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Travis Rowley: Duck. Duck. Gays!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


It’s the strangest thing. That is, for Christians, out of love for their fellow man, to attempt to spread the good news about Jesus Christ, to evangelize, to try to turn people away from lives of sin so they may realize eternal salvation – only to be ridiculed as hateful.

Of course, this is not how modern liberals perceive Christian activity. Moreover, this is a depiction they refuse to accept.

Agenda-driven liberals are pros at ignoring any evidence or testimony that may challenge the left-wing view of the average Christian conservative – i.e. People who profess not to make any moral judgments at all, but are consistently caught condemning others; people who are supposed to love and forgive. And that’s it!

Liberals prefer Christians to be the pushovers they mistake them for.

Bernard Whitman, a homosexual Democratic strategist, appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File this week to defend A&E’s decision to suspend Phil Robertson from the hit reality-series Duck Dynasty after Robertson made some controversial remarks concerning homosexuality. Whitman showcased the Left’s narrow comprehension of Christianity when he told the audience that Robertson’s statements “certainly [fly] in the face of what it means to be Christian. What it means to be Christian is to treat others like you would want to be treated.”

Like a child, Whitman may have some of the basics down. But he’s a few credits short of an advanced theology degree, as he illustrates exactly why conservative author Dinesh D’Souza often refers to the Left’s grasp of the New Testament – and religion in general – as “crayon Christianity.”

The Strategy of Silence

Countless times have Christians and conservatives taken humble steps backward in order to qualify remarks that others deem hurtful or controversial – naively thinking that calmer heads would prevail, and an enlightening discussion about homosexuality with liberals would commence. Adhering to this pattern, Robertson attempted to expound on his comments: “I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.”

Robertson should have saved his breath. Liberals weren’t listening. Their political culture had instructed them to quickly categorize his comments as “anti-gay,” “hate speech,” and “intolerance” that – well – just can’t be tolerated.

As I explained several weeks ago after progressive activists refused to allow New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to speak at Brown University due to his alleged “racism,” in order to silence their political adversaries progressives have learned to simply express severe moral outrage. That’s the trick that licenses liberals to act like fascists.

According to numerous left-wing commentators, Robertson’s comments were “vile,” “disgusting,” “extreme” and “outlandish.”

With Robertson now on “indefinite hiatus” from Duck Dynasty, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly wondered why such extreme actions had to be taken against Robertson. Kelly asked Whitman, “Why can’t there be a debate about it?”

“I don’t think A&E…should want to be associated with that type of hate,” Whitman argued. “It’s time that we stop agreeing that religion can be used as a weapon to spew hate.”

What Robertson said amounts to “hate,” says Whitman.

End of discussion.

A Forbidden Topic

Having surrounded myself with progressives for over a decade, I have learned to take it on blind faith that – whenever discourse is being denied – I am not attaining the best knowledge, or being exposed to the full truth.

Without a doubt, the Left’s ferocity leaves the casual observer with the impression that Christian conservatives must be as wicked as liberals claim, serves as a warning to all other potential critics of homosexuality and same-sex “marriage,” and ultimately disarms people of the knowledge necessary to defend traditional values.

Sure enough, during my search for answers I’ve come across some refreshing honesty and impressive insight regarding homosexuality – very enlightening scholarship that helps to reconcile Christian tolerance with Christian commandments.

Among others, two interesting articles I tend to pass along to many can be found here and here. And, of course, we can’t forget my own brilliant take on the gay “marriage” debate.

Perhaps liberals’ extravagant reactions to the most tepid and unsurprising expressions of Christianity is the best indication that there is a lot more to homosexuality that we’re not being told.

It’s no secret that Christians believe homosexual activity is sinful. Yet, when Phil Robertson did little more than paraphrase 1 Corinthians 6:9 – a New Testament passage that chronicles several categories of sinners who “will not inherit the kingdom of God” – liberals everywhere began to simultaneously convulse.

