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Who’s Hot and Who’s a Democrat?

Thursday, September 23, 2010


As much as progressives wish to be perceived as gaining political momentum this election season, there is only one political coalition poised for political gains – Republicans and the Tea Party movement. Even the presumed-liberal State of Rhode Island won’t escape the conservative tide.

After a brief liberal hiatus – opting for Democrats in 2006 and 2008 – the nation is once again turning to the right. Oh yeah. This is what happens when Democrats are in power. I forgot!

While the relationship between the Tea Party and the GOP is still uncertain, the most stunning political performances have been pulled off by conservative members of the Tea Party, achieving victory after victory within special elections and Republican primaries nationwide.

Desperate for some political traction, Rhode Island progressives have been attempting to portray last week’s Democratic primary results as some sort of big-government mandate. Ocean State media was filled with headlines of Democratic enthusiasm and union potency after last week’s primary elections. GoLocalProv.com ran a piece headlined “Unions Won Big in Primary,” an article that informed us that the “AFL-CIO won 14 out of the 21 races it was involved in.”

Yes, the unions defeated 14 out of their 21 targeted anti-union Democrats. And, yes, far-left fruitcake Angel Taveras won the Democratic nomination for mayor of Providence.

But we already knew that the unions controlled the RI Democrat Party, and would manipulate their primary. We also already knew that Providence is no different than most major U.S. cities – man-handled by progressive Democrats for decades, and is, thus, bankrupt.

Nothing new on the Democratic front in 2010.

The only thing the Democratic primary elections did was confirm for Rhode Islanders that the RI Democrat Party is not run by Democrats. It’s controlled by a far-left activist network comprised of union officials and radical community organizers. As AFL-CIO president George Nee informs us, “That's what a democracy is all about. The funny thing is, the people who complain the most, they do the least. They want to complain without playing. We play.”

Exactly. You go to work. And the unions play. With your money.

But 2010 is the year of the Tea Party, and is the very first opportunity these political newcomers will have to affect the general election outcomes as a voting bloc. Does anyone believe they’ll be sitting this one out?
So, as the unions celebrate the slate of socialists they just nominated for the RI Democrat Party, all they really did was identify more than a dozen Paiva-Weed look-alikes to a body of first-time conservative activists looking to decimate the state’s political establishment. Thank you, NEA-RI!

Historically, most mid-term elections are marked by a loss of Congressional seats suffered by the current presidential party. But the nation has never experienced anything quite like the Tea Party movement – a conservative uprising of tax-paying citizens who have finally decided to pay more political attention, and actually identify the culprits responsible for America’s expansive government and the tax increases needed to pay for it. Millions of Americans are waking up to the tyranny of progressive government. Most significantly, however, they are becoming aware of the fact that progressives have concentrated themselves within the Democrat Party.

Republicans are fired up, too. Polls are consistently highlighting the wide gap between Republicans and Democrats in terms of who will actually be voting this year. In fact, Gallup recently found that Republicans “have a 25-point lead over Democrats with regard to voter enthusiasm.”

Apathy amongst Democratic voters is so widespread that it is now being referred to as SETIVFO-TICEMS (So-Embarrassed-That-I-Voted-For-Obama-That-I-Can’t-Even-Move Syndrome).
It seems that even reporting that the Arctic ice is about to melt over New England won’t be motivating the Democratic base this year. Democrats will have to come up with some more extravagant lies. Oh, I know! How about, “Things would have been even worse without the Stimulus Bill”?

Another recent Gallup discovery showed Republicans holding a 10-point lead over Democrats on the generic congressional ballot. Before 2010, the two widest leads for Republicans on the generic ballot were only five points wide. One of those times was in June of 2002 while President Bush was executing the assault on our Islamic enemies after 9/11 (today, President Obama is building a mosque at Ground Zero). And the other time was during July of 1994, the infamous year of the Republicans’ Congressional takeover (which was the last time Americans remembered just how much they can’t stand Democrats).

Americans are conservatives. They believe in individualism, family values, and free markets. It never takes them very long to realize that the Democrat Party operates from a collectivist perspective, and therefore is on an eternal mission to raise taxes, redistribute wealth, and expand the size and scope of government.

It took about a year-and-a-half for President Obama to do to himself exactly what the Left did to President Bush in about six years – turn himself into a political stick of dynamite that nobody wishes to associate with. Democratic candidates all over the country are distancing themselves from Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and last Spring’s tyrannical healthcare legislation.

And, apparently, things are so bad for Democrats right now, that the RI Democrat Party’s own gubernatorial candidate wishes he was a Republican.

Travis Rowley ([email protected]) is the author of The RI Republican (TravisRowley.com).


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