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Thankful for the GOP

Thursday, November 25, 2010


On Election Day, Americans did not send a strong signal of opposition to the far-left agenda of the Obama-Pelosi Washington machine. That signal has been continuously delivered since April 15, 2009 – the day representing the origin of the Tea Party movement. Since that date, public repudiations of socialism and largesse government have been frequently expressed by millions of outraged and concerned American citizens.

What occurred a few weeks ago was the culmination of these refutations - now represented by real government power.

Going so far as uplifting a Republican into the Senate seat long held by the Liberal Lion, Ted Kennedy, in order to halt President Obama’s hasty healthcare bill, the recent national uprising of American traditionalists had been ignored, circumvented, smeared, downplayed, and dismissed by Democrats and a corrupt media. Nancy Pelosi labeled the Tea Party movement as fraudulent political “Astroturf.” And among a sea of similar accusations, the NAACP passed a resolution officially denouncing the Tea Party as racist.

The Left’s strategy didn’t work. A national team of Republicans has now been uplifted into power in order to impede the Democrats’ progressive program. Americans never thought the Democrats would move so quickly, be so bold, or be so out of touch as to entirely misinterpret the voters’ will after the 2008 elections.

No doubt about it, America remains a center-right country. But don’t expect Democrats to unshackle themselves from their political oblivion by embracing this glaring political reality: In 2006 and 2008, the voters punished the Republican Party for failing to live up to its conservative principles. In 2010, the voters punished the Democrat Party for living up to their progressive principles.

Americans learned their lesson once again: This is what happens when you empower the Democrat Party.

Still lacking trust in the GOP establishment, however, conservatives had no choice but to seize control of the GOP themselves. They ran fresh candidates, supported faithful conservative incumbents, and dominated the Republican primary process.

The result? The world witnessed one of the most overwhelming political takeovers of Washington and state governments by one political party in US history. And the mandate of limited government levied by the People caused four newly-elected Tea Party candidates to be appointed to House leadership positions to help guide the Republicans’ legislative agenda.

Republicans do not control the House of Representatives. Conservatives now control the House – a governmental condition good enough to stall the socialist schedule. Democrats will at least have to start reading their own bills.

So what made this conservative triumph possible? Simple -the Republican Party.

As much as recent ramblings focus on the failures of elected Republicans, the Republican Party served as the most potent weapon available to concerned conservatives nationwide. After all, the GOP’s platform is one of limited government, low taxes, and free markets. Conservatives simply have the electoral advantage within Republican primaries, as the Party’s creed matches conservative intentions. Conservatives simply win the debate by holding the Republican establishment accountable to its own pronounced principles.

Then, during the general elections, Tea Party candidates were able to be swept into office while steering the GOP machine. No other mechanism was more capable of erecting such a roadblock in front of the sinister plans of a Democrat Party now being directed by well-funded Marxists, radicals, and labor extremists.

This Thanksgiving, thank God for the Grand Old Party.

Travis Rowley (TravisRowley.com) is Chairman of the RI Young Republicans.



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