Robertson also seemed to touch on what many often refer to as the “slippery slope,” saying, “Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong…Sin becomes fine…Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

Agree or disagree, this shouldn’t fascinate anyone. Except, perhaps, those who choose to dwell in an intellectually stifled pop-culture, where moral judgments are considered cruel – and where expressions of Christianity are considered taboo.

What is becoming increasingly obvious is that progressives are comfortable with Christians as long as they don’t actually believe in – you know – Christianity.

The Totalitarian Left

Just as boring as Robertson’s recent commentary was that of Chick-Fil-A president Dan Cathy. Known as a devout Christian, Cathy was asked at the end of a radio interview about his position on gay “marriage.” This is the response that set the Left ablaze during the summer of 2012: “I think we are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, 'We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage'. I pray God's mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about.”

Miss California 2009 Carrie Prejean suffered similar wrath after expressing her personal beliefs in public. During the 2009 Miss USA Pageant, Prejean had the audacity to answer gay activist Perez Hilton’s question regarding gay “marriage” in this insolent manner: “In my family, I think that I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised… I think it should be between a man and a woman.”

Next time you hear liberals howling over “hate speech,” just remember that these are the types of humdrum remarks they’re talking about.

As this latest controversy runs its course, you’ll discover liberals insisting that Robertson’s remarks were particularly “over the top,” “disgusting,” and “hateful.” But it is quite clear that the strategy of intimidation is perfunctory, ever-present, and absolute. Bishop Tobin, House Speaker Gordon Fox, the president of Bishop Hendricken High School and Brad Pitt’s mom represent several more examples of people who have had to suffer the viciousness of the programmed progressive response to anyone who dares to challenge the Left on this issue.

Homosexuality is hardly my topic of choice. Trust me, I’d much rather be writing about how unions have destroyed the State of Rhode Island. But, similar to the ruffian antics of organized labor and racial activists, liberals’ approach to homosexuality helps to expose the political Left for what it truly is.

The Left is anti-intellectual. The Left is raw emotion. The Left is totalitarian.

Travis Rowley (TravisRowley.com) is the author of The RI Republican: An Indictment of the Rhode Island Left.

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John McGrath

Rather histrionic and irrational, leaping to a grandiose conclusion condemning all liberals.

A person's right to free speech does not entitle that person to a free platform for private views.

You have lost all respect for the private sector, for the rights of ownership. The producer of the show - who, by the way, starred in a gay porn flick - has every right to manage his property as he pleases, including firing this so-called Christian who uses Leviticus against gays but himself violates the command in Leviticus not to let your beard grow unkempt.

Jeremy Soninjer

And here we go again. I can't tell you how many times liberals have acted in embarrassing fashion, are then criticized by conservatives, and then some other liberal thinks he makes a good argument by pointing out that it wasn't done by "all liberals."

Shutting down speech is a liberal pastime. Sorry if that embarrasses you, John McGrath. But Rowley shouldn't have to clarify that not "all liberals" are guilty every time this stuff happens.

John McGrath

Jeremy, you miss the real point. he is entitled to give as many speeches/sermons he wishes. But he is not entitled to his job at A&E. The owners/producers can fire anyone they want. If you object to that you object to the rights of employers. Perhaps you are a socialist at heart.

Chris O.

Good point, Jeremy. Rowley nailed this one.

Also notice that John M then argues against something Rowley never said. Rowley has "lost all respect for the private sector, for the rights of ownership."

I wonder if John M can point out where Rowley argued that "A person's right to free speech ENTITLES that person to a free platform for private views" or that a person DOESN'T have "every right to manage his property as he pleases"...


Jeremy Soninjer

John, see Chris O's comment above ... That is exactly how I would have responded to your 2nd comment. I read this twice now. And you're arguing against something Rowley never said.

john paycheck

if you don't like watching something, just change the channel.

that's why nobody watches msnbc....

the market dictates.

when a&e stops airing duck dynasty-I have never seen it-- then they will lose viewers and money and they can decide if they can decide what is important to them. money or their personal agenda.

I will say, if a&e ever airs another duck dynasty show or repeat, they are typical liberal hypocrits.do as I say, not as I do.

