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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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Men’s underwear has changed very little over the last 100 years.  While companies continually introduce new fabrics and looks to the market, three basic cuts – the boxer, the brief, and the boxer brief – remain king across the men’s underwear business.

Know your undergarments

Starting at the beginning, the “boxer” was introduced to the market in 1925 by Everlast – the same athletic company that continues to produces athletic wear and fight gloves for MMA fighters.  The design of the first boxer was simple; a loose sitting seat with a fly in the front and a plethora of fabric options.  Over the course of history, the popularity of boxers has risen and fallen with pop culture. Extremely popular in the 1950’s,

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boxers were nearly extinct until the hip-hop community started wearing their pants low in the late 1980s making boxers fashionable once again.

In the mid-1930s the “brief” or “tighty whitey” was invented in Chicago.  Responding to the boxer, many men felt that a good undergarment should hold a man’s tool kit.  The first briefs look very much like the Hanes in your underwear drawer of today; short and tight.  Briefs remain relatively popular – especially among mothers who want their kids to get picked on for wearing dorky underwear.

The “boxer brief” was introduced in the 1990s and continues to be the fastest growing men’s underwear style on the market.  A hybrid, boxer briefs offer support, comfort… and style.

A few thoughts to help men stay smart when choosing their undergarments.

Tighty whiteys remain cool… among old men.  It’s time to take these off the market. 
If you’re looking to get your wife (or someone else) pregnant, go for boxers.  Your nuts will love the freedom resulting in an increase sperm count.
If you’re going on a date and hope for success after dinner, boxer briefs are sophisticated and stylish.  Make sure you aren’t caught with anything else.
If you’re going to the gym, try a compression boxer brief made from moisture wicking fabric for ultimate support and comfort.

Alpha Male recommends:

Finally, the Saxx boxer brief is the Ferrari of the underwear market.  The line is engineered for fast men looking for style and maximum support.  Check out their Web site, buy yourself a pair, and you’ll never want to wear anything else under your suit again.

As both the president and owner of Marc Allen Inc, Marc Streisand takes the custom clothing business very personally. Having enjoyed a successful career in the clothing industry since 1985, Marc brings his clients extensive specialized experience in menswear. Prior to taking over the Marc Allen store in March 2005, he cultivated his knowledge of luxury male attire in New York and his home state of New Jersey, where he began his vocation at Wallach's Specialty Stores. Nothing gives him greater pleasure, he says, than seeing raw cloth transformed into a custom outfit that can directly impact his customer's lifestyle.


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