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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


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Less than 24 hours have passed since the history making moments of Monday night at the TD (touchdown) Garden. Perhaps you arrived this day from another planet. Its possible you have no clue about Monday night. Well, I'll put it this way: if you're from Toronto or environs or a just plain Maple Leafs fan, you're eligible under the Canadian medical system for the “morning after” pill. Take it. In fact, take anything that’s offered to you to make your feel better.

Bruin Nation may have caused your pain, but the truth is, we feel it too. Its like, been there, done that. Shea Stadium, game six, 1986. Yankee stadium, game 7, 2003. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Let me also say that to forgive yourself is the first step in healing. My self-forgiveness began immediately after the bruins tied the game after being down 3 goals in period 3 of a 7th and loser-go-home game. I went back and pulled up 8 tweets I made during the third period and it's easy to see the angst and desperation slowly turn into a cause celeb, even if it meant that I, as an impartial sportscaster, can be a homer and can be wrong.

The world of twitter is a fascinating place to hang out during a game like this because it's like watching the game with a bunch of other people. Strangers, actually. People you don’t have to engage in conversation if you don’t choose to, who you don't have to wait on because they are not present and who won't tie up the bathroom if and when you need it. So it's time to fess up. My personal preference in tweeting is short and sweet, if possible. Less is more.

So when the Bruins were trailing 4-1 with 9:06 remaining, I tweeted “the fat lady is warming up.” See how, it's not over till the fat lady sings, I felt it was a lot safer than flat out saying, bring on the Rangers. 6 seconds later I felt empowered by the fat lady tweet. On a roll, I jumped right back in asking, “how is that Jagr trade working out for you?” That hit at 9:12. 6 seconds after that, Horton scores for the Bruins, making 4-2. Time of the goal was 9:18. Still feeling cocky and full of myself at 9:28 I put this out in the world of tweeting: “a spring to remember for all the wrong reasons.” That’s one I would like to have back.. There was no need for that accept to draw attention to myself. So by now you can see the pattern here.

It took almost another 8 and a half minutes for Milan Lucic to bring it to 4-3. That hit the net at 18:38 of period number 3. Excitement, panic, fear of “close but no cigar.” All of the above prompted my next tweet which was full of amazement and wonder. Simply it read: “O M G.” I followed that up with a quick mea culpa: “lets all be wrong!". Bergeron drilled the tying goal at 19:09. My reponse was a very simple one, leaving no room for doubt that something quite unbelievable had just taken place. Last regulation tweet with the score now 4-4, “no way!” amazing stuff, huh?

Oh, but we are not done. Wanting to capture the moment as they got ready for a very improbable overtime - where I could sense a Bruin loss would be crushing after all that just took place - I offered up a very philosophical point of view: “gotta finish it or it never happened.”

I’m sure you’re now totally impressed with the quick responses to the electrifying developments in this win-or-go-home game. But, if there is any lingering doubt of the powers of observation displayed here, I'll finish with my final offering. Bergeron wins it at 6:05 of overtime. Very little tweeting done in the OT, BTW, because eyes were riveted on the screen. But five minutes after it's over at 10:05 on the wall clock I offer to one and all, “Historic”. Actually, that was my favorite. Can't describe it any other way. The world of social media meets the world of the ultimate reality show. So in closing, let me tie it all together. The Toronto Maple Leafs pulled a Sergio Garcia and went into the tank. And, we didn’t have to deal with the Red Sox at all. Kind of a win/win. Except for Sergio.


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