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Friday, November 17, 2017


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As an event producer, I’m often asked what are the hot tips and trends for a coming season, to which I generally have the same reply. Although a color might be trending, it may not be right for your event. If the current trend is moss green and your theme is teal and chocolate, then it doesn’t serve you to consider the trend. I say stay true to your vision. A trend on the internet can be just that; a trend. If it’s a match, go for it, but don’t let a trend compromise your design by pulling you in a direction you never intended.  

The internet hosts a wealth of information for ideas and inspiration while planning your project.  My tip on this process is to get energized with ideas, but be practical. Many times these spectacular images on sites like Pinterest, were created for something other than an actual event, so their practical application isn’t so practical and almost certainly comes at a premium price to duplicate. So to avoid disappointment and budget busters, keep it stylish, but simple.

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Now as it relates to establishing your own event, my recommendation is to hire a professional from the beginning. This will provide continuity, while saving money overall. One wouldn’t undertake building a home without a professional, so the same can be said for building an event. There are hundreds of details to consider, from decor, to food & beverage, to guest safety, all of which require varying degrees of attention.

As an example, the average person isn’t typically aware of the potential liability of something as simple as serving their own alcoholic beverages at their event. Your professional planner addresses and prepares for all potentialities, both fun and not so fun. Put the risk and workload onto the professional so you can enjoy the event and shine like the star!

Lastly, consultations are typically free, so take advantage of this opportunity. If a vendor asks for a deposit before much else, my opinion is to look elsewhere. A real professional loves what they do and are excited to share their ideas with you in hopes of gaining your confidence and trust as a potential customer. Money and contracts come later. Get face to face and tell your designer what you want and give them the opportunity to get you there. It can be fun and business at the same time, because we are in the business of fun!

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Jim Verity, Verity Design

Jim Verity is the CEO of Verity Design, one of New England's top event firms.


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