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Hawks Soar Past URI 81-44

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Despite URI's low win total (8), the one thing that can be said about the Rams is that they have been in most of their games to the very end.  Wednesday's game at St. Joe's was not one of those games.  The Hawks beat Rhody 81-44.

Trailing 8-6 with less than 13 minutes to play in the first half, the Hawks put the pedal to the medal while the Rams went stone cold from the floor.  The result was a 33-12 run to finish the half to blow the game wide open at 39-20.

C.J. Aiken socre 10 of his game-high 15 points during that stretch to help the home team take control.

It was "Senior Night" on Hawk Hill.  Carl Jones, Taylor Trevisan and Christopher Coyne were all honored prior to the game.

The Hawks shot a sizzling 58% (15-26) from the field in the first half while Rhody struggled to make just 27% (8-30) in the first half including 0-7 from three-point range.

For the game, URI managed to shoot just 29% (18-62) from the field and 5% (1-20) from three.

Seniors Andre Malone (10 points) and Nikola Malesevic (10 points) led URI.  Freshman forward Mike Aaman continued his aolid play with 8 points and 9 rebounds.

The loss drops URI's overall record to (8-20) overall and (3-12) in the Atlantic Ten.  It also will prevent the Rams for reaching double figures in wins this season with only one game remaining.  St. Joe's improves to (17-11, 8-7).

Saturday will be "Senior Day" at the Ryan Center when the Rams wrap up the 2012-2013 campaign against UMass at 2pm.


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With Canisius having a successful season, it looks like letting Baron go was a huge, huge mistake. When you cut through all the hoopla about Hurley's qualifications, 8 wins is not much different than 7 of a year ago and to lose by this much at the end of the season when you would think a coach has had time to bring some improvement is pretty discouraging. This might all be moot anyway if if jumps to Seton Hall or Rutgers which, as you pointed out Scott, is a more than realistic situation.

Comment #1 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 07


Letting Baron go needed to be done. He had 11 years to make the NCAA tournament and did not accomplish that so it was fair to move on. It will be interesting to see if either of those Jersey schools have an interest in Hurley after an 8-win season. Clearly, his star was brightest last year coming off of a 25-win season at Wagner. However, if those schools do have vacancies and they look into what he has done here (with bringing in transfers and a solid recruiting class) they still may have some interest. We shall see.

The idea that I am "biased" for PC or against URI is absurd. I heard that for years on the radio that the Score, the Projo and everyone else was biased for PC and against URI. It's ridiculous. As I have said in the past, I am biased towards two programs: Syracuse (my alma mater) and Brown (I have broadcast their games for many years). Other than that, I always want URI, PC and Bryant to do well.

Comment #2 by Scott Cordischi on 2013 03 07

Once more, you prove to be clueless.
Do you think our Elite 8 or Sweet 16 are a fantasy?
Baron likey would have won a game or two with the crap he left.
In 11 years no URI fan ever saw a half court offense, or a sound inbounds play. Baron is a horrible Xs and Os coach.
Calls timeouts to argue with refs, while his team stands around.
Let's talk about the criminals he recruited. Or the academic trainwrecks. Yeah, don't mention that as part of the job.
Funny, Dan Hurley has been called the best hire in college basketball by at least three national publications, but you know more than they do.
You base your post on our worst game of the year. Same coach who beat StLouis, Dayton, Auburn, SMU, and took Bulter, VCU and Ohio State down to the wire. Billy can't hold Xavier Munford's jock strap.He's a big deal in a lousy low D-1 program, and so is his father. Water seeks it's own level, and the Barons are proof of it.

Comment #3 by Rod Carri on 2013 03 07


Agree that the name calling and expletives aren't necessary. While I think Baron is a good coach, not getting the program to the NCAA's in 11 years is not acceptable. The realistic expectation, in my opinion, should be at least one tournament appearance every 3-6 years or somewhere in that ballpark. I have always felt the same way about PC.

Comment #4 by Scott Cordischi on 2013 03 07

Scott although I respect your opinion when you say "not getting the program to the NCAA's in 11 years is not acceptable" I strongly disagree. Really, how many NCAA tournament games has URI played in its entire history? I am willing to bet it's not even 10. To that regard, 11 years (what is it now, 14, 15) of no Big Dance is no Big deal to my way of thinking, Hurley is in over his head. This team is regressing. Scoring 44 points against a very, very mediocre St. Joe's team is unacceptable. Also, I don't like his demeanor on the sideline, very unprofessional. As far as the miracle season unfolding at Canisius, it speaks for itself. Look what Baron had to work with..the man can flat out coach. When Baron said We were spoiled he was right. Let's not resort to name calling out of frustration. Everyone was expecting a similar miracle here when the Hurleys came to town but you know what ....... Hurley doesn't have the experience of a Baron, or a stand-out player like his son, Billy. I miss them.

