6 Times Philadelphia Fans Were the Worst

Monday, January 29, 2018


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Eagles Fans

For the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia fans tend to be pretty hateful.

The city’s rowdy spectators have slandered Philadelphia’s reputation.

Should they lose the Super Bowl, there’s no telling what riots they might start. Heck, if they win they might riot too.

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A Mob of Eagles fans Pelted Vikings Fans With Full Beer Cans

As Vikings fans headed into the game on Saturday, they were greeted with full cans of beer — to the head. Eagles fans lobbed bottles at them then, and again at the Vikings team bus as they left.

Videos show Eagles fans shouting obscenities as they wreaked havoc on the fans just trying to pass by.

A few fans tried to make up for their bad behavior by donating nearly $11,000 to Vikings coach Mike Zimmer’s foundation.

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Fans Threw Snowballs at Santa

At another Vikings game, fans booed and started to hurl snowballs at a man dressed as Santa Claus during halftime.

The costume was a tradition for Mr. Franklin Field, who came to the final Eagles game each year dressed as Old Saint Nick.

“He was a sitting duck,” said former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell.

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They Host the Wing Bowl

Imagine 20,000 people packing a stadium to watch large men brawl it out in a contest of physical brutality.

No, it’s not football that you’re watching.

It’s the Wing Bowl, a chicken wing eating contest that happens every year ahead of the Super Bowl.

Two years ago, the winner gorged herself with a total of 429 wings as fights broke out in the stands behind her.

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A Man Purposefully Puked on an 11-Year-Old-Girl

Back in 2010, one fan was escorted out of the Philadelphia Phillies stadium by security, but not before he had thrown up on an off-duty police officer and his daughter.

This wasn’t just a case of belligerence — the puker was seen sticking his fingers down his throat as he leaned over the two innocent spectators.

PHOTO: Philadelphia Police 

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They Threw a Beer Bottle at Ryan Howard

In June 2016, one man threw an aluminum beer can at first-baseman Ryan Howard as he was headed toward the dugout.

“I don’t care how bad somebody thinks I’m playing, it’s uncalled for,” Howard told reporters at the time.

The man ended up leaving the stadium on his own accord.

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Someone Punched a Horse Outside of Lincoln Financial Field

Ahead of the game, one parking lot fight turned particularly bloody. 

According to NJ.com, six police horses were called in to control the crowd. One particularly destructive 19-year-old fan became enraged by the horses and punched one.

Philadelphia police and state troopers were called to the scene.

PHOTO: Philadelphia Police


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