Stephen DeNinno

Comparing what Robertson said to what Ms California said is disingenuous. This man compared homosexuality to beatiality. That was in disgusting taste. I don't think anyone would be talking about this if he didn't go down that path!

G Godot

The seething pit vipers of the left lie in wait for ANYTHING to which they can leap to object. Meanwhile, THEIR right to slander Governor Palin, for example, should be unrestricted, of course. First Amendment an' all. Atlas is, however, wiseing up.

Chris O.

Stephen, I think Rowley pre-argued against your point with this:

As this latest controversy runs its course, you’ll discover liberals insisting that Robertson’s remarks were particularly “over the top,” “disgusting,” and “hateful.” But it is quite clear that the strategy of intimidation is perfunctory, ever-present, and absolute. Bishop Tobin, House Speaker Gordon Fox, the president of Bishop Hendricken High School and Brad Pitt’s mom represent several more examples of people who have had to suffer the viciousness of the programmed progressive response to anyone who dares to challenge the Left on this issue.

You said, "I don't think anyone would be talking about this if he didn't go down that path!"

But Miss Cali didn't go down that path. Still, everyone was forced to talk about it.

Sammy Arizona

Robertson's remarks about black folks before the civil rights movement, were much more offensive than his insults hurled at the gays.

He is still "free" to go repeat himself on Fox News and all the other professional victim outlets that the righties are so enamored with. We all know how conservative rubes just love to play the victim card.

All that has happened is that he is being held accountable by the people who pay his salary, which is perfectly in line with "free market" principles you people supposedly endorse and desire.

Travis you and this bum need to grow some shoulders and stop whining.

Chris O.

Feel free to continue downplaying the fascism of the political left, Sammy Arizona. "ALL that has happened is that he is being held accountable by the people who pay his salary"???

Wrong. Just as Rowley mentioned, this type of intimidation and punishment is happening everywhere, to many many many people. This is part of a larger pattern to intimidate and silence others. To avoid an actual debate about gay marriage and homosexuality.

Jeremy Soninjer

I agree, Chris. How supposed "liberals" find a way to defend this type of intolerance is beyond me. And to pretend as if A&E wasn't pressured by outside groups to fire Robertson is to stick your head in the sand. The point of all this left wing activism is to give the IMPRESSION that the "free market" agrees with the Left on this issue. This is not the free market. This is the manipulation of the free market via force and intimidation.

Russ Hryzan

Did I miss something, or are we suddenly giving undeserved credibility and importance to reality TV performers and their opinions? This guy has about as much credibility and notoriety as Snooki and the rest of them.

Also, A&E is an employer, and unless we're suddenly supporting guaranteed employment regardless of public behavior that can reflect negatively on the employer, why isn't anybody standing up for A&E's right to hire and fire people as they please? So much for a free society....both sides are acting like idiots on this issue. He has free speech rights (religious or not, it's immaterial), and A&E has the right to hire and fire as they please. It's that easy.

Phil Paulson

If anyone here thinks that A&E was wrong to fire this guy, then I would assume that they are also upset about what MSNBC did to Martin Bashir over his Sarah Palin comments. Surely, his first amendment rights are equal to Phil Robertson's. Clearly, if this is a freedom of speech issue, then everyone that condemns the actions of A&E should also condemn the actions of MSNBC. Anything less would be hypocrisy, and I'm sure there are no hypocrites here.

Michael Byrnes


Sarah Palin herself was surely upset but, did not call for Bashir's firing and she graciously accepted his apology. To close out this incident said she held no grudge and that she just wanted to move on. Be hard pressed to find a MSNBC guest commentator taking the same stand.
There were many on the right to include Hannity and O'Reilly who thought calling for Bashir's firing was not necessary. It was another MSNBC employee who made the strongest calls for Bashir's dismissal. Go figure.

Phil Paulson


I'm not speaking to any of the staff of FOX News or MSNBC. I'm speaking to the self righteous hypocrites who were losing their minds over what Bashir said, but now defend this guy and his rights to say whatever he wants to. The hypocrisy never ends, and it comes from both sides of the ideological spectrum. Until we can all stand up and call B.S. when our own side is guilty of something, things will never get better.

paul zecchino

The blog comments nationwide tell the tale: most citizens know what they know and are not at all impressed with they continuous and ongoing propaganda tantrums thrown by perennial leftist Victims.

