Travis Rowley: The Hate-Crime Hoax–A Liberal Pastime

Saturday, August 24, 2013


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Just in time for all the upcoming freshmen orientations (referred to as “First-Years” Orientation at Brown University in order to avoid offending female students) on college campuses across the country was the confirmation that the “month-long spate of racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages” that occurred at Oberlin College last winter was – yup – more progressive deception.

This is truly fortunate, as it just makes sense that a recent example will help students prepare themselves for what has become one of the most predictable episodes on campus – the hate-crime hoax.

On a personal note, these common scandals serve as some of the most powerful cases to have in my argumentative arsenal whenever someone questions my repeated assertion that progressives are morally inferior to conservatives (following right behind is partial-birth abortion and the Providence Phoenix’s prostitution insert ads).

Simply put, there just may be no better illustration of the Left’s Machiavellian ethics, or liberals’ astounding propensity to swallow their own deceits, than the Left’s collections of hate-crime hoaxes.

“Liberals are liars by religion and trade,” I wrote several weeks ago.

How on Earth does one end up staking his flag on such an extravagant position?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the Oberlin student who harassed and vandalized the campus last February – the student responsible for the “defacing of Black History Month and Year of the Queer posters,” a note being found in Oberlin’s Multicultural Resource Center that read “Nigger + Faggot Center,” a swastika being drawn on a campus window, and a “Whites Only” sign being found above a water fountain – was, in fact, discovered to be a “member of the Oberlin College Democrats,” an “ardent leftist,” and a “committed supporter of President Barack Obama.”

Yes, these are the people who contend they care about the “feelings” of minorities and homosexuals.

Hate-crime hoaxes are so common that Michelle Malkin, conservative activist and Oberlin alum, suspected it the moment she heard about the controversy at her alma mater: “As soon as I read the fresh reports this week about a purported racist in a ‘KKK’ hood lurking on Oberlin’s campus and reports of bigoted graffiti/vandalism, the fake hate crime alarm bells went off.”

Buttressing Malkin’s skepticism was an incident from the early 1990s when “race-obsessed nutballs at Oberlin College…cooked up a horrid hate crime hoax. Asian-American students claimed that a phantom racist had spray-painted anti-Asian racial epithets on a campus landmark rock. Turned out that it was a warped Asian-American student who perpetrated the dirty deed. Whoops. Never mind.”

Due to the “months of handwringing over supposedly racist incidents” that transpired at Oberlin, Cornell University law professor William Jacobson said the incident “may be the greatest race hoax since Tawana Brawley” – the young black woman Al Sharpton assisted in falsely and wildly accusing five white men of rape in 1987.

Liberals have been at this for a long time.

Is there anything else needed, in addition to the hate-crime hoax epidemic, to prove that the Left – in order to advance leftist policies – purposely aims to keep the populace agitated and unsettled?

A Political Culture of Dishonesty

My first experience with the Left’s culture of fraud was as an undergraduate at Brown University, where a dubious racial incident seemed to disrupt the campus every semester.
Most left-wing activist groups at Brown, a university managed and manipulated by leftists for decades, make the ludicrous claim within their mission statements that Brown’s campus fails to be a “safe space” for the people they aim to represent – typically gays, women, or minorities.

That’s the first lie that every liberal campus activist tells.

Jonathan Hicks of captured the essence of this left-wing paradox when he called the events at Oberlin “particularly baffling and depressing” because Oberlin is a “progressive institution” – a “bastion of tolerance, enlightenment and high educational standards.”

Yes, the problem with liberals may begin with just how much they think of themselves.

Hicks continued, “This is a student body whose members know the history and commitment to upholding a liberal, tolerant educational atmosphere long before [they] arrive on campus. How is it that such madness infects one of the premier institutions of broadmindedness?”

It doesn’t, Jonathan. This was just another progressive racket. There’s a whole other kind of “madness” infecting Oberlin these days.

It became quite apparent to me at Brown University that the motivation behind the liberals’ sensational activism (e.g., Their impulse to condemn almost everything as “racist”) was not to provide a “safe space” for Brown students – but rather to justify their activist existence.

“After all, what is a liberal to do if there’s no more bigotry left to battle?” This is how I would later explain the Campus Left’s mindless preoccupation with rooting out the last trace of racism on campus – no matter how much horror, destruction, or racial animus they had to ignite themselves in order to do so.

This is how liberalism survives, by establishing assumptions that are fundamentally untrue (e.g., “Gays aren’t allowed to marry who they love”), and then forcing others to accept them via intimidation and/or staged episodes of hate.

As Malkin once said during a 2006 speech on Oberlin’s campus, “Liberals see racism where it doesn’t exist, fabricate it when they can’t find it, and ignore it within their own ranks.”
And it doesn’t matter how many times liberals are caught falsifying hate-crimes. Their ranks never sense any shame, as they have granted themselves moral immunity by their own moral relativity (and their atheist sensibilities).

To liberals, it doesn’t matter if they lie to get their point across because the point they’re trying to get across represents a larger truth. That is, the country is racist, sexist, and homophobic – the non-negotiable assumption that keeps the Left empowered.

Liberals will never stop lying. They can’t afford to. Because liberalism, itself, is a lie.

Travis Rowley ( is the author of The RI Republican: An Indictment of the Rhode Island Left.


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