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John Rooke - Thinking Out Loud

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Thinking out loud…and wondering when the word “amateur” will finally disappear from our vocabulary…

Bryce Cotton’s one-and-only NCAA appearance might have earned him a nice paycheck in the professional ranks. It also earned him quite a bit of run among national media, and it’s simply too bad he couldn’t have played on the big stage once or twice more to ensure his basketball future…

• Naturally, there was quite a bit of Big East-bashing last weekend after Creighton was unceremoniously bounced from the NCAA tournament by Baylor. No Big East teams in the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1993? For a league that is used to being the Beast, sure, it’s a setback. There’s work to do, and the league’s coaches knew that going in. So did the commissioner, and that’s something Val Ackerman told us before the season ever started. But honestly, take a look at the American. Louisville and UConn - those Sweet 16 teams were built to play in the Big East…

• Not sure why UConn fans would be reveling in a down year for the Big East – at least as far as the NCAA’s are concerned. They got a good draw, and they have great guards. It’s not their fault they’re no longer in the league. Blame the landscape of college sports. Blame football. Or blame BC. But don’t blame PC, Villanova or Georgetown. They did what they did to survive – UConn tried I suppose, but …

• Count me as among those who would love to see UConn back in the Big East someday. If only they could do something about that albatross of a football team hanging around their necks…

• That was an ugly way for Doug McDermott to finish a spectacular career. Long, athletic teams were not Creighton’s cup ‘o tea. So here’s a warning shot fired coach/Dad Greg McDermott’s way – either find some inside strength and length, or start looking for another soft landing spot, like you did after Iowa State. Got any more kids at home?

• McDermott’s career was, in a word, spectacular. 5th all-time in collegiate scoring. Maybe the best I’ve personally seen play in 26 years of covering the Big East and college basketball. In spite of the Baylor finish, word in San Antonio among NBA media was definitely leaning toward his being a 10-15 pick in June’s draft, and perhaps higher with the early team flops from a couple of the phenoms (Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins). And Bryce Cotton? From basically off-the-radar, to “we need to take a hard look at this guy…”

• Watching the North Carolina-Iowa State game in San Antonio last Sunday, two thoughts kept running through my mind: 1) Providence could have beaten the Cyclones, especially without Georges Niang out of the ISU lineup with a broken foot; 2) It could have been PC-UConn in the Sweet 16 at Madison Square Garden. Which would have been completely off…the…hook

Winners and Losers thus far in the NCAA’s? The SEC had three teams (Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee) in the Sweet 16 round, while the ACC had one (Virginia) and the Big East none. Even the Big 12 - #1 in the RPI and most computer rankings – had only two (Baylor, Iowa State) out of seven advance to the Round of 16…so really, what are we to make of the so-called power leagues?

• Here are a couple of thoughts on this: 1) That parity is greater than ever overall in the college game, and 2) realignment has probably helped spread the wealth, so to speak…

• Other winners and losers in the tournament? Winner – Mike Krzyzewski’s coaching tree. Stanford’s Johnny Dawkins, and Harvard’s Tommy Amaker got wins. Loser – Krzyzewski himself. Winners – Teams with four-year players like Mercer. Losers – Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins. Winner – Pac-12 (3 of 6 in the Sweet 16). Loser – Atlantic-10 (1 of 6 reached the Sweet 16)…

• Another winner this past week was Virginia Tech, luring Buzz Williams from Marquette, where an interim athletic director and new president created an uncertain future for the Golden Eagles’ program. But if someone like VCU’s Shaka Smart or former Pitt/UCLA coach Ben Howland emerges as the new coach, with the name and national reputation, MU moves from the “loser” category in this exchange to the other side of the ledger. And so does the Big East, in perception…

• I certainly understand why fans would be down on the Big East, simply because of past successes. But before you bury the league as irrelevant (haters, pay attention) consider this – Duke, Syracuse, Pitt, North Carolina, Ohio State, Kansas and Cincinnati also left the dance earlier than expected…did they not? Shouldn’t an infant-league (which technically, it is) be allowed some time to grow up? And in an era where parity is greater than it’s ever been why would anyone be so demanding of immediate success? Learn to walk, before you sprint…

• TV winners? Here you go. ESPN still dominates, Fox Sports 1 was so-so, NBCSN a little less…