Comment #5 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 07

Let's not belittle the marvelous job Coach B has done at Canisius. Anyone without blinders on would agree he is Coach of the Year material. And I think Hurley would welcome a player like Billy on his team. Also, how dare you take out your frustrations on this board because URI hasn't qualified for the Big Dance for what 15 years now?
Hurley, baron or the reincarnation of Wooden would have trouble making the tournament with the situation here. Lastly, I am entitled to my opinion and my opinion is this: Hiring Hurley was a colossal mistake. Everyone talks about his recruits, coaching, famous brother, etc. But I am not hook winked, no-sir-ree. This guy is overrated. I say show me results and 44 points against a miserable St. Joe's team at this point in the season is grounds for dismissal.

Comment #6 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 07

where's your "bias" today Scott..in the 44 points?

Comment #7 by frank bentley on 2013 03 07

I've been in the Ryan Center to see URI (sadly) lose. The Temple reference. I don't get it. Did URI beat Temple? Lastly, you might be interested in some relevant quotes fro the recent AP story "Barons rule new land" by John Wawrow.

"This is where the story of Canisius' sudden transformation begins, and how a program seeking to regain relevancy turned to a father and son seeking a second chance together. Taking over after Tom Parotta was fired following a 5-25 finish last year, Baron has reestablished his reputation of transforming losers into winners. The Golden Griffins are enjoying their first winning season IN 12 YEARS. Their 13-win turnaround (and counting, baby!!) is currently tied with Santa Clara as the third-best IN TH NATION from last year, according to STATS LLC. You won't find Hurley's name next to STATS LLC. 8 wins is one one better than last year .. that's not STATS LCC material. (I am not expecting URI to beat UMASS in the season's finale.
I rest my case...

Comment #8 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 07

Pleassse, let's not talk about last year. This year Canisius is having its best season in 12 years because of the marvelous, yes marvelous, coaching job Coach Jim Baron is carrying out. And this year in Kingston? Well, under Coach Hurley URI will win 8 games and not make the NCAAs for what? ......the 14th, 15th consecutive year. I think that about sums it up, don't you? There really is not much more to say.

Comment #9 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 07

I don't know Scott about URI making the NCAA tournament. It's not like they are expected to do so often so 11 years in my opinion is not unusual ( I mean how many times have they made the Big Dance in their entire history? You can count it on one hand probably) I just think Hurley is overrated and that Baron can coach. Look at what he's done at Canisius (and Billy would still be here).

Comment #10 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 07

The Joe who knows nothing, once more runs his mouth.
Calverley(2), Penders, Skinner(2)and Harrick (2)all did it in less than FOUR years. Got that Mr. Duh?11i years isn't unusual?
What a moron.
I think you don't know shit and keep talking and making an ass of yourself.
Yeah, that academic probation that would have happended if Baron stayed would have been wonderful.

Comment #11 by Rod Carri on 2013 03 07

Geeeez, don't have to start name calling. All I was saying was that URI is not exactly a Kentucky and it's nice when they make the tournament but really now... not expected. I mean how many times in their history have they qualified..not many I am sure. All I am saying is that any coach, Baron included, has to deal with problems but he does seem like a nice man and the same can be said for his son. I really don't think he would have done worse than Hurley, who is looking more and more like a ranting type of coach whose team, quite frankly, isn't performing. 44 points is well...anemic. He seems more and more like a good fit for a high school, like his father. (Wagner isn't really a good indication if he can coach or not). Sure Baron had his problems, all coaches do, but the man can flat out coach and his son would easily have been the best player for URI.

Comment #12 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 07

Once more Mr. Clueless runs his mouth.
Tell the truth. I'll bet you've NEVER been to the Ryan Center,
You miss Baron? Guess what? URI fans don't.
The "miracle season" at Canisius is going the way of most Baron seasons at URI, with his annual collapse. Guess that's another thing you don't know.
Nobody in their right mind expected much out of this season.
You don't like Hurley's sideline demeanor? WHO CARES WHAT YOU LIKE?
You're not a Ram fan. You opinion is baseless.
Read Billy Reynolds article from last week. That man knows the game. You clearly do not.
What you know would echo in a thimble.

