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DealBird Group Buy of the Week: $600 Off an Electric Touring 130 Kayak

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Talk about the lap of luxury: everything a kayaker wants when they put down their paddle

One of the coolest little boats on the market can get you around our coastal waters in quiet, eco-friendly style. It's the ultimate toy for any water-loving Rhode Islander, and it's this week's hot offering from DealBird.

DealBird's Group Buy of the Week: $600 Off an Electric Touring 130 Kayak

The product: Imagine a whisper quiet electric boat that just glides effortlessly through the water and is so wide and stable that it is a total joy to ride. Now you can power all the time or paddle out for exercise and power home when you are tired. There is no other purpose-built electric boat or powered kayak like it.

Kayacht's 3-passenger capacity electric boat can be found all over the world from hotels and rental fleets to private waterfront homes. People love this boat, especially for enjoying a leisurely cruise in luxury. It's fun, durable, built for both the rental and consumer market, so this watercraft takes a beating and keeps on going. Capacity is 3 persons--2 adults plus 1 child.

No messy gas, no fumes, no pollution, safe speeds that don't throw a large wake and harm the shore line. So you can use this boat in many places such as on electric only lakes. More and more lakes are being designated “electric only” where gas motors are no longer permitted. This boat is virtually maintenance free and costs only pennies to operate.

The savings: This deal, a one-time-only Group Buy price, is a 16% discount off the retail price of $3,795.

Click here to get $600 off an Electric Touring 130 Kayak

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