T.F. Green Airport: Far Cheaper Than Logan

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


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We already knew that T.F. Green Airport is more convenient and less of the hassle than driving to Boston Logan International.

Now, we can boast that it is also cheaper than Logan. A lot cheaper.

A national travel Web site, cheapflights.com, has ranked 101 airports across the nation according to which ones had the cheapest flights. T.F. Green came in at number 31, with average airfare costing $418. Boston Logan, on the other hand, was at a distant 89, with average tickets at $560.

The news was surprising to some frequent flyers who use both airports.

Erik Dyson, who flies for business every other week, would have picked Logan. “That’s fascinating because there are so many more options there,” Dyson said.

Dyson lives in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts and works as a vice president at GTECH in Providence. He says he always flies out of Boston for trips to South America, the Caribbean, and Europe—even though T.F. Green is closer to where he works. With Providence, he said there’s always a risk that one of the connecting flights will be delayed.

But after hearing that T.F. Green is more affordable, he said he might change his traveling habits. “Providence is something I would consider much more frequently because it’s more economical,” Dyson said.

Tom Duarte, an East Providence man who also flies often, has always found T.F. Green competitive with Logan in terms of ticket prices, but he was astonished at how far apart they were on the ranking of affordability.

“My experience is it depends on the airline and the destination and sometimes the time of day,” Duarte said. “I find that either airport can be cheaper or more expensive.”

But Duarte is already sold on Providence. He works as a quality assurance specialist at Areva, a French company that makes nuclear reactors, and said he usually flies out of T.F. Green for both domestic and international business trips.


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