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Travis Rowley: Pro-Trayvon Liberals: Not Worth Talking To

Saturday, July 27, 2013


The Trayvon Martin case has caused many to vocalize their moral and ideological beliefs.

It has been observed more than a few times during the controversy surrounding the Trayvon Martin trial that America is more divided along racial lines than ever before–the evidence supporting such a claim being that minorities overwhelmingly joined pro-Trayvon forces, while many whites seemed to at least sympathize with George Zimmerman’s defense.

But there were also many white people standing among the “Justice for Trayvon” troops. And, if one cared to pay close attention, there were plenty of black spokesmen defending Zimmerman.

A closer examination of the controversy reveals that it is much more accurate to decide that America has never been more divided–not along racial lines–but along moral and ideological ones.

Helping to confuse the issue is the fact that African-Americans are largely adjoined to the Democratic network–which means they have largely adopted the progressive mindset and embraced the progressive worldview.

The Liberal Culture

After George Zimmerman received a not-guilty verdict, rallies, riots, and attacks on white citizens broke out in various locations throughout the country.

In Milwaukee, a 34-year-old man was walking from a friend’s house through a park when he was suddenly “punched in the back of the head by an unknown suspect, knocking him down.” Several men beat on him for “at least five minutes before I blacked out,” the man told police. “One of the guys who hit me said:  ‘This is for Trayvon.’”

Similar incidents occurred in Senatobia (MS), Houston (TX), and elsewhere.

It has been a mistake to summarize these reports as forgivably “racial”–a simple case of minorities expressing anger and frustration in the wake of an unjust verdict (or, at least what Al Sharpton and the media told them was an unjust verdict).

The participants of these protests and skirmishes weren’t black. They were black liberals–self-appointed victims who are highly emotional, intellectually vapid, and licensed to commit any crime while on their quest to achieve “social justice.”

How does the character of pro-Trayvon protests differ from that of the violent depravity so often found at rallies coordinated by unions, Occupy Wall Street, or other radical community organizers?

These weren’t race riots. This was, once again, the liberal mob.

So it was only fitting when radical communists joined the pro-Trayvon protesters outside the Florida courthouse.

Liberal Assumptions

In February 2012, George Zimmerman–bloodied and beaten–was found hovering over Trayvon Martin’s 17-year-old body. Taken into police custody, his wounds documented along with witness accounts, the normal process didn’t force Zimmerman to deal with any criminal liability.

But if Zimmerman was black, he would have been charged on the spot. And if Trayvon was white, he would have never garnered any suspicion in the first place. This was the irrefutable premise–the only thing that mattered–to liberals, progressives, and Democrats across the country.

“We simply wanted an arrest,” cried Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton. And protesters chanted, “We want an arrest! Shot in the chest!”

Progressives were certain that, if charged, Zimmerman would go down.

It took the full weight of the American Left to overcome the initial decision made by local law enforcement. The portrayal of Zimmerman as a white racist and Martin as an innocent “child,” along with the media’s cooperation with elected Democrats and the “civil rights” leadership (including NBC’s doctored 911 tape), helped to politicize the criminal justice system to the point where Zimmerman would be thrust into a courtroom.

That’s where progressives proceeded to get their asses handed to them in embarrassing fashion.

Once the trial was underway, it became clear that the prosecution’s case was profoundly weak. Suddenly, everyone agreed that Zimmerman had at least been “overcharged.” Meanwhile, it was being reported that FBI agents had “interviewed no fewer than 45 Zimmerman co-workers, neighbors and other acquaintances” and had “found no evidence of racial bias.”

In fact, Zimmerman ended up being an Obama supporter and a registered Democrat, who was known for defending black homeless men, mentoring black children, having a black business partner, and taking black girls to high school proms.


Conservatives: Superior

The Zimmerman-Martin trial was just the latest exhibit of the widening chasm between America’s Left and Right.

Unsurprisingly, conservatives proved to be sitting atop higher ground–superior in culture and intellectual discipline; a patient and civilized faith in the rule of law and the jury system.

From progressives, we got mob theatrics and intellectual stubbornness. Even after the jury’s careful deliberation, leading progressives can still be found stating casually that “Zimmerman attacked Trayvon.”

Trapped by their own progressive confines, the verdict is incapable of making sense to them.

In fact, most of them can be found treating the outcome as further evidence of minorities’ ongoing struggle in America. The “system” is now racist–the very system that, months ago, they were insisting be unleashed upon Zimmerman.

It must be so nice being a liberal. Even when you’re wrong, you’re somehow right.

During the Duke University Lacrosse Case of 2006–another dubious racial incident that the Left exploited in order to validate their politics–88 Duke professors drafted an advertisement titled “What Does a Social Disaster Sound Like.” Published within the campus newspaper, the ad served to confirm the culture of “racism and sexism” that this campus controversy had thrust to the fore.

Oh yes. Don’t you know? According to progressives, elite college campuses–the most “liberal” places on Earth for the past 50 years–remain sanctuaries for vile bigots.

That’s the type of nonsense progressives force you to deal with.

When the rape accusation turned out to be entirely fabricated, the faculty refused to apologize, arguing that the letter’s intent “was never to rush to judgment, it was about listening to our students who have been trying to make their way in a not only racist and sexist campus, but country.”

Even when liberals are wrong, they’re right.

Let’s Talk

After the Zimmerman verdict was rendered, coldcocked progressives began to speak of “honest conversation” that this country needs to have about race. With nowhere else to go, dialogue was suddenly their aim–not racial vengeance.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly responded this week by scolding the “civil rights industry” for failing to seriously address the self-inflicted wounds within the black communities, including the “disintegration of the African American family,” the “gangstah culture,” the “derelict parents,” the embrace of “victimization and grievance,” the “excuse making,” and the fact that “young black men commit homicides at a rate ten times greater than whites and Hispanics combined.”

O’Reilly finished his rebuke by saying, “You want a conversation, you got it.”

But the idea that America victimizes certain categories of people–most famously, black people–is an assumption that the Left cannot afford to surrender.

White people are inherently racist. America is racist. And, someday, liberals are going to prove it.

And no collection of errors will ever shame them into a steadier or more moderate approach. Liberals are liars by religion and trade.

Whenever you hear a liberal say that they’re ready for a “conversation,” just remember that they’re not worth talking to.


Travis Rowley (TravisRowley.com) is the author of The RI Republican:  An Indictment of the Rhode Island Left.


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