• The Biggest Winner? The NCAA, which has finished auditing a financial statement for 2013, and reports a $61 million surplus. It’s down a bit from the previous two years, but also the third straight year with a reported surplus over $60 million. Since 2007, the NCAA has just about doubled its year-end net assets…

• The Biggest Loser? Maybe the NCAA…which has been named as a defendant in two lawsuits aimed specifically at the limits on compensation that athletes can receive in exchange for playing college sports…and probably faces more legal trouble with athletes now thinking “union…”

Not for nuthin’…but Big East expansion? Fuhgeddaboutit. At least for the next year. The coaches loved the home-and-home round-robin setup, even if they didn’t like Fox’s scheduling of the games. The scheduling will be addressed this year, as Fox will have assistance (if not give up outright) in that department. One more year, before this topic resurfaces. And the best bet for further expansion is in 2015-16 (if it happens at all, and TV will dictate that) to 12 teams, providing more inventory for TV, and more opportunity for increased post-season shares for the league…if you add the right teams. For my money, it’s still Saint Louis and Dayton as the front-runners…

• Which means the Atlantic-10 would be pick-pocketed again. There’s no right or wrong here. It’s just a matter of money, and because of TV, Big East membership stands to gain more for a school. The A-10 is a great conference. It’s unfortunate they don’t carry the cache – or the cash – of Big East membership, because of the history involved…

• The ACC Tournament move to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn is official, in exchange for the A-10 giving up the final year of its contract with the building that ends in 2017-18. In return, the Atlantic-10 gets a new three-year extension for 2019-21 at the Barclays, and also gets to include league teams in the annual non-conference games being played at the venue – like PC and Kentucky last year…

• Speaking of Kentucky…the Friars’ 2014-15 hoop schedule is a work-in-progress, but will include a visit to Lexington, KY for a meeting with the Wildcats. Also on the docket – the Hall of Fame Tip-Off at Mohegan Sun the weekend before Thanksgiving with games against Florida State and Notre Dame. PC will face Navy and Binghamton in home games as part of the 4-game tourney…home games with UMass, URI, and Brown with a road game against Boston College are also set. Four games still need to be finalized…and at least one more should be a high-major opponent...

• I started it last week. The food thing. In the interest of fair reporting and opinion-making, I feel I must share these things I’ve found with you. And, that I must attend games at these parks to taste-test these items and report to you their true value. Ha! Who am I kidding? I want one! This is the Fenway breakfast burger you can purchase at Sox games this year…with egg, mozzarella, onions and special sauce. How special is that sauce?

Fenway Breakfast Burger

• Want your picture with the Sox World Series trophies?  They'll be at the RI Home Show at the RI Convention Center Thursday night, 7:30-9:00 pm...

David Ortiz got his money. For the most part, he deserves it, based on his past and potential future performances…even as he ages before our eyes. Money has been spent much, much worse by the Red Sox in the past. Can we get on with baseball now?

• I’m torn with all of the discussion surrounding Jared Remy and his famous father, Jerry. Having actually worked with Jerry Remy on NESN Red Sox broadcasts for a brief spell in the ‘90’s, I could certainly qualify to recuse myself from the discussion. The Boston Globe expose last week on Jared’s criminal history is shocking in its depth and breadth, to the point that our legal system needs a serious self-examination. If Jerry Remy, as a parent, is to be held responsible for “enabling” his son during his reign of terror, then we must also hold responsible the judges, the attorneys and the family friends who helped “fix” his situation in the first place…

• And we all know, that’s impossible in this world. Someone needed to stand up and say “this is wrong.” Maybe the Remy’s did do that with Jared, as Jerry tried to explain during an appearance on WEEI this week, and Jared simply ignored his parents…instead choosing to take advantage of his father’s notoriety for his personal gain without regard for his feelings or his actions. That’s happened before with psychopathic behavior, and it will happen again. But the Red Sox themselves also need to be held accountable, through their continued employ of Jared after his jail release…and firing him only after the steroid investigation in 2008. That’s something the Globe piece failed to do...hold the Sox accountable. Shocker there, since John Henry now owns the paper…

• Did Jerry Remy enable his son’s behavior? It certainly appears he didn’t help it much. Jerry admitted as much on the radio.  But unless you’ve walked a mile in his shoes – with mental health issues in your own family, and it’s clear he has them – you don’t know how you would react. Instinct initially tells you to protect your child, whether it’s right or wrong. That’s what Jerry did, as far as I can tell. And that’s not enough for him to lose his job at NESN, or to lose his ability to make a living…

