Bill Introduced to Include Pets in Domestic Protective Orders

Sunday, February 17, 2019


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Bill introduced to include pets in domestic protective orders

Senate President Dominick Ruggerio and Representative William O’Brien introduced legislation that would expand Family Court jurisdiction to enter protective orders to provide for the safety and welfare of household pets in domestic abuse situations.

“There is a strong correlation between domestic abuse and animal abuse. If someone is violent towards humans they are likely to be violent towards animals. This legislation will ensure pets are protected under the law from domestic abusers, just as humans are,” said Ruggerio.

Animal Protection Legislation

Ruggerio and O’Brien have both previously sponsored animal protection legislation.

“Often in cases of domestic violence, pets can be severely harmed by the abuser as well. Many states in the country already have laws that include pets in domestic violence protection orders. An innocent animal should not be allowed to be left with dangerous and violent abusers,” said O’Brien.

Last year, Ruggerio sponsored a bill that was signed into law that requires educational institutions using dogs or cats for medical research to make animals no longer useful for research available for adoption.

O’Brien sponsored a law that requires anyone entrusted with the care and control of an animal, such as a veterinarian or an animal shelter worker, to report any discovered instance of animal cruelty to the proper authorities.


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