Travis Rowley: Make Love, Don’t Throw Condoms on Little Girls

Saturday, February 04, 2012


Despite the fact that its members refused to define its purpose, from the outset of the Occupy Movement last September those with knowledge of the modern political Left knew precisely what it was – and exactly who these people were.

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Very simply, members of the Occupy Movement generally represent the band of radical community organizers that can be found within every major US city – Saul Alinsky leftists skilled at disguising who they truly are and at creating the impression that they have more public support than they truly do.

A case in point occurred last November when the Providence Police Department inspected the 50-70 tents at Burnside Park, and discovered that only seven of them were actually occupied. Predictably, it turned out that dozens of tents and scores of signs were propaganda props, used to give weight to the Occupiers’ threat, that “as long as corporate greed still rules the day – they’ll stay in Burnside Park indefinitely.” (

The Occupiers’ uniform insistence that the movement has no primary purpose or identifiable leaders has confused many onlookers nationwide, and even opened the movement up for ridicule. But their approach has made perfect sense to those who understand progressive deception. Having attracted so many forthright radicals to their Occupy locations, progressives couldn’t afford to have the politically un-savvy acting as spokesmen for the movement.

Liars always need to be at the forefront of progressive causes.

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Occupy Providence

We’ve witnessed Occupy Providence orchestrate a very careful public relations campaign – making Burnside Park appear as if it was actually “occupied” during sub-freezing temperatures, sending well-spoken representatives to the airwaves to speak vaguely about “economic injustice,” speaking politely of their wonderful relationship with city authorities as they bullishly trashed a Providence park, and then pretending to have actually accomplished something when the Catholic Church agreed to open and staff a homeless shelter in exchange for the Occupiers cleaning up all their crap from city property.

Rhode Islanders have been led to believe that their local Occupy protesters aren’t so bad. Rhode Islanders are meant to believe that Occupy Providence is merely the liberal version of the RI Tea Party.

But for the past several months Americans have witnessed members of the Occupy Movement defecate on a New York City police car, burn American flags, spit on a Coast Guard member, make calls for violent overthrows of the US government, provoke police officers, assault police officers, defame capitalism, laud socialism and communism, distribute Marxist literature, spread hatred and envy against other Americans, threaten Macy’s with a Molotov cocktail, heave smoke bombs toward the White House, express a torrent of anti-Semitism, allow their encampments to degenerate into drug-orgies, and establish an overall culture of mayhem that has resulted in murders, rapes, public masturbation, the destruction of property, thousands of arrests, and millions of dollars in public expenditures.

Now, why would Rhode Islanders expect their own Occupy protesters to be void of such characters?

Progressive Hatred

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Suddenly deciding to reveal their hard-left roots and abandon their posture of “we stand for nothing in particular,” several dozen members of Occupy Providence and the RI Anti-Sexism League organized a counter-protest at RI Right to Life’s rally at the State House last week. The Occupiers managed to “[end the] event early” as they “crowded around the speakers with a bevy of pro-choice signs,” interrupting them with their own “chants” and blocking a Catholic priest’s attempt at a closing prayer. Then they “started showering condoms down on some of the girls from a Catholic high school,” reported RI Right to Life’s executive director Barth Bracy, who added that “he thought the treatment of the Rev. Bernard Healey was particularly insulting, coming just a day after Bishop Thomas J. Tobin helped to end a standoff involving Occupy Providence by making the diocesan-owned Emmanuel House available as a day shelter for the homeless.”

Known for referring to corporations as “evil,” one member of Occupy Providence degraded the Catholic Church with this attack on Facebook: “The Vatican, the original multinational corporation.” Another member wrote, “sell the vatican, feed the world.”

These are the people that Rev. Harry Rix – a member of a socialist front group called the RI Council of Churches – believes Jesus Christ would be in full support of.

These are the people that prominent Democrats such as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz have encouraged, embraced, and applauded – and whose theme of class warfare they have chosen to advance going into the 2012 elections.

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Rix is a leftist. Most Democrats are leftists. And members of Occupy Providence are also leftists. And leftists are the same everywhere you go. There’s nothing genuine about them. If Occupiers were truly against Wall Street bailouts and special tax breaks for corporations, then they would have been calling themselves “Tea Partiers” for the past three years. These are people whose only principles are their political ends. And their totalitarian temperament is spawned by a belief in their own moral and intellectual superiority. They’re fighting for “fairness” and “social justice” and the “ninety-nine percent.” Therefore, common decorum and your freedom of speech will just have to wait.

Despite their claims to the contrary, liberals and/or progressives do not stand for tolerance, justice, free speech, or for “toning down the political discourse.” They’re not even against hatred. They just hate the right people at the right times – whites, cops, Jews, conservatives, CEOs, the Catholic Church, the military, rich people, and your Catholic daughters.

Travis Rowley ( is chairman of the RI Young Republicans and a consultant for the Barry Hinckley Campaign for US Senate.


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