• Will it be awkward on the air? Probably…more so, perhaps, for broadcast partner Don Orsillo. They’re pros, however, and can deal with it. If I’m watching, I care about the games…not whether someone’s parenting skills needed addressing years ago, with his psychopathic child choosing not to listen…

• The definition of insanity?  The Detroit Tigers signing Miguel Cabrera to a 10+ year deal worth up to $350 million.  That's nuts...especially after breaking OFF talks with pitcher Max Scherzer.  What, pitching doesn't matter anymore in the Motor City?

• Why do I get the uneasy feeling that the Boston Bruins are peeking/have peeked a bit too soon?

• As a fan of the NCAA Tournament staggered start times, (so you can catch all or part of more than one game if you choose), the Awful Announcing blog had a great idea this week that bears at least some consideration…staggering start times for the NFL. Before you dismiss it outright, what would anyone lose here? Interest in the games? Hardly. Less viewership? Doubtful. Tradition? Yup, you got it. But tradition has been trampled elsewhere in the sports world over the past several years…it’s time for the NFL to embrace the horror…

• A show of hands here…who is surprised that Bill Belichick was the LAST head coach to show up at NFL meetings this week, and DIDN’T show up for the group photo? The emperor has always marched to a different drum beat, hasn’t he?

• He’s also got a very, very dry sense of humor. Unearthed this tidbit from his days in Cleveland as a celebrity chef. Who says BB has no personality? I’m still laughing…

Vince Wilfork (fannation.com)

Big Vince…as I see it, you had two choices this season: 1) play for the Patriots, or 2) retire. Glad to see you made what appears to be a smart decision.  And you got an extension on top of it.  They were perfectly within their rights to hold you to your previous deal and not release you. And, I see your side – you’ve earned your money, there’s no quibbling there. You know the Patriots are business-first.  You're coming off of Achilles surgery.  There had to be a compromise on BOTH sides.  Just sayin’

• The more I read and hear from him, the more I like Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban. Used to hate him, thought he was a pompous, silly, rich (but smart) brat. Now? Maybe I’ve got a little silly in me these days, too. His tweaking of the NFL last week by suggesting the league would implode due to its greed, safety issues and public perception of player behavior has some merit. Maybe…it’s because he’s a big fan?

Tweet of the Week I – from NFL PR chief @gregaiello: “Dear Mark. We appreciate your interest & for taking time to share your views. It’s the passion of fans like you that makes the NFL special.” Well then. That is all

• My buddy Statbeast sez he is definitely passionate about his travel. He just got back from another pleasure trip – by taking his mother-in-law to the airport…

• How about a trip to Pittsburgh for this? The Closer – with NINE different cheeses and candied bacon. Mmmmmmmm…bacon

• Really? The NFL is outlawing goal-post dunking? Positively un-American. Anyone who penalizes for dunking does it just because they can’t. Dunk, that is…

• Owners approved allowing NFL officials “under the hood” in viewing replays to consult with the league officiating department in New York in deciding correct calls. Sounds like a big step toward “Big Brother” to me…

• Other new changes for America’s True Pasttime…the clock won’t stop on QB sacks, goalposts will be extended from 30 to 35 feet high, PAT’s will move to the 20-yard line (1st 2 weeks of pre-season only – a trial, perhaps) and recovery of a loose ball in the field of play is now a reviewable call. Got all that?

• Attention - OPEN auditions for the Patriots Cheerleaders are next Saturday, April 5th at the Dana-Farber Field House in Foxboro. It would help if you looked like this, but it's not mandatory...

