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Scott Cordischi On Sports: Gronk Being Gronk

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


To whom much is given, much is expected.

New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski needs to understand that phrase because Bob Kraft and the Patriots have given a lot to him. $56 million to be exact.

This is why Gronk’s latest episode of “Gronk being Gronk” shouldn’t sit well with Kraft, Bill Belichick, his teammates and all of Patriot Nation.

Rob Gronkowski

We all understand that 23-year old men like Gronk like to go out and party. No one is saying that’s wrong.

Want a few adult beverages? No problem. As long as you’re not driving, go right ahead.

But when a team has invested $56 million in you and you’re just coming off of breaking your arm for the second time in less than two months, wrestling with your brother on stage and taking him down with a cast on your surgically repaired arm probably isn’t the smartest idea.

So have a good time this offseason Gronk. But don’t get carried away like you did a few days ago. And remember, no matter what you do or where you go, people have cell phones that act like cameras so everything that you do could wind up on the evening news.

-Meanwhile, as Gronk continues to party like a rock star in Las Vegas, fellow Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez has reportedly rented a place in Manhattan Beach, California so that he can work out during the offseason with quarterback Tom Brady. Wes Welker and Julian Edelman have both spent time in the past working out with Brady on the west coast.

Aaron Hernandez & Tom Brady

-Staying with the Pats, CSNNE is reporting that the team apparently does not want to give free agent cornerback Aqib Talib a multi-year contract extension because of the fact that he apparently rejected participating in some extra workouts while with the team this season. Whether this is a negotiating ploy by the Pats to keep the price or the market down for Talib or the truth, it bears watching.

-So the Red Sox equipment truck left Boston for Fort Myers Tuesday. Whoopty freaking do! Pardon this Red Sox fan for lacking passion and enthusiasm for this year’s team. They will have to earn my fandom back.

-Michael Felger said on CSNNE the other night, “now that the Super Bowl is over with, welcome to the sports abyss where nothing good happens until football season starts next September.” While I appreciate his love for football and agree that the NFL is king, has he ever heard of the NBA and NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs? Or, better yet, has he ever seen March Madness? In all due respect to Mr. Felger, there’s plenty of exciting sports to go around for the next few months including the April NFL Draft. Once we reach the end of June where all there is is baseball, then we can officially bemoan the fact that there is not enough exciting things happening in the world of sports.

-If Ricky Ledo never plays a single game for Providence College, it would be an absolute shame for Friar fans who have eagerly followed his every move the past couple of years.

Kevin Garnett

-If Danny Ainge is going to trade Kevin Garnett, he had better get something good in return and have a plan for the Celtics to remain competitive. Personally, I wouldn’t trade KG because he is the heart and soul of the team and his leadership cannot be overestimated.

-Speaking of the Celtics, watching the team play so well without Rajon Rondo makes me seriously question whether or not the franchise should hitch its wagon to him once he returns from his knee injury.

-B’s-Canadiens tonight in Montreal. That’s always a must-see.

-Did you see where Kevin Youkilis apparently texted his new Yankees teammate Joba Chamberlin in an effort to “bury the hatchet” on their long-standing feud before they get together for spring training in Tampa?

-That’s the same Kevin Youkilis who asked his brother-in-law Tom Brady if he would ever consider playing for the New York Jets or New York Giants before he signed with the Yankees. Brady apparently responded with a, “I don’t think so.”

Kevin Youkilis

-Apparently Manti Te’o is taking a break from Twitter as his handle of @MTeo_5 no longer exists.  Good idea Manti!

-Maybe Providence Friars guard Vincent Council should follow suit and dump his Twitter account so he doesn’t cost himself anymore time on the pine this winter.

-Pardon me for still not counting Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco among the league’s elite. As good as his numbers were in the postseason, he still threw a lot of balls up for grabs that Anquan Boldin bailed him out on. He also drastically underthrew passes that were still completed because the defense was beaten so badly in the AFC Divisional round and the Super Bowl. Add to that his razor-thin skin for criticism and you can have him. I’ll take Brady, Brees and Rogers over him every day of the week.

-Former NL MVP Ryan Braun seems to have an excuse for everything. He got off last year on a positive test for high levels of testosterone by claiming his urine sample was mishandled. This year he claims he only had a business relationship with Anthony Bosch, the founder of the South Florida anti-aging drug clinic, to help with his 2011 case against Major League Baseball. Sorry Adam, I’m calling pants on fire here!


-Staying on the subject of steroid-abusing cheaters, even though I am not a Yankees fan, I would love to see them void the contract of Alex Rodriguez and get away with it. It probably won’t happen, but it would be great if teams had the power to do so in these types of situations.

-If you want a San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl 47 Champions hat or t-shirt you’ll have to move to Zambia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Armenia or Romania. The NFL has donated the items to a charity which will give those items to impoverished people from those countries.


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