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Brown Football Players Want to Keep Paterno’s Name on Award

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Fourteen out of 20 Brown football players interviewed by GoLocalProv said they believe that Brown University should keep Brown alumnus Joe Paterno's name on an award given out in his honor.

The interviews were conducted Friday through today after the release of the Freeh report, but before the University had announced the removal earlier today.

"I personally believe that everyone makes mistakes in their lives," said rising sophmore Abe Dube. "That doesn't mean he shouldn't be recognized for the good things he has done."

With 70% of the players in favor of keeping the Paterno name, the argument for sustaining the recognition was similar. "Even though his legacy has definitely been tarnished in some way, I think it was still an honor to have considered Joe Paterno an alumni of Brown," said three-time Ivy Rookie of the Week Alex Norocea.

"The award is meant to honor his athletic success," said freshman Tim Hatfield. "Although his conduct was despicable, the award was not meant to measure his character, but his athletic prowess."

Seven other players said that the award should be renamed and two declined comment.

"They (Brown University) should probably change it or it will look bad to the public," one player said (who requested their name not be disclosed). "I don't however, believe that Joe Pa was a bad person, just a person that made the mistake of putting his career and fame ahead of the needs of others."

"Success can consume a person and in his case it lead to him making some terrible decisions, but that doesn't take away from the good that he did in his community and how much good he did for the game of football."

In a statement to GoLocalProv last Friday, Brown University announced that they have decided to permanently remove Paterno's name from the award after temporarily removing it this past year while reviewing the matter. At the time, Paterno's knowledge of and involvement in the scandal was unclear. Paterno's name was also eliminated from the football coaching chair position earlier this year "due to issues that predated the Penn State matter," the University said. Paterno is an inductee of the Brown Athletic Hall of Fame in 1977. His status is being reviewed by members of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors, the University said.


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Stephanie Mangano, cannot seem to add, she question or polled only 20 players out of 85 Scholarship Players and said that made up 70% of the Players in favor of retaining Paterno name on a trophy.

She is doing what Paterno practiced in real life, half lies and half truths, this is what got Paterno into trouble that has brought down a great university in Penn State.

The Paterno-Penn State Investigations are not even close to being over and when one sees articles created to preserve a legacy full of NCAA Violations, outright lies and not protecting children so he could protect his wins, career, and records, well, Brown University is above such lack of character as Joseph Vincent Paterno hid from the public to glorify his name and persona.

Paterno lied under a Grand Jury looking for the truth, but died too soon to be charged, let that be his legacy.

Comment #1 by AG MINES on 2012 07 18

Athletic Prowess built on lies about creating a football program while violating NCSS Rules over not reporting Players Crimes under the Cleary Act that misled many recruits to choose Penn State is not an achievement but something to be ashamed of in mnay ways.

Hitler built the Auto Bon and signed off on the Peoples Car in VolksWagen, why not put a statue up of him on every highway in Germany and America based on that achievement.

Stephanie Mangano took a poll of 20 former Nazi's still living, 70% said it should happen? Get my point?

Comment #2 by AG MINES on 2012 07 18

Out of 20 asked, 14 said the name should not change, 7 said it should, and 2 abstained? 23 answers from 20 subjects: who's checking your math, the EDC?

Comment #3 by Mike Ryan on 2012 07 23

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