• Let me get this straight…Michael Vick is now with the New York Jets, while Mark “Buttfumble” Sanchez is now a Philadelphia Eagle? This wasn’t a trade, but didn’t both teams effectively “trade” for another team’s problem? Stupid is as stupid does

• The laughter you hear in the distance comes from places like Miami, Dallas and New York, with a stopover in Foxboro

• This is no laughing matter, but after reading about NFL Hall-of-Famer Jim Kelly’s recurring bout with cancer, I am glad I stumbled upon his wife http://www.jillk.org/journal/2014/03/21/meeting-jason/">Jill’s blog…which is very personal, and at the same time, very uplifting. We can all use a boost from time to time…

• Our pro athletes in New England showed a nice touch through social media this week with the firefighting tragedy in Boston’s Back Bay. They seem to understand who the true “heroes” really are…

Tweet of the Week II – from @ESPNStatsInfo: “UConn women are looking to advance to the Sweet 16 for the 21st straight year. Last time they didn't make it was in 1993…”

• My favorite sport at this time of year isn’t necessarily basketball, but (coaching) musical chairs

• The Steve Masiello story at Manhattan this week – headed for USF, resume discrepancy over his graduation, no new job offer, then placed on leave at Manhattan – is ridiculous. If he’s good enough to coach your team and you want him, hire him. And stand by him. Institutions of higher learning (boy, is that a misnomer these days) say they stand for academic integrity. Well then, explain to me the academic fraud going on at North Carolina, at Oklahoma and several other big-time schools…all in an effort to pass their players, keep a high APR rating, and keep going to bowl games and NCAA Tournaments?

• At the other end of the academic spectrum, are the smart guys from Northwestern…as the football players seeking to unionize won the right to do just that this week. What does this mean for college athletics? It’s potentially huge for college athletes. Unless the decision is overturned on appeal, schools had best start ponying up benefits and saving up potential “stipends” for their student-athletes, beyond the cost of a scholarship…especially the athletes whose performances bring in the big bucks. Athletes’ time commitment to their sport and their scholarships being tied to performance are the major reasons for the National Labor Relations Board siding with them…

• In case you were wondering, an employee is regarded by law as someone who, among other things, receives compensation for a service and is under the strict, direct control of managers. Sounds like a player/coach relationship to me. Those who supported the rights of the Northwestern players to unionize have argued the university (and there are others, see above) values football as more important than academics for their scholarship athletes. So it appears March Madne$$ just got new meaning…athletes who receive full scholarships now qualify as employees under federal law, and therefore may legally unionize. Whoa

• The next step here? Scholarship athletes will need to hold a vote on whether or not to formally authorize the College Athletes Players Association (CAPA) to represent them in collective bargaining. The goals – better protection for medical expenses incurred, better procedures to reduce serious injuries and potentially letting players pursue commercial sponsorships. In other words, welcome to the new “minor leagues,” and the end of amateurism as we (think) we know it…

Tweet of the Week III – from ESPN business reporter @darrenrovell: “Real Sports/Marist Poll: 23% of people say if college athletes got paid it would make watching games less entertaining.” Not sure about that…see “NFL.” Who were the pollsters speaking with? The NCAA?

• Some sanity actually prevails at UMass, which decided this week to play two more football seasons in the (mostly Midwestern) Mid-American Conference, and then withdraw. The reason? Travel budgets, and time demands on student-athletes travel as well. UMass is doing this without a new conference home for football, too…while basketball remains in the A-10. For now. The Minutemen seem to fit the profile for the American Athletic Conference (and a rekindled UMass-UConn rivalry), but is there room at the Inn?

• From the mailbag this week – Justin from Denton, TX via Facebook: “The Providence vs. North Carolina basketball game last Friday was the #1 most watched cable television program in the nation that evening.” Justin: Not at all surprised by the revelation. First, the game was in prime time (starting on the fringes of it) on the east coast…second, it was a great game…third, we had great performances, especially from Bryce Cotton and Marcus Paige. Just not the right outcome if you’re a Friar fan. Perhaps, however, the national exposure will pay dividends somewhere down the line…

• Interested in having your questions on local RI sports (including the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics) answered in a somewhat timely fashion? Send ‘em to me! It’s your chance to “think out loud,” so send your questions and comments to [email protected]. We’ll share mailbag comments/Facebook posts/Tweets right here! Follow me on Twitter, @JRbroadcaster…and on Facebook, www.facebook.com/john.rooke ...

• Don’t forget to join us for GoLocal Sports on 103.7 FM, every Saturday from 7:00-9:00 am! Call in (401) 737-1287(401) 737-1287, or text us at 37937…and send email to the show - [email protected] .