A&E is through. Duck Dynasty can write its own ticket, having won the crowd in fine gladiatorial fashion.

Citizens are no longer fooled nor cowed by leftists who take the moral high ground in every debate, skew the language, gass off about 'tolerance', and then proceed to savage any and all who dare not support their toxic, death-dealing, agenda.

Quite frankly, Americans are sick to death of being lectured by a small gaggle of maladjusted cranks.

John McGrath

Ask the Dixiechicks about how conservatives rallied to their free speech rights and insisted that their paid gigs not be cancelled.

As for the Duck Dynasty show it is owned by A&E, not the Ducks, and possibly also by its producer, a man who starred ina gay porn video.

Free speech includes critioxism of what you speak, and a willingbess to suffer the consequences for your views.

Free speech also includes criticism of the contents of what someone says in public. Many of us find in offensive that Robinson claims that black people were better off under Jim Crow. I realize that many people in the South will never forgive the federal government - or liberals = for "interfering" with their alleged "liberty" and "rights" by ending segregation in the schools and then enforcing the Civil Rights Act. That's precise;y why they became Republicans.

Jonathan Bainsworth

Travis, just the fact that you're defending these backwoods inbreeders tells us all we need to know. You might want to consider living down south where you can gleefully reenact that famous scene from Deliverance to your heart's s content.

Art West

"Backwoods inbreeders...?

That's intolerant hate speech, is it not?

Sammy Arizona

Since neither the prolific Mr Rowley, nor any of the righties here chose to even mention, never mind condemn, the loony Phil Robertson's claims that black people were better off under Jim Crow would leave me to believe that they wholeheartedly support those idiotic statements. And they possibly think that the good folks at A&E are just pandering to the 36 +/- million black folks, and the tens of millions of whites who found Phil's lies offensive

Happy holidays...Sammy in Arizona

Jeremy Soninjer

Sammy, not only are you an idiot, you're also a liar. Robertson never "claimed that black people were better off under Jim Crow." The reason EVEN BLACKS aren't complaining over Robertson's statement is because there wasn't really anything offensive about it. It was just a statement about his own experience in the deep south...

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person," Robertson is quoted in GQ. "Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field.... They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!... Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

Sammy Arizona

A video has surfaced of a sermon in which Phil Robertson offers more harsh comments about gays. In the sermon, Robertson says that Gay folks will recieve the "due penalty for their perversions." He goes on to say that they are full of "murder, envy, strife, hatred. They are insolent, arrogant, god-haters. They are heartless. They are faithless. They are senseless. They are ruthless. They invent ways of doing evil."

But he is not judging them.... Remember that...LOL

Sammy Arizona

Then there are the views held by most conservatives penned by former mayor Steve Laffey

(note Laffey was writing about ALL gays, including those who had fought in every war in our countries hisrory

In one column, Laffey said he has never seen a happy homosexual.
"This is not to say there aren't any; I simply haven't seen one in my lifetime. Maybe they are all in the closet," he wrote. "All the homosexuals I've seen are sickly and decrepit, their eyes devoid of life."

In another column he wrote that pop music was turning the children of America into sissies, and criticized the singer Boy George, referring to him as "it."

"It wears girl's clothes and puts on makeup," he wrote. "When I hear it sing, 'Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry,' I say to myself, YES, I want to punch your lights out, pal, and break your ribs."

paul zecchino

Tediously predictable, past sell-date insults about Deliverance, incest and the South prove the posters have been no further south than the Thurbers Avenue Curve.

Southerners laugh at them. Northerners who've moved to the South will be grateful if the posters remain up north.

A new video has emerged of Mr. Robertson saying naughty things? Oh my! Quick! Arrest him!

My my, how the Left can dish it out but can't take it, eh? For the past hundred years in America the Left has bashed, scolded, manipulated, vilified, and insulted Americans who refuse to fall for its toxic agenda of genocidal lies.

