LIVE: Advancements in Migraine Treatment and World Migraine Solidarity Day

Saturday, June 17, 2017


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Dr. Godley

The President of The Association of Migraine Disorders, Dr. Fredrick Godley says a migraine is a prevalent neurological disease affecting 37 million Americans.  

As part of a joint effort to raise awareness for migraines and to urge Congress to fund research for migraine sufferers, Dr. Godley says migraine groups have come together creating World Solidarity Day on June 21.

“Investment in migraine research has the potential to be the cornerstone of our national effort to advance neuroscience. It will also shed new light on other common, disabling diseases that are associated and probably functionally linked to migraines, such as anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, colic, gastric and pelvic pains, sleep disorders, tinnitus, and post-concussion headaches,” says Dr. Godley. 

To show compassion for those who suffer from migraines, Dr. Godley says they are urging people to wear sunglasses on June 21. 

There is hope for those who suffer from migraines, Dr. Godley spoke about new treatments for migraines likely available in fall of 2017.

He said there is a whole new class of drugs based on using antibodies that block one of the neurotransmitters.  


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