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JUST FIX-R-UP. Gotta love former UCONN coach Calhoun's comment on coach Steve Masiello's situation where he was placed on leave by Manhattan after they discovered he was lying by saying he was a graduate of Kentucky while applying for USF job. "He'll have to fix that up and get his degree, I'm sure. But I would take him back in a heartbeat," said the former UCONN coach. What about the legitimate applicants for that job, or Manhattan job for that matter, who didn't lie, Jim?
Shady Jim was an absolute master at sidewinding the rules during his tenure at UCONN and spent plenty of time on the sidelines serving his suspensions for sidestepping. His attitude of seemingly "do what who can get away with before you get caught because you can always fix-r-up" is a sad commentary on the state of affairs of college basketball, at least for coaches like him and Masiello.
THIS IS BASKETBALL? Connecticut, 87 - Prairie View, 44; ND, 93 - Robert Morris, 42; Connecticut, 91 - St. Joseph, 52; Kentucky, 106 - Wright State, 60. How can anyone take the the NCAA women's basketball tournament seriously with all the lop-sided scores?
PC. A+ Big East champions; first NCAA tournament since 2004. What else more is there to say?
RIC. B+ Another outstanding year for Bob Walsh and Little East champs.
Bryant. C+ Northeast Tournament quarterfinals and near 20 win season.
Brown. C Nothing earth shattering but post season play in CIT.
URI. D- Fordham had two measly wins in A-10 this year and one was over URI. URI continues its 15-year NCAA drought. What else more is there to say ?
HOT SEAT. Coaches on hot seat: Craig Robinson, Oregon State; Mark Fox, Georgia; Brad Brownell, Clemson. Add Dan Hurly to that squirm list if he doesn't finish above .500 next year.
POSSIBILITIES? If Hurley leaves how about Calhoun to URI. Hummmm……
OVERRATED. It's hard to say how good a coach like coach K of Duke, whose talent-loaded team exited early with a loss to lowly Mercer, really is. Year after year he puts a stacked team on the floor. For example, the # 1, 4, 15 and 20 top 100 ESPN high school recruits - Jahil Okafor, Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow and Grayson Allen - are all going to Duke. All are rated 5 stars. Really, how is it possible not to succeed?

Comment #1 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 29

J/R Thanks for the weekly dish to start my Saturday -

Agree with Joe above (!) that falsifying a resume still needs to be a firable offense or else what is the point if its fiction? ND had to boot O'Leary and ended up suffering for it but if you're not going to hold the staff accountable then let's do just call this the minor leagues and be done with it.

I hope Cotton turns heads at the pre-draft camps - he better be invited to the biggies - and that he parlays this season into a fruitful NBA career. But please lets agree that whatever the outcome it never tarnishes the memory of how he balled this year. The guy was an NCAA Star and if this game doesn't translate up the line that is no knock on how he played this game this year.

Remy well put and again John you are a true pro for admitting your potential bias. Agree that this is not really "on" Jerry and in some ways I think that his booth time might be his only relief point. At the same time I have no quibble with those who plan to lobby NESN and sponsors that they want him out - as NESN consumers that is their right - (as well as not watching but I don't see that happening) and if this movement (I wont cite it here but its out there) causes XYZ co to pull ads the chips may fall.

Vince - first and foremost glad they got it done with give and take on both sides - fair assessment. However unless Im missing something the take that the Pats within their rights to hold him to his contract is disingenuous reporting because Vince had zero problems playing under that deal - it was the Pats who wanted him to re-do it at which point he had a 3rd option - say no and just keep showing up forcing them to either pay him as contracted or cut him. Fortunately they found door "C" and gave him a deal to his liking - Curran called it a bit of caving in on their part. Happy its done.

Big East as the dominoes of realignment fall I want to point out that if you're going to not throw a flag on BE potentially raiding A10 no right or wrong then by comparison u oughtta stop decrying the moves made by BC Cuse etc. Goose/Gander

Finally - how weird is it that opening day is this week and this entire column had only one sox note about papi's dough.

Go Friars hockey!

Comment #2 by Marty C on 2014 03 29

It is really difficult for a college coach to make the transition to Pro. See Brad Stevens. It is also really difficult for a high school coach to make the transition to college. See Dan Hurley.

Comment #3 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 29

The Ipswich Idiot speaks!
URI beat an Elite 8 team. Think that balances off the loss to Fordham.
Hurley is not on any hot seat, except in you addled brain.
Oh, and Hurley went 25-8 in his second year at Wagner. Guess in your
twisted mind, that's not going from high school coaching to college coaching, right? DUH!
Get a life, hater.

