Cocofuel’s Charleson Talks Healthy, Organic, Honey Sweetened Chocolate Made in RI

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


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Paula Charleson

Paula Charleson launched Cranston-based Cocofuel to create a better and healthier snack food.

It is the best of chocolate without the worst of processed, sugar-ridden candy. Charleson joined GoLocal LIVE's Business Monday.

Her Cocofuel — which is available at retail throughout New England, including Whole Foods locations throughout the region — is simply a healthier snack. But, please don’t call it “candy” says Charleson.

“Each ingredient is specifically chosen to create a bar that has a smooth texture and delicious taste. Cocofuel was developed as an alternative to commercial chocolate which is loaded with processed sugar or cane sugar and soy lecithin. Honey was chosen because it isn’t processed like refined sugars so just a small amount is needed to balance the cocoa,” says Charleson.

Some of the other benefits of Cocofuel is that “honey (the sweetener) also contains antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. There are four uniquely flavored bars with that will cater to almost any taste preference. Sugars range from 6-10 grams depending on the flavor so no need to feel guilty about having that recommended daily serving. Cocofuel is also low carbohydrate and three flavors are sodium free," says Charleson. 

What is next?

For Charleson, the next step in growing her brand is to expand the distribution. “We have really unlimited production capabilities,” says Charleson.

For Cocofuel, part of the momentum has been “fueled” with support from the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation and the Small Business Assistance Program.

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