URI Football Alum Kevin Mustac Saves Child’s Life With Bone Marrow Donation

Thursday, April 21, 2016


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Former Rhode Island Rams football player Kevin Mustac recently saved the life of a child via a bone marrow donation. 

"It is slowly starting to sink in knowing that the bone marrow will go to someone who desperately needs it to essentially fight for their life. Knowing that it was for someone so young who hasn't really lived yet is extremely humbling," Mustac said. 

Mustac is the 12th marrow match that has been found in the seven years of the football team's annual registration drive, which is being held next Tuesday, April 26 at the Multicultural Center from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. 

The Process 

Three years ago, Kevin Mustac was a sophomore on the Rhode Island football team when he received a phone call saying that he was a potential bone marrow match for a young leukemia patient. 

At that time, the family decided to go with a different treatment option, however, three years later, Mustac once again got a call from the Rhode Island Blood Center in mid-December saying that the same patient was in need of a marrow transplant. 

"When I got the second opportunity to do something amazing, I was 100 percent committed to going trough with it. If I had to go trough a little pain to possibly save someone's life, it's an obvious no brainer," Mustac said. 

Mustac went to the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey on Monday to complete the marrow donation. 

After having the procedure Mustac said, "I'm definitely sore around my lower back from the incisions the doctors made to harvest the marrow, but being a former college football player having going through a similar pain makes it easier to deal with and will help with the recovery process. I was a little nervous because I had never had surgery in the past where I would be under anesthesia so I didn't know how the recovery process would turn out or how much pain I would be in afterwards."

Donating Marrow 

Mustac registered to be a marrow donor through the Rhode Island football team's registration drive during his freshman season. 

He encourages anyone and everyone to sign up. 

"I would encourage anyone who was thinking about registering to do so because it's an amazing and humbling experience being matched to someone in need. Even if you never become a match, at least you know you have tried just by registering," Mustac said. 


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