MUSIC: Long Lost Plays Dusk

Thursday, August 29, 2013


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Photo of Long Lost by Hilary Courts

Sometimes all you need is amplified rock bands that can close out your weekend with a bang. Long Lost headlined a show at Dusk with Gavage, Darklands and Taking Meds sharing the electricity on stage. I didn't know much about either band prior to this particular evening but that just makes it more fun. Everyone is always looking for a way to finish off their weekend debauchery just to do it all over again on Monday. At Dusk, you really can't go wrong with what they had going on.


An interesting punk band from Providence, what I loved most about Gavage was their saxophonist's improvisational skills. A whole lot of energy, Gavage were like a musical espresso shot that provided the necessary kick to start off the show. It was a short set but it only left me wanting more, the finale of "(Downtown) Where The Killers Are" ended their performance with conviction. Gavage will be playing next at E & O on Saturday in the west end of Providence in celebration of the bar's birthday. Make sure you check that out and while you're at it log on to the band's website at to download a bunch of their tracks for free.


Another cool band from Providence, Darklands came up next and they were fantastic. A lo-fi uptempo drone encompassed their sound and they didn't lay off the intensity meter at all with their punk tendencies. "Rhodes", "Farmfield", "Broad", "Euclid" and "Collins" were part of an emphatic performance that I dug a lot. For more info about how brilliant Darklands are, check out their demo on BandCamp and enjoy.

Talking Meds

A band that reminds me a lot of Hot Water Music and Sunny Day Real Estate, Taking Meds took the stage by storm, turned the amps up to 11 and tore everything apart. "Jim Jones" and "Summer Of Down" were my favorite songs from Taking Meds' performance, they definitely had the cure for any hearing ailments I may of had beforehand. Speaking of curing ailments, Taking Meds have a demo of their own available on BandCamp. You should get it and blast your headphones with infectious noise.

Long Lost

Emo mixed with late 90's era alternative rock, Long Lost ended the night and had me a little confused at first. I did like how the lead singer put forth the effort to resonate his message through his lyrics, but they lacked an edge at the beginning. Fortunately the more they played the better they got, I thought Long Lost's drummer was the glue that held everything together. It was only their 10th show but Long Lost has a lot of potential to grow. As with every time I go to Dusk, it was a good night and I had a lot of fun. If you haven't been, well stop on by and log on to to know what to expect.


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