But let a man exercise his First Amendment Right to Free Speech? The tiresome Left squeals like a stuck pig.

A bunch of thin-skinned, tyrannical, arrested development, spoiled-brats are getting their sad comeuppance. They've destroyed careers over nothing. Remember Anita Bryant? She was one of the first heads the 'tolerant' Left stuck on its bathhouse wall. There've been many more, even a talk host or two who spoke truths which broke into the Left's denial system.

Get used to it. Here's to many more Phil Robertson videos, if they even exist. Notice how the poster omits a link to the supposed video?


Hey! Phil Robertson video surfaces! He's part of the Spanish Inquisition! New Phil Robertson video, he and Mandela necklacing South Africans Boers for the 'crime' of not being communists!

See how easy it is to spoof, lampoon, and negate these vexatious churlish, utterly non-credible PC bully-boys?

paul zecchino

Were irony petroleum, the Left would be Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Robertson speaks his mind. The Left immediately accuses him of 'hatred' and other high crimes and misdemeanors, and then blood-libels everyone in the south as a degenerate, incestuous, homicidal maniac. You could point out the wry irony in this to the Left, but it would deny it and insult you.

Liberalism is indeed a mental illness.

Patrick Boyd

From Phil Paulson's post above, "The hypocrisy never ends, and it comes from both sides of the ideological spectrum. Until we can all stand up and call B.S. when our own side is guilty of something, things will never get better."

That right there says it all!

Jeremy Soninjer

Okay, someone talk to me here... I have heard Martin Bashir mentioned. I have heard the Dixie Chicks mentioned. Conservatives and Republicans were upset with things they said. Okay.

My question is: Who ever stated that Conservatives and Republicans don't get upset over things people say? Of course they do! They challenge people all the time on what they say! There is no conservative hypocrisy here!!

Duck Dynasty Controversy: The issue here is this --- Liberals, ONCE AGAIN, firing/boycotting someone for their politically incorrect remarks. This is wholly (well, MOSTLY) a left-wing exercise. Conservatives didn't call for Bashir's firing. They simply pointed out what an asshole he was, and also the hypocrisy of the left...that liberals, despite all their calls for civility and all their firings and boycotts of conservative commentators, didn't seem to care that Bashir said something so vile. By pointing out the LEFT's hypocrisy, MSNBC felt compelled to get rid of Bashir --- lest they would lose ALL credibility. That was MSNBC's decision.

A lot of people down here are confusing the issue, to the detriment of truly understanding what has happened. And also what is happening to this country at the hands of liberals/progressives/the left/etc.

G Godot

There are cable networks where the Ducks will be welcome when their contract with Liarwood ends--- one way or another. I hear Bashier is driving a taxi in New York, I doubt any of the Ducks will find themselves in that kind of career move.

G Godot

There are cable networks where the Ducks will be welcome when their contract with Liarwood ends--- one way or another. I hear Bashier is driving a taxi in New York, I doubt any of the Ducks will find themselves in that kind of career move.

Patrick Boyd

Jeremy, I fixed this quote for you.

"A lot of people down here are confusing the issue, to the detriment of truly understanding what has happened. And also what is happening to this country at the hands of the media."

Sammy Arizona

Of course it's a lot more than gay marriage with the folks on the radical right, they want to control every aspect of our lives. The rightes have promoted employment discrimination against gay folks for years
When Ellen DeGeneres was hired as a spokesperson for JC Penney the righties called for a boycott
When Ford Motor Company advertised in the magazine "The Advocate" the eighties called for a boycott
When Apple Computers hired the much respected gay man Tim Smith as CEO the righties called for a boycott When McDonalds joined the Gay Chamber of Commerce, the wing-nuts called for a boycott
when Bill Clinton appointed the philanthropist James Hormel to be ambassador the wingnuts blocked his nomination
When Mitt Scissorhands Romney hired the gay Richard Grenell the anti- folks forced Mr Grenell to walk the plank

The conservative American Family Association has called for boycotts of dozens of companies because of their support of our gay friends and neighbors

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