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Travis Rowley: Race Hustling 101

Saturday, August 03, 2013


Rowley believes that Democrats have propelled African-Americans into a state of perceived victimization.

It’s not just Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. It’s most Democratic politicians.

Illinois State Representative Monique Davis, a Chicago Democrat, was interviewed by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly this week, providing everyone with an enlightening demonstration of the contempt that Democratic legislators have for their constituents, just how addicted they are to deceiving them, and just how skilled they are at harnessing the political weight of the minority community.

It was quite a glimpse into the Democrats’ ghetto politics.

The context of the interview includes the controversy that ensued after O’Reilly’s recent critique of African-Americans in which he excoriated “civil rights” leaders for–among other things–their proclivity to ignore the high rate of “out-of-wedlock births” (73%) that characterizes the black community, and for their overall “excuse making” when it comes to the wretched conditions of the neighborhoods they control.

Soon after, Davis would appear on a Detroit radio show to discuss the disproportionate crime rate suffered by African-American districts, particularly all of the “black-on-black violence.” Davis went on to float the idea that local law enforcement might be contributing to the embarrassing crime statistics.

“I’m gonna tell you what some suspicions have been,” Davis explained. “People have whispered to me they’re not sure that black people are shooting all of these children. There’s some suspicion, and I don’t want to spread this, but I just want to tell you what I’ve been hearing, they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids.”

How’s that for “excuse making,” huh?

When Davis was challenged by O’Reilly, viewers were able to observe the treachery that Democrats wield so casually on a daily basis.

O’Reilly asked, “Do you regret saying that, madam?”

Knowing full well that she had used her public office on the airwaves to offer credibility to such a reckless accusation, Davis employed some crafty lawyering in her defense: “I didn’t say it, Bill. I repeated what members of my community have said to me. And it is crucially important that people realize that was not Monique Davis’s statement. I was repeating what community members have said to me.”

The problem for Davis, of course, was that she didn’t follow her tale by proclaiming how surprised she was to learn just how utterly delusional her constituents are. It was apparent to any honest individual that she had only mentioned this baseless theory in order to either advance it, or sympathize with it–not to condemn it as the unfounded lunacy that it is.

Why didn’t Davis call the theory “crazy” on the radio, O’Reilly would ask.

Playing dumb, Davis responded, “Well, do I have to say that?...Why do I have to say that?”

Victim Politics

“I repeated what was said to me on a radio show in Detroit, never knowing it would get national attention,” Davis explained–a full-blown admission that she subscribes to the Democrats’ radical heritage that informs them that truth is relative, and that it is perfectly justifiable to speak one truth on Fox News and another truth within her district.

Pinned down on national television by Bill O’Reilly, Davis was forced to acquiesce. All of Davis’ slithering had obliged O’Reilly to actually ask her point-blank, “Chicago police, as you well know, are not gunning down black children. You know that, right?”

“Certainly they are not, Bill."

That’s how difficult it is to get Democrats to admit simple truths.

But having betrayed the politics of victimization on national television, Davis felt compelled to satisfy any liberals watching her interview by delivering the familiar and cozy rhetoric of self-pity (probably saving herself from being labeled a “traitor to her race” the next day for having the gall to admit that the police aren’t slaughtering black people in the dark of night).

Openly empathizing with the people spreading this unsupported charge, Davis would remind O’Reilly that “based upon the history of African-Americans in this country, and based upon the fact that 70% of the murders in Chicago are unsolved, people are wondering what the heck is going on.”

Yeah, I mean, it’s just common sense, Bill. When you add up the slavery of 170 years ago, the civil rights violations of 50 years ago, and all the dead black bodies currently being discovered on urban sidewalks, many sensible people simply end up deciding that there must be some sort of police-sponsored murder ring going on.

Or is that just where Democratic constituents–pandered for decades with the language of victimization–end up?

You throw this stuff against the wall in Democratic circles, and it actually sticks. As Davis informed O’Reilly, the killer-cops theory is something that “many community residents have said to me.”

What Democrats have done to the black psyche is beyond criminal.

Disingenuous Politics

Speaking to the man who is sick of all the “excuse making,” all this Democrat could say in regards to the urban condition was that it is hardly the result of self-inflicted wounds, such as the break-up of the black family. Rather, all “the violence has escalated because of a poor education system, because of lack of employment,” and a lack of “resources.” Davis added, “When so many [black] men are incarcerated, some justly and some unjustly, you’re gonna be without fathers in the home.”

Yeah, it’s just so difficult not to get arrested and thrown in prison nowadays.

But this is the only attitude and outlook that ever penetrates the inner cities.

While Davis blames the plight of blacks on a “poor education system,” most African-Americans remain entirely oblivious to the fact that–for decades–the entire Democratic complex has resisted Republican efforts to liberate minority children from failing schools with an array of school-choice programs.

It is a rare Democratic constituent who will tell you that he has been exposed to the notion that the Democrats’ minimum wage laws are, as famed economist Milton Friedman once coined them, the most “anti-Negro laws on the books”–and were initially designed to be just that.

And while Democrats continue to champion exorbitant and limitless welfare programs, most blacks are entirely unfamiliar with the fact that the establishment of the welfare state has been the direct cause of broken families and the black slip into generational poverty.

When pushed by O’Reilly, Davis claimed that she does “encourage people [in her district] to have a stable family.” But she’ll be damned to actually champion the limited government that would encourage stronger families. Democrats prefer to have Republicans do that, and then can call them “racist” during the next election cycle for doing so.

The overriding political strategy of the Democratic Party leaves no wiggle room for Davis to actually help her black constituents, or even tell them the truth. Lies are now what sustain Democratic power. If utter delusion–including the widespread belief that the police have initiated a covert holocaust against African-Americans–is what it takes to stay in office, then so be it. Democrats are more than willing to institute the ignorance.


Travis Rowley is the author of The RI Republican: An Indictment of the Rhode Island Left.


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