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Ravens Super Again

Monday, February 04, 2013


In the end, it was lights out for San Francisco.

On a night when the power went out at the Super Dome in New Orleans prompting a 34-minute delay in Super Bowl 47, the Baltimore Ravens perserveared and hung on to defeat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31.

Before the lights went out, the Ravens dominated play leading 21-6 at halftime.  

To make matters worse for the 49ers, Baltimore's Jacoby Jones set a Super Bowl record by returning the kickoff to start the second half a Super Bowl-record 108 yards for a touchdown making the score 28-6.

It was shortly thereafter that the lights went out in half of the Super Dome causing a 34-minute delay which seemed to take the momentum away from the Ravens and give the 49ers time to regroup.

When play resumed, San Francisco came storming back with crisp offensive execution and solid defense.

After Colin Kaepernick ran one in from 15-yards out with 9:57 to play in the 4th, the Niners trailed by only two points 31-29.

San Francisco failed to execute the two-point conversion to tie the game up.

A Justin Tucker field goal with 4:19 to play put Baltimore up 34-29, but the Niners marched the ball down the field once again.

However, Baltimore's veteran defense rose to the occassion in the game's final minutes making a goal line stand preserving the win.

The win lifts Baltimore's all-time mark to 2-0 in Super Bowl games.  San Francisco suffered its first loss in franchise history and is now 5-1 in the big game.

Super Bowl 47 also marked the end of the illustrious career of Ray Lewis who goes out on top as a Super Bowl champion.


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gonna be nice to see Ed Reed playing safety for the Pats next year!!!!

Comment #1 by Wally M on 2013 02 04

The sight of Ray Lewis holding the Lombardi Trophy (again) made me want to expel my Super Bowl cuisine! Shame on San Fran for not bringing it in the first half. When all is said and done, they had 4 shots inside the 10 yard line to win the game, but didn't.

Comment #2 by Harold Stassen on 2013 02 04

Wally: From your lips to God's ears! I know that Reed is older and a step slower than in his prime, but he can still make plays and is that type of safety that puts the fear of God in receivers going across the middle. Love to see it!

You're right about San Fran. What took them so long to crank up the intensity is beyond me?

Comment #3 by Scott Cordischi on 2013 02 04

However, Baltimore's veteran defense rose to the occassion in the game's final minutes making a goal line stand preserving the win.
Really Scott??

It seems to me that if the officials did their jobs, and called a penalty on EITHER of the last two SF plays, SF clearly would have scored at the end of the game. But the thuggery that is the Baltimore defense was allowed to go on, so therefore Baltimore wins.

Just another disgrace.

The fact that Flacco ended up the MVP is laughable. Joe, hail mary, Flacco is the MVP? Joe, throw it up and hope for pass interference, Flacco. Again, another disgrace.

Comment #4 by pearl fanch on 2013 02 05

Now that Ray Lewis' career is over, he can spend more time on being involved in double murders, and he can take all the illegal performance enhancing drugs he wants, until his head explodes.

Yeah, Ray is my hero.

Comment #5 by pearl fanch on 2013 02 05

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