NEW: Johnson & Wales Named #2 Most Crime-Rattled College in US

Thursday, June 21, 2012


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A new ranking from The Daily Beast names Johnson & Wales University as the #2 Crime-Rattled School in the US.

Johnson & Wales University has just been named one of the scariest places to go to college, and not because the chefs are demanding. The Providence-based campus has just been named the country's #2 Most Crime-Rattled Colleges in America, according to The Daily Beast.

The popular online news source "scoured the college crime data" made available through the US Department of Education. Researchers examined more than 500 four-year nonprofit private colleges and four-year public colleges with more than 6,000 total students, taking into account the numbers for each school’s primary campus and auxiliary campuses in the same metro area as the main campus.

JWU and other dangerous NE colleges

The numbers did not bode well for the nationally known local university, which was second only to University of Alabama, Huntsville, for high crime numbers. Other New England colleges that ranked among the Top 25 most dangerous included:

#8 University of Connecticut
#14 Yale University
#15 Tufts University
#17 University of Maine
#18 University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
#25 Harvard University

The Daily Beast cited the following criminal incidents for JWU as evidence of its crime-rattled ranking:

JWU/Criminal Incidents (2008-2010)

  • Murders: 3
  • Negligent Homicides: 0
  • Robberies: 29
  • Aggravated Assaults: 44
  • Burglaries: 15
  • Car Thefts: 29
  • Arson: 4


How they got the rankings

Using the data from the US Department of Education, the Daily Beast tabulated the following crimes: murder, negligent murder, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, car theft, and arson. Because not all crimes are the same, the site devised a subjective weighting system based on crime severity. Burglary established the low-end baseline for weighting; car theft was weighted twice as much as burglary; assault and robbery, six times as much as burglary; arson and negligent manslaughter, 10 times as much as burglary; and murder, 20 times as much as burglary.

In addition to weighting, Daily Beast considered each crime against total enrollment, to come up with a per-capita ratio. Finally, each per-capita ratio was compared to the overall cohort of more than 500 schools—to take into account whether each school’s per-capita ratio for each crime was relatively high or low—to determine the final list of America’s Most Crime-Rattled Colleges.

For the entire list, go here.

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