ghiorse

How To Use The Ghiorse Factor

I devised the Ghiorse Factor more than 35 years ago. It was originally intended ...… Read More

What About The Old Farmer’s Almanac?

Last year the Old Farmer’s Almanac was calling for a mild, stormy winter ...… Read More

Summer Getting Off To A Sizzling Start

There are several unofficial beginnings to summer. The summer vacation season kicks off with the Memorial Day ...… Read More

Here We Go Again …The Hurricane Season Is Underway

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Much Needed Rain On The Way

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Long Absent Warm Spell To Return

Nearly three weeks ago Rhode Islanders and, in fact, most of us in the Northeast were treated to a five-day preview of summer… Read More

OK, It’s Really Time To Give Up On Winter

I know all you snow lovers out there have been hoping, praying and generally calling ...… Read More

Snow … Where, Oh Where, Have You Gone?

Just how rare is it to have no measurable snow in February? Well, since 1904 ...… Read More

Skating Through The Heart Of Winter

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When Will The Hammer Hit?

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January Meltdown

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