Comment #4 by Rod Carri on 2014 03 29

IMO Wagner is closer to high school competition than collegiate. In regard to Hurley, I believe most fan bases would be very disturbed about their coach posting two consecutive sub .500 seasons and would not give much wiggle room to the same after 3 years. Now I may be wrong, but if Hurley comes in below .500 next year, I believe the seat in his pants will be rather warm. Another reason the Wagner "record" doesn't mean much to me is that Dan's brother, Bobby, was the assistant coach, and in many circles Bobby was considered the brains behind the success, not Dan.
Moving on to Coach Calhoun's comment. Thanks Marty C. I think what Calhoun said about the cheating situation, basically condoning it, says loads about his character. Seriously, let's just hope he remains on the sidelines out to pasture where he belongs in the first place.

Comment #5 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 29

Marty - as to the dominoes of realignment falling, there is NO WAY what the Big East has done/is doing is remotely the same as what havoc the ACC has wrought on our entire college athletics world. Because of the $$$ being brought in, do you think the Northwestern football players would have fought for unionization? Doubtful. The ACC has deliberately tried to ruin the Big East, line their own pockets, and collegiality/amateurism-be-damned. They succeeded to an extent. All the BE has done is try to survive. Reactionary, rather than proactionary - if you will. They have a right to fight for their survival...which they did by pulling out from the "old" BE and forming a new league...while asking some like-minded institutions to join them - just like Dave Gavitt originally intended.

Goose/Gander? Hardly. How about standing up to a bully? That's what the BE has done. As I explained, it's unfortunate that the A10 has member schools who fit a profile. Do BC, Syracuse, Pitt or ND fit the ACC profile? Haha! That's laughable. The only profile the ACC has - is whether or not a school can bring $$$ to the table.

Comment #6 by John Rooke on 2014 03 29

"MO Wagner is closer to high school competition than collegiate."-
Ipswich Idiot

Must be why the beat Pitt at Pitt, right? DUH!

Comment #7 by Rod Carri on 2014 03 29

The good thing about this board is the right to express your opinion. The "bad" is others being intolerant. So for the last time, IMO hiring Hurley was a mistake. The facts are that he did not get the school into the NCAAs, 15th consecutive year, and his two year record: 22-39, winning percentage .360. Will he be on the hot seat? Well, I guess it depends on expectations. Mark Fox, 5th year at Georgia, 79-74, 1 NCAA appearance and this year's record, 14-11, is on the hot seat. But that's Georgia. Perhaps the expectations are not as high for some schools, like URI. It just seems to me that not making the NCAAs in 15 years is ridiculous, especially for a so-called D1 program. Again, just my opinion but it's time to start looking for a new coach. Hurley is just not the man. Successful high school coach with family ties. Yes. College material. Maybe somewhere in D2 or D3.

Comment #8 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 29

And for that last time on the Hurley situation. Dan was fortunate to have his brother as an assistant in that much of his success can be attributed to Bobby, IMO. Now that he is on his own reality has set in. The reality is that he can't cut it. On the other hand, Bobby is a rising star and I would not be surprised to see him at some big time program in the future.

Comment #9 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 29

Just my opinion, but you need to start looking for a new brain.
Just a broken record, regurgitating the same garbage ad nauseum.

Comment #10 by Rod Carri on 2014 03 29

22-39 and 15 years of not making the Big Dance are numbers that are self-explanatory. So is 19-10 at Buffalo with program on the rise. I for one have higher expectations and refuse to be satisfied with mediocrity. But perhaps there is not much to do about it. You know the expression about the silk purse and the sow's ear. It is what it is.

Comment #11 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 29

OK, read this sloooowly, to get it into your muddled brain.
The coach you lament leaving,Jim "25 years and not a single NCAA win" Baron,was responsible for 11 years of this drought. Jerry D was responsible for two of those 15 years. I guess math and logic aren't your strong points,right?
Do you understand 13 of 15 years are not on Dan Hurley? DUH!

Comment #12 by Rod Carri on 2014 03 29

Looks like Hurley has his own string going strong right now: 2 and counting. IMO, it's going to go on and on and on until someone wakes up and sends him packing back to NJ, where again, IMO, is where he should have stayed in the first place. Sorry, but he is a lost child n the woods. Time for someone to shine the light brightly and show him the way south ...to NJ. In the meantime it's a good bet Bobby will make the Big Dance. Anyone can coach a team to a sub .500 record.