Comment #13 by Rod Carri on 2013 03 07

Yup, everyone's entitled to their opinion, no matter how riidiculous.
You certainly embody that,
Didn't answer the question. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN THE RYAN CENTER?
Real simple.
Baron is 3-4 in his last seven games. Fabulous! Oh, and Billy got run out of the ACC, because he didn't like sitting on the bench. Had to run to daddy, who suspended two players needlessly, so Billy could have playing time. Suspended a returning starter at Canisius, too. Same deal.
Bet you didn't run you mouth when we had an 8 point lead on Temple Saturday, in another close loss. Oh, you didn't know about that game?
There's a lot you don't know about, but as the saying goes,
empty barrels make the most noise.
Keep posting drivel, but answer my question.Bet you've never set foot on URI's campus, either. Right, genius?

Comment #14 by Rod Carri on 2013 03 07

Oh, one more thing, Smartguy,
the "miserable' St, Joe's team has the same record as Canisius!
Got that?

Comment #15 by Rod Carri on 2013 03 07

What a puff piece. Was the author Jimmy or Cindy Baron or the Canisius SID?
Well, I guess that seals it, right?
What a joke!
This is like shooting fish in a barrel.
By the way, last year at Wagner, which is on Canisius' level, Hurley was number one in most improved season.
Oh, so which fictional game did you watch URI lose at the Ryan Center?
Name three players. Yeah, right.

Comment #16 by Rod Carri on 2013 03 07

Yes, Mr. Genius, let's not talk about last year's 7-24 team at URI,
coached by the marvelous loser Jim "Excuse Train" Baron.
How did he ever get fired? Most losses in URI history for any coach in a career or a season. THREE (count 'em smart guy) twenty loss seasons.Never beat a top 25 team in 11 years. No NCAAs. No NBA players. Lonest tenured coach in URI history NOT to get to an NCAA.
A team on the cusp of NCAA academic probation. A player working as a bouncer and bartender, in clear violation of NCAA regs. A player he recruited being charged with attempted murder, andother four counts of first degree rape, another theft.
All on St. Baron's watch!
The same coach who once blamed the basketballs at Lasalle for losing. Also his player's high school coaches, travel (once was 20 minutes late for that long trip to Brown)the refs, and the schedule.
What a wonderful coach!
Now, can you read? Do any of these FACTS sink in to you?
Based on you posts, probably not.
I think I'm done here. I may as well talk to my dog. I think he knows more about basketball than you.

Comment #17 by Rod Carri on 2013 03 07

Let us all not be bitter about the sad fortunes of URI and be hopeful, yes hopeful, that one day in the far, far, far, far, far away future we all can look forward to March with glee in our hearts. But for now let us find joy and comfort in those 8 wins and give Coach H our full support and the massive benefit of the doubt.

Comment #18 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 07

Let's all be very thankful that the season ends Saturday. Hurley's first year has been a huge disappointment. Maybe next year double digit wins with or without him?

Comment #19 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 08

I think the best thing that can happen to this program is for the coaching jobs at Seton Hall and Rutgers to open up.

Comment #20 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 08

I think the best thing is for an stooge like you to STFU, and leave worrying about our program to URI followers.
You've proven yourself to be a total clown, and you've embarassed yourself by demonstrating a total lack of knowledge. Yet you continue to spam all over this site.
In a battle of wits, you are clearly defenseless.

Comment #21 by Rod Carri on 2013 03 08

Let us all hope and pray that someday URI will be at least marginally competitive with or without Coach Hurley. Scoring 44 points against a nothing special St. Joe's team is an embarrassment. I have heard that coach Hurley issued a public apology via twitter for this hard-to-believe truly lopsided loss.

Comment #22 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 08

I think it would be fitting for your to change your name to:
What Dan did is called, TAKING RESPONSIBILITY, which is something
that Jim "Excuse Train"Baron never once did in 11 years.
It shows character. Not blaming everyone but the man in the mirror, like your hero did
What's hard to believe is a jackass like you keeps spaming this board.
Right, PC fan?

Comment #23 by Rod Carri on 2013 03 08

Taking responsibility for a brutally lop-sided loss is truly a noble thing and I applaud Mr. Hurley. Now perhaps he should look in the mirror and maybe admit he is not the man for this very, very difficult job. In any regard, thank you for this perspective and again, this was an honorable thing to do.

Comment #24 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 08

"We played like a team that had nothing left to play for, which is a reflection of our coaches doing a very bad job, of me doing a bad job..." A big shout out to Coach Hurley for his honesty and taking the responsibility but in fairness to the first year mentor, you can only do so much with the material in front of you. Let's hope he can work some of that Jersey magic, bring back the spark to ignite this team to go on to greater things than having to watch from the outside. But it all starts with personal integrity and for that we salute you coach!

Comment #25 by joe adamowicz on 2013 03 08

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