Travis Rowley: Females and Latinos Must Appeal More to Republicans

Saturday, November 17, 2012


“Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.” – Abraham Lincoln (R)

The Republican Party must become more appealing to Hispanic and female voters. That was the message that scores of liberals immediately aimed at the Republican Party after it suffered a disappointing election night.

It seemed like such odd and obvious advice, to inform a political party that they must be attractive to large and growing segments of the voting population. Every election cycle Democrats – obviously, predictably, and understandably – feverishly attempt to defeat Republicans at the ballot box. Now, post-election, Democrats were offering tips to Republicans on how to best defeat them in 2014?

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What gives? What’s the catch?

Republicans shouldn’t fall for this cynical ploy – which is simply a veiled attempt to have Republicans adopt liberal positions concerning illegal immigration, abortion, and healthcare. After all, liberals aren’t merely suggesting that Republicans take the time to go into Hispanic neighborhoods. They’re instructing Republicans to “evolve” and be “more welcoming.”

Funny, though. I don’t remember the Democratic Party deciding to cleanse itself of its own core political philosophy (socialism) after their terrible showing in 2010. So why advise Republicans to do so now? Because if Republicans suddenly agree to full amnesty, the socialization of contraception, and taxpayer-funded abortions, then it suddenly becomes more difficult for Republicans to criticize Democrats in the future for advancing such reprehensible policies.

The fact of the matter is that 2012 was no political picnic for Democrats. Republicans held the House, and gave Democrats a collective heart attack – threatening the Community-Organizer-In-Chief with a one-term presidency. Democrats just don’t need that in their lives. You know, competition.

I don’t speak for all Republicans, but I consider it a healthy habit to refuse political advice from my political adversaries.


In Rhode Island is where this friendly advice makes the least amount of sense. We hear often that the RI Republican Party seemed to be more effective before the influence of principled conservatives – the Tea Party movement that sprang up in 2009. The RIGOP, some say, should promote more individuals like John Chafee, a pleasant New England moderate.

It’s always amusing to witness Democrats pretend to be fond of Republicans once they’re deceased. I’m not even sure just how moderate (read: liberal) Chafee was, but I’m sure of one thing: All throughout Chafee’s political career, Democrats were trying to end it. I’m even willing to bet that they called him “racist” a few times.

Mark my words: In fifteen years, while criticizing some future Republican politician, Democrats will be telling everyone how much they miss that good ol’ chum Don Carcieri.

But even if John Chafee was the wise and measured individual Democrats now claim that he was, what exactly did Chafee and his team of moderates do in terms of augmenting Republican power here in the Ocean State? By the time 2009 rolled around, the Democrat-light strategy had culminated in the most ineffective state Republican party in the nation. In 2008, the RI Democratic Party was boasting the highest concentration of party members within any state legislature. The RIGOP was a party that was known to “meet in a phone booth.”

Nice work, John Chafee.

Today, the RIGOP could still “meet in a phone booth.” But, somehow, this is all the fault of Tea Partiers. Moderates got a few decades. Conservatives get a few years.

That’s what liberals consider to be sound political analysis.

Principles Matter Not

Even if liberals were sincere in their desire to have Republicans reform themselves in order to attract more female and Hispanic voters, their advice helps to reveal the Democratic ethos.

Because progressives care about power above all things, their nature is to assume that the conservative priority is to get “Republicans” elected. But it’s not. Their objective is to right the ship, balance budgets, and restore the nation’s founding principles. With these goals, obviously liberals just won’t do – whether they’re Democrats or Republicans. So, yes, conservatives tend to weed leftists out of their party.

Only a debased individual could view this as harmful and foolish.

As political prostitutes, Democrats truly can’t understand why Republicans don’t just start giving stuff to people. Latinos won’t vote for you? Just give illegal immigrants in-state tuition. Old people don’t like all this gay marriage stuff? Just give them their grandkids’ Social Security contributions. Want the youth to turn out to vote? Just tell them the government will pick up their student loan payments. Union enthusiasm is waning? Shore up their pensions with taxpayer money. Losing the edge with the female vote? Just give the girls free contraception. Hey, works for us!

It sure does.

Republican Pride

But conservatives can’t go there. It may come easy to Democrats, but it’s just not in conservatives’ DNA to whore themselves out and contribute to the nation’s demise.

Unlike Democrats, Republicans haven’t inherited the attitude of 20th century fascism, the idea that somehow within the will of every majority is a moral truth. Most voters may have approved of making other people pay for other people’s birth control, but that doesn’t make it right – or Constitutional (not that Democrats care).

Unlike Democrats, Republicans don’t have the luxury of having forgotten the wisdom of great political philosophers and America’s architects. As Ben Franklin is said to have warned future generations, “When people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Alexis de Tocqueville would make a similar observation: “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.”

Again, not that Democrats care. They care about power, not the vitality of the society they attain dominion over (Exhibit 1 – Central Falls. Exhibit 2 – Rhode Island)

Republicans would be wise to exercise the strength and discipline that is needed to reject the Democrats’ trick and temptation to prostitute themselves. They should continue to offer their universal and moral message of hope and freedom, and to cater to the only “minority” that matters – the individual.

Democrats can take the Latinos. Republicans will take the Latino. Democrats can have the women. Republicans will take the woman.

Going forward, Republicans may have to concentrate more on particular neighborhoods. Women and Latinos, however, needn’t be told an alternative message to the one given to other voting blocs. The philosophy of limited government and individual liberty is superior to anything the Left has to offer. That should be the Republican faith.

And Republicans’ political grace will have to rest within an ability to message more effectively, and overcome an overwhelming media disadvantage that advances fabricated notions of Tea Party “extremism” and Republican “wars on women.”

Republicans should simply hold fast, and continue to preach the truth. The redistribution of wealth is immoral and inefficient, especially from a federal level. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but we’re also a nation of laws. And illegal immigrants have unduly burdened the American taxpayer and the American economy, and are being exploited by progressive activists. It’s the truth. Speak it. And Americans will follow. Even the Latinas!

It is simply another Democratic lie that the Republican Party hasn’t been “welcoming” to all Americans. Of course women are welcome. Of course Hispanics are welcome. But the Left’s advice is backwards. Women and Hispanics will have to – and should have to – shed themselves of their corrupting liberalism before adorning a Republican badge. A simple matter of principle.

Travis Rowley ( is the author of The RI Republican: An Indictment of the Rhode Island Left.


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