slides: The Scoop: Smith Blasts Paiva-Weed on False Allegations, Elorza Questions Cianci’s Apology, and More

Thursday, October 30, 2014


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In today's Scoop, Mike Smith fires back at Teresa Paiva-Weed's allegations, Elorza questions Cianci's apology, and more.


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Smith Fires Back at Paiva-Weed Allegations

In a mailer sent out to supporters, M. Teresa Paiva-Weed claimed Mike Reed did not pay his child support.

The mailer stated, "You can't trust Michael Smith to take care of the people's business, when he can't even take care of his own business."

"As a newcomer to politics I am stunned by the deceptive and desperate personal attacks from my opponent Paiva-Weed. That she is willing to so maliciously mislead is a troubling insight into her character and the way she has represented our community," said Smith.

Smith said,"I take my responsibility to my children very seriously and I have never once in in 7 years missed a child support payment."

Smith concluded, "My opponent's charges are completely false. Is she is willing to deceive you about this, what else has she been lying about?"

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Elorza Calls for Explanation of Cianci's Apology

The Jorge Elorza campaign has blasted Vincent Cianci's apology for his past deeds.

At the NBC10 debate, Rhode Island Public Radio reporter Ian Donnis asked Cianci what he’s sorry for.

Donnis: Are you truly remorseful and what were the mistakes?

Cianci: I’ve made mistakes, yes I did. I was convicted of a charge. I was convicted of one charge of a conspiracy to commit a crime that I was found not guilty of. That was years ago.

“The plain fact is Mr. Cianci was convicted of leading a conspiracy from 1991 to 1999, involving systematic and widespread corruption including cash bribes, illegal campaign contributions, bid rigging, and inflated government contracts all designed to personally benefit him and increase his political power and all paid for by Providence residents in the form of higher taxes,” said Elorza's campaign manager Marisa O’Gara.

“It’s important with Mr. Cianci to pay attention to what he does, not what he says,” O’Gara said. “The question for voters is, do we want to move forward with rules that prevent unethical behavior or do we want to go backward to Mr. Cianci’s culture of corruption? Providence’s voters want honest leadership for a new direction. Jorge Elorza will provide the leadership Providence needs to move forward, not back to the corrupt days of the past.”

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Operation Clean Government Urges Yes on 3

Operation Clean Government has urged Rhode Islanders to vote “Yes” on Ballot Question 3 on November 4 to allow for a Constitutional Convention to be held next year.

“Many of our elected politicians seem to care more about keeping their jobs than doing what is best for the people of Rhode Island,” said Margaret Kane, President of Operation Clean Government.  “Something has to change.”


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Johnson endorses Jones for RI Lieutenant Governor

Gary Johnson, former New Mexico Governor, 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee, has endorsed Tony Jones, the Libertarian Party candidate for Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor.

“Tony Jones is the only candidate with a clear plan to save the Rhode Island taxpayers over one million dollars a year ,” said Johnson.

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RenewRI's Complaint Hearing

A complaint by RenewRI against “Citizens for Responsible Government" was presented before the RI Board of Elections at 2:30. The complaint cited violations of RI election laws.

“All of us are being hurt by the lack of effective government in Rhode Island, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and is ranked 10th in school spending and 32nd in student achievement,” said H. Philip West, Jr., a co-chair of RenewRI and a former executive director of Common Cause. “It is shameful that government insiders are trying to suppress the people’s right to hold a constitutional convention that could improve our government, and is using advertisements that violate Rhode Island election laws.”


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