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Who Are These People? They’re Democrats

Saturday, May 05, 2012


Last week, the far-left web-activist site MoveOn.org released a video that launched a campaign aimed at “stamp[ing] out” the word “illegal” whenever it is to be used in the context of immigration. Likening the use of the term to a “slur” and a “hate crime,” progressives are “ask[ing] media and government to drop the I-word now,” claiming that “calling a person ‘illegal’ takes away their humanity,” that it “dehumanizes” them, and that “it’s racially charged, legally inaccurate, and morally wrong.” MoveOn’s video ends by saying, “No human being is illegal. Let’s drop the I-word.”

It’s always amusing to hear progressives – people who make a living out of slandering whole communities as racist and greedy – wail over “dehumanization.”

While MoveOn progressives were busy with another liberal attempt at limiting political speech, Rhode Islanders were being forced to safeguard another longstanding religious expression on public land. The Freedom From Religion Foundation – a Wisconsin-based atheist group – recently issued a complaint over a 1921 Cross-topped war memorial, demanding the “immediate removal of the memorial from public property where it rests on a small island outside the city’s Fire Department headquarters.” (RI Catholic)

It’s always comforting for conservatives to find evidence that – despite all the turbulence caused by vocal progressives – the entire country hasn’t lost its mind. In this case, the overwhelming reaction to these latest liberal grievances has been disagreement, rejection, and rallies.

With seething impatience and disgust for those who advance this politically correct buffoonery, everyone seems to be asking, “Who are these people?”

It’s simple. They’re Democrats.

Democratic Hallmarks: Atheism and Political Correctness

Even during this modern political era, when it’s customary to agree with the notion that “both parties are the same,” it remains true that the party of hard-core secularism and political correctness has one name: Democrat.

While it’s true that atheist and progressive activists often adorn no party label, there’s no mistaking where their political preferences lie and where their political allies can be found. When Fox News’ Jesse Watters returned from this year’s Reason Rally – an atheist convention held in Washington, DC – and was asked what “the political bent” was of those who attended the event, Watters reported, “They’re mostly all Democrats.”

And perhaps nobody exercises more contempt and mockery for Republicans and religion than Bill Maher, a renowned Democratic atheist. In fact, there may not be a better representation of the modern-day Democrat than this comedian/talk-show host.

In regards to the political correctness that surrounds the topic of illegal immigration, the Rhode Island Left organized a State House rally several years ago in response to then-Governor Don Carcieri’s executive order that authorized local law enforcement to crack down on illegal aliens.

It could not be mistaken that these champions of lawlessness despised the Republican governor, and adored the General Assembly Democrats who were doing their best to pass all types of legislation that would benefit illegal immigrants. And their signs just may have been what inspired MoveOn.org – “No Human Being Is Illegal,” they read.

Some Rhode Islanders may even recall the ever-brilliant Patrick Kennedy (D) in 2009, objecting to the way in which his House colleagues discussed the issue of illegal immigration. “You’re even calling them aliens,” Kennedy scolded the Republicans. “I mean, come on, they’re people!”

Democrats can’t help it. They’re liberals. Hyper-sensitive, truth-stifling political correctness is in their DNA.

The Academy

Within the nation’s Democratic breeding grounds – otherwise known as “college campuses” – is where we find some of the most egregious episodes of political correctness and left-wing radicalism. The academy is where we discover pure and unbridled liberalism – lessons of moral relativity, an elitist hostility toward religion, intellectual intolerance, anti-Americanism, and campus speech codes.

In fact, it was Baruch College Professor Robert Smith who was featured in MoveOn’s video, informing people that the word “‘illegal’ functions like a racial epithet. It’s a way of legitimizing violence against a particular group of people because of what they are. That’s the definition of a hate crime.”

Professors such as Smith are the reason why millions of students graduate every year as poor thinkers, trained to view every issue through a lens of feelings and victimhood – and to allow emotion to guide their reason.

As I once reported about my time at Brown University, some upperclassmen Resident Counselors actually found it necessary to establish dorm rules that prohibited students from referring to anyone as a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” To refer to another person using this terminology did not take into account the lifestyles of certain homosexual factions that did not find these terms accurate when referring to a “significant other.”

Today’s progressive activists only serve to confirm my first political lesson from over a decade ago: Democrats are clowns.

But Democrats are also pros when it comes to portraying themselves as a mainstream political party. The relationship, however, between the Democratic Party and intellectual nincompoops is stark and absolute. After the 2004 elections, MoveOn.org president Eli Pariser wrote, “In the last year, grass-roots contributors like us gave more than $300 million to the [John] Kerry campaign and the DNC, and proved that the party doesn’t need corporate cash to be competitive. Now it’s our party. We bought it. We own it.”

That they do. The people who want to ban the “I-word” control the Democratic Party.

The Party’s Over

So, yes, it’s frustrating for Republicans to witness a Rhode Island crowd gather around a war memorial in Woonsocket, knowing that the attack on religious liberty, the Constitution, and other core American values is being largely endorsed by the party that will likely benefit from many of the crowd’s votes in November – votes that will be cast for a party that has long enabled organizations such as the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Republicans nationwide feel a little like Kevin Costner in Tin Cup, with his character Roy McAvoy frustrated by the fact that the girl he’s chasing is currently dating an openly charming and handsome professional golfer, but is also someone who is deft at concealing his true evil character. Desperate for the woman’s affection, McAvoy is as blunt and honest as possible: “Your boyfriend, he hates old people, he hates children, and he hates dogs.”

Similarly, Republicans are working to educate the masses about the realities of the modern Democratic Party – not just that Democrats are often ridiculous, but that their ridiculousness has ideological roots.

This is a party that is anti-liberty by its own philosophy. It is a party that has been hijacked by Marxist radicals, and is devoted to the expansion of governmental authority, the centralization of power, and the redistribution of wealth. It is committed to the collapse of economic freedom via the ways of public debt and the dumbing-down of the citizenry.

If Rhode Islanders are truly frustrated with political correctness and secular activists, then they can strike a blow with a wholesale rejection of the Democratic Party.

As for Republicans, we must get better at exposing and explaining the philosophical camaraderie between the purveyors of godlessness and the guardians of big-government; and, conversely, that there is a connection between social conservatism and individual freedom.

Travis Rowley (TravisRowley.com) is the chairman of the RI Young Republicans and the author of The RI Republican: An Indictment of the Rhode Island Left.


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