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Friday, June 09, 2017


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Kristin MacRae

When it comes to organizing systems in your office, organizing and efficiency expert Kristin MacRae with Organizing In RI, says it’s important to evaluate how you function and create a system that works for you.   

“The more complicated the system, the more likely it is to failure,” MacRae says, “keep the system simple and streamlined.”

It’s also good to re-visit the system in a couple of months and tweak what isn’t working to see what will work better for you MacRae says. 

MacRae says four you’ll want to get a handle on in the office are  track of the bills, business cards, phone calls/voicemail and workspace handle phone calls and voice mail

  • Keep track of your bills- Have a process to pay bills, and try to incorporate due dates on the calendar. 
  • Business cards- Whether it is through electronics, a Rolodex, or a binder with clear card inserts, get a system that works for you to keep track of connections.  
  • Handle phone calls and voice mail- MacRae says to set aside time to retrieve and return calls and to keep a message pad or book just for messages, and phone notes.  
  • Workspace- Only keep items you use on a daily basis on your desk and avoid having piles.

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