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Tom Letourneau: Gay Couples Don’t Need Marriage

Friday, February 01, 2013


Photo: Fibonacci Blue, Flickr Do gay couples really need marriage? Tom Letourneau believes equal rights under the law should be enough.

Being somewhat conservative, and also, unfortunately a traditionalist, I am not in favor of Gay Marriage … but I am 110 percent in favor of any two guys or any two women that want to live the rest of their lives together as "Mates'" and their having all of the social and legal rights afforded to them as is morally and legally correct to do.

I guess I just have a hard time accepting two guys or two gals calling each other husband and wife … determined by which of the two have a more dominant masculine or effeminate personality. Such was the case a few days ago when a gay Representative was being reported about on the front page of the Providence Journal and his mate was standing behind him. He referred to him as his husband?

In having read and re-read many a definition of man and women, husband and wife, etc., along with trying to understand whom is whom, especially going back to the creation of mankind and Adam and Eve (NOTE: God did not invent two guys or two women first) this website gives about the best I have found.

Other then gays, especially the really militant ones, wanting this terminology (Marriage) being applicable to their union, I really do believe that they (gays) need to stop trying to fool themselves into being something that really is not.

Once they can accept and see to it that if there are any shortcomings in what we accept today as a civil union (between a gay couple and non-gays that wish to do so) is different from what is obtained in a marriage, it needs to be immediately addressed, fixed and made right.

My other, really big, concern is the Mommy/Daddy side of these unions!

Say what you may but a child needs a father growing up. It is a well-known, documented fact and those children that grow up without one are being tremendously short-changed.

This is something that has been (and I am not being racist here) lamented within 'The Black Community' wherein the majority of children growing up in a black household either do not have a father or know who he is or both.

And look at the results society has incurred as a result of this tragedy! (NOTE: The same also holds true in that a child needs a mother, something that does not exist in a guy/guy relationship, no matter how loving they may be to the child.

I point this out, among other concerns, as this issue is a Pandora's Box being opened and the long-term damage, harm and repercussions would be great!

I would also bring attention to another ProJo article, of a week or so ago, wherein a couple of lesbians out in Kansas sought-out a guy to donate his sperm so that one of them could become a "Mommy" and the other a 'Father or, in other words, a 'Make-A-Believe" DADDY.

As things turned out their relationship didn't work out and they went their separate ways.

As a result the mommy had to go to the State of Kansas for Financial Aid.

If one were to go back and re-read that article, or follow the story on the Internet, one would become aware of the fact (and this is not the first time this has happened) that the State of Kansas ruled that the guy that donated his sperm is now (as the father?) responsible for child support.

The bottom line here, besides tradition, traditional roles, who/what is a male/female or husband/wife, etc. is there is a lot more, an awful lot more to this issue, socially and legally, then presently meets the eye.

While I personally have a problem with a guy referring to another guy as his wife, and having him march down the aisle in a white dress or a women referring to her female-mate as her husband and both of them dressing up in 'Men in Black Tuxedos' what we are dealing with here is really an arrogant militancy of a sect of people that just want to stick it to tradition when none of this is necessary if society would just insure the rights of all (legal and otherwise) as to what couples, regardless of how they wish to cohabitate--traditional marriage or a Legal Civil Union—want to live their lives.

Tom Letourneau is a retired Automotive Industry Executive, a former three-term member of the Cumberland School Committee, a former member of the Cumberland-Lincoln Boys and Girls' Club Board of Trustees and also served as the President of the Club's Alumni Association. Tom is also a former Vice President of the Cumberland Town Republican Committee.


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