Comment #13 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 29

Again Hurley needs to go. That's my opinion and I have every right to express it. Sorry if people don't agree but I am not changing my mind. And I am getting sick of expressing the same though over and over. Maybe some people think that things will change. I don't. Not much more to say. Maybe the situation will always remain the same, no matter who's coaching. Certainly seems to be the case for the last 15 years. Who knows?

Comment #14 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 29


Comment #15 by Rod Carri on 2014 03 29

“It is discouraging to try to penetrate a mind like yours. You ought to get it out and dance on it. That would take some of the rigidity out of it.” - Mark Twain

Comment #16 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 30

Now the Ipswich Idiot is talking to himself. Try a lobotomy.

Comment #17 by Rod Carri on 2014 03 30

Agree John that the conference hopscotch is driven by Football or more accurately football Money. Its why the Big 8 became the big 12 and why there's no 10 in the Big 10. Im sure that somethere there is the J/R of the ACC explaining that the new schools fit a profile and that there's probably another one in the A-10 decrying the bullying of the Big East. I don't question your passion or legitimate loyalty but the failure to develop a quasi legit football league was the downfall of the conference. AGREED it killed what was the best hoops conference in the nation and regret that very much. May the new BE build on a very decent year 1.

Comment #18 by Marty C on 2014 03 30

And Marty, the BE lost its best chance to build a decent football league when they voted to keep Penn State OUT. Gavitt knew it then, Mike T knew it then. That was at a time when basketball still drove the decision-making, and PSU was kept out by the Presidents because they were weak in hoops...but the leadership knew it wouldn't be that way for long. They were both right. Soon thereafter, Miami was brought in...with a hoops program that was weak. But a football program that was a power, without any Eastern/northeastern ties, like PSU had. A virus. The beginning of the end.

Comment #19 by John Rooke on 2014 03 30

Great take to finish the thought - PSU + Miami with BC/Cuse etc may have had the pull to get ND in full fledged and that my friend would have cemented the best 2 way conference in the nation...sigh

Comment #20 by Marty C on 2014 03 30

“Facts (15 years) do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” - Aldous Huxley.
A good hard rumba ought to do it.

Comment #21 by joe adamowicz on 2014 03 31

Maybe you need an enema to clear your brain?

Comment #22 by Rod Carri on 2014 03 31

Any rigid fool can criticize and condemn --and most do.”
― Dale Carnegie

Comment #23 by joe adamowicz on 2014 04 02

Once more, the Ipswich Village Idiot describes himself! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Comment #24 by Rod Carri on 2014 04 02

ncaa bb team overall power rating:

Pretty close for two low-to-mediocre teams = not much difference in coaching. Should of kept coach B with everything considered. only difference was Billy Baron made ALL-AMERICAN TEAM

124 Rhode Island (13-18) 103.0
125 Canisius (21-12) 102.9

Comment #25 by joe adamowicz on 2014 04 03

Another plop in the toilet by the Ipswich Idiot!
You do realize that Honorable Mention is NOT being on the
Only you and the Providence Journal don't seem to know, if you're not voted to one of the three teams, you aren't an All American. DUH!
There were THWENTY SEVEN honorable mentions. You think all those guy are All Americans?
You really are a dummy.
Oh, and our EC Matthews was named to the Freshman All American team.
Think of it, Canisius in their crapola league won 21 games and they're rated boelow URI with 13 win in the A-10! Billy played against garbage for the last two years. Got it, Mr. Clownshoes?

Comment #26 by Rod Carri on 2014 04 03

Yea, in any event I think it's agreed that both Canisius and URI are bottom of the barrel teams, footnote programs if you will. To be ranked that low shows you how far they have to go (if ever) of even being considered an NCAA team. !5 years is an eternity and any top 100 player wouldn't give a sniff to either program, and why would they? It's not like there shining on ESPN highlight a la Kentucky, Michigan or even Illinois. Really can't blame Hurley in a way because he's really working in a hoop graveyard strangled with cobwebs. This is not Duke or Kentucky. Fairfield or Central Connecticut is more realistic. Best to keep expectations low and end the frustration. I mean you can't lose to teams like Fordham and squeak by Division II program like Metro U, or whatever that school is called, and realistically expect to compete with the UCONNS, Wisconsins and UCLAs of the hoop world. I mean look at the other programs ranked around 124 and 125. Why even bother to think about a tournament other than perhaps the CIT? If you were a top recruit why in the world would you want to play in a remote location in NY state or RI. Makes a lot of sense when you think of it. As far as the real tournament, I've got Florida beating Wisconsin in the finals.

