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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


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Welcome back to The Scoop, the 4 p.m. report on everything politics in Rhode Island – the inside daily report exclusively on

With the General Election now 22 days away, GoLocal is bringing you the daily campaign updates of note -- who's getting new endorsements, bringing in money, or making big, bold announcements, with all eyes on November 4.

In today's Scoop, Rhode Island College will host a Politics and Social Media Panel tomorrow on October 14, Harrop calls on Cianci to release his medical records, RenewRI launches its advocacy campaign, and more.


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RIC to Host Politics and Social Media Panel

Kate Nagle, writer and news editor at GoLocalProv, will be part of a panel discussion tomorrow at Rhode Island College on politics and social media.

“Rediscovering the News: Millennials, Politics & Social Media,” a panel discussion presented by the American Democracy Project (ADP) at RIC, will explore how the ways in which today’s college students gather information influences their political engagement. This free program is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 14, in Alger Hall, Room 110, 2-3:30 p.m.

Mark Curtis, chief political reporter for ABC6 Providence, will moderate the discussion, which will include a keynote address from Nicco Mele, author of “The End of Big: How the Internet Makes David the New Goliath.”

Other panelists include Scott MacKay, political analyst at Rhode Island Public Radio; Erika Niedowski, Associated Press reporter; and Ed Fitzpatrick, Providence Journal political columnist to discuss:

·       How consumption of the news is changing

·       How political campaign reporting is evolving due to the influence of social media

·       How various forms of social media are influencing the ways in which voters are informed

·       How students can best utilize social media to stay informed for the 2014 elections

“Our college students are the most Internet-savvy generation of all time, yet we’re just beginning to understand the implications of key changes in how this group will get their information and how they will engage in politics,” said Val Endress, associate professor of communication and co-organizer of ADP at RIC.

Research consulting firm Millennial Branding reported that 58 percent of Millennials intended to follow the 2012 presidential election on social networks.

“With an eye to the future, this panel will explore the implications of this unique form of activism and gauge how this generation’s use of social media might impact the political landscape,” Endress said.

The ADP is an initiative of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities partnership with the New York Times to produce college graduates who are committed to being active, involved citizens.

RIC is the only higher education institution in Rhode Island participating in the ADP with over 220 other colleges and universities in the country.

For more information on the ADP at RIC, please visit here

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Harrop Call for Cianci to Release His Medical Records

Republican candidate for Mayor Dr. Dan Harrop has called on opponent Vincent Cianci to release his medical records.

Dr. Harrop said, “In January, Vincent Cianci announced he was being treated for rectal cancer.  This, of course, is quite sad for him and his family and friends. Mr. Cianci admitted he had an operation, and admitted he was to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. As a physician, I recognize many forms of rectal cancer are curable.  However, many are not.  As a physician of 35 years, I recognize the cure rate depends on the extent of tumor at the time of diagnosis. Most early-stage rectal cancers are treated with surgery (total resection of the tumor and adjacent lymph nodes), post-op radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Once rectal cancer has spread to distant sites (metastases to the liver and lungs mainly), it is rarely curable.

Harrop continued, "Last week, I sat next to Mr. Cianci for over six hours on three different dates during forums and debates.  He bumbled responses to answers, had to constantly shuffle through notes, forgot previous statements he has made (like saying he would not take contributions from city workers, which is on tape), and was clearly not the “Buddy” of previous terms, quick with the quip instead of the all-on insult. He appeared angry and irritable...The people of Providence have a right to know about Mr. Cianci’s health before they “hire” him and allow him a four year contract to run the city.  As we have seen, he frequently forgets his promises, but his promises mean nothing if his health will not allow him to actually serve as Mayor.”

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RenewRI Launches Advocacy Campaign

RenewRI has kicked off its advertising campaign in support of Question 3 on the November 4 election ballot (“Shall there be a convention to amend or revise the constitution?) with two billboards on Route 95 in Providence.

A radio campaign will also commence this week. 

The billboard includes an image of the state house capsizing under the 38 Studios logo.

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RI Democratic and Republican Parties Turn to Craigslist to Fill in Ranks

In the last 24 hours, both the RI Republican Party and Democratic Party have posted job ads on Craigslist for field staff and canvassers.

The Republicans are offering $12.00/hour while the Democrats are paying $12.50.

See Republican Party ad here

See Democratic Pary ad here


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