Comment #27 by joe adamowicz on 2014 04 04

Wonder if this dope has the Three Stooges theme song playing in the backgrouind when he write this garbage?
Metro U is one of the best D-2 schools in the nation, and they beat several D-1 schools this year, including Baron and Cnisius. But you don't know that, because you're a moron.
Stuck to being a clown, who has a Facebook page with no family mentioned, no pictures of anything, just pus about UConn and UConn women.
Get a life, you loser.

Comment #28 by Rod Carri on 2014 04 04

'Metro U is one of the best D-2 schools in the nation, and they beat several D-1 schools this year, including Baron and Canisius."

"One of the best D-2 schools?" "They beat Canisius" Well, whoop-dee-do. You're kidding, right. So sad and desperate to see people who follow URI sink to this lower than snake shit in a wagon rut level of bragging about a D-2 school school on their schedule. I mean come on man, they are D-2. Get it? D-2. Desperate statements from desperate fans like this, grasping at anything to "prove" their program is relevant at D1 is well, embarrassing the the people of this great state of RI. Very, very, very sad. Let me set this straight for you. 15, that's right .. a decade-and-a-half of no tournament means the
"program" is irrelevant, as in footnote. Big footnote. It's an embarrassment to the A-10, D1 and frankly college basketball. Period. Now let's go mighty Gators .. beat the Badgers!!!!!

Comment #29 by joe adamowicz on 2014 04 04

Hey clownshoes, Metro State was 32-2 this year!
You are the biggest, dumbest asshole ever.
Sad? That perfectly describes you idiotic rants.
Frigging loser.

Comment #30 by Rod Carri on 2014 04 04

and they lost to d-2 national champions central missouri (30-5) so what?? It's d-2, get it. d-2. Here's another stat: 15 years of no ncaa tournament means totally irrelevant program. get it, as in nobody cares.
when it gets to 20 years and counting, I'll explain again and maybe you'll understand. Now I've gotta keep tabs on my Gators.

Comment #31 by joe adamowicz on 2014 04 04

YOUR Gators? You're a sniveling front running jerk.
The only thing irrelevant is your pathetic life.

Comment #32 by Rod Carri on 2014 04 04

I really shouldn't do this.. as many of my friends and fellow experts, as many of you know, I have many, many compatriots who thoroughly know the college game, but in the spirit of hoops, here is my prediction: Florida, 68, beats Wisconsin, 59, in the title game. Count on it, baby! Count on it.

Comment #33 by joe adamowicz on 2014 04 04

Fellow experts"???????????????????????????
Get off the crack pipe, junior.

Comment #34 by Rod Carri on 2014 04 04

At least we won't have to worry about the URI aka Footnote U score in the tournament.. but they did beat Metro You!!!! Again Gators win it all, count on it. Me and my boys know what we're talking about.

Comment #35 by joe adamowicz on 2014 04 04

I guess the only thing all of us can agree on is that this year marks the 15th straight year for URI of sitting on the sidelines for the NCAA Tournament.It is difficult for all Rhode Islanders. Of course, wouldn't it be great if all 4 of the D1 programs could go dancing? But let's face it, in today's game it's all about recruiting. And schools like Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina, Florida and UCLA will always have the top players. So the only way to access the Dance Floor is to win your conference. Again, all we can hope for is the best. But golly gee it is frustrating.

Comment #36 by joe adamowicz on 2014 04 05

And their women will be NCAA Champs, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #37 by Rod Carri on 2014 04 06

uh - that must have been the runner up game you were predicting? Nice oh-fer-two Miss Cleo. You're only one behind a coin flip.

But and still the true genius in the lines above is the line where J/A tells us that he is getting tired of pointing out the flaws in URI hoops.

Dude say whatever else u will but clearly you are NOT tired of that rant - by all evidence you seem to live for it. Believe me I don't mind the passion - although u could come out of the bunker after you are wrong (LSU? Dayton?) but in any event do as you will but admit to yourself that this exhilarates you.

Comment #38 by Marty C on 2014 04 06

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