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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


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Welcome back to The Scoop, the 4 p.m. report on everything politics in Rhode Island – the inside daily report exclusively on

With the General Election now 15 days away, GoLocal is bringing you the daily campaign updates of note -- who's getting new endorsements, bringing in money, or making big, bold announcements, with all eyes on November 4.

In today's Scoop, Democratic candidate for General Treasurer Seth Magaziner calls opponent Ernie Almonte a liar, Independent candidate for Mayor Vincent Cianci responds to Harrop's donation to Elorza, and more.


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Magaziner Calls Almonte a Liar

The Seth Magaziner campaign for General Treasurer has branded Independent Candidate Enie Almonte a liar.

"Our opponent has launched a desperate and false attack ad in an attempt to distract voters from his own record as a career-long political insider. We can’t let this stand. Our opponent is willing to lie to win. We need to make sure voters know the truth...But the biggest lie is about Almonte himself when he claims he will “save tax dollars”. As the General Assembly’s handpicked internal auditor, Almonte’s records suggests otherwise," said Magaziner's Campaign Manager Evan England.

"In fact, under Almonte, the Auditor General's office spending more and doubled and his own taxpayer funded salary ballooned 136% to a whopping $196,124 per year. He also drove a state owned take-home car, which he traded up every few years," continued England.

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Harrop Files Complaint With City Solicitor Over “Cianci for Mayor” Signs

Republican candidate for Mayor Dr. Daniel Harrop has filed a complaint with the Providence City Solictor’s office over the “Cianci for Mayor” signs that violate city ordinances.

Harrop said, “As an individual citizen and voter in the city, and, yes, as the Republican candidate for Mayor of Providence, I have formally complained to the City Solicitor in Providence about “Cianci for Mayor” campaign signs that violate our city’s ordinances.  I am astounded that a man running to run the city would ignore the city’s very clear ordinances.  Mr. Cianci continues to claim he has changed, and in debates has sworn to this, but his “misspeaking” (his term) regarding accepting campaign donations from city workers, and his now blatantly ignoring city ordinances, shows nothing has changed. I would urge the city solicitor to move swiftly on this matter.”

The full complaint is below:


As a resident tax-payer and voter in Providence, and, yes, the Republican candidate for Mayor of Providence, I am, for myself individually and for my campaign, formally asking you to investigate and sanction the “Cianci for Mayor Committee” for violation of the municipal zoning code, specifically the Ordinance on signs, 602.6.

As you know, section D of that article prohibits political signs in “R” districts that are larger than 16 square feet.  I will specifically call your attention to the sign at the corner of Doyle Street and Hope Street, but could point out numerous other signs in the city that have been posted in violation of this ordinance.

I fully understand you have more important matters on your desk, and would probably have ignored this all, especially since it is well known that various gubernatorial candidates also violated this ordinance during the primary election season, but while canvassing about the city I have been asked about this constantly.  For a candidate for Mayor to blatantly violate any ordinance sets a poor example for the rest of the citizens of Providence. Disrespect for the law by one, especially potentially so high up in city administration, breeds disrespect by many.

Again, I would ask you to use your office and powers to point out this violation of the law by Mr. Cianci.  I respectfully await your response.


Daniel S. Harrop, M.D.
Republican Candidate for Mayor of Providence

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Cianci Responds to Harrop Donation to Elorza

Independent candidate for Mayor Vincent A. Cianci has issued the following statement in regard to Dan Harrop’s donation to Jorge Elorza.

“I learned yesterday that my Republican challenger, Dr. Dan Harrop, made a $1,000 donation to our opponent, Jorge Elorza, the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Providence. A donation from a Republican to his Democratic opponent is unprecedented, and is a slap in the face to Providence Republicans who certainly take their party affiliation more seriously than Dr. Harrop does," said Cianci.

Cianci continued, “Dr. Harrop’s actions are shameful. It brings to mind how disappointed the young Republicans must be who, at a debate at RIC last month, so proudly followed Dr. Harrop into the auditorium because they believed he stood for the ideals of their party. I sincerely can’t understand how Dr. Harrop can, with good conscience, let his own personal agenda to undermine my candidacy drive him to torpedo what those young Republicans, and all Providence Republicans, stand for."

“Rob Paquin, the Executive Director of the RI Republican Party calls Dr. Harrop’s actions ‘hypocrisy at its finest’ and suggests his constituents write Mickey Mouse in as a candidate. I am running as an Independent candidate for mayor because I respect the ideals of both parties, and have incorporated their key platforms into my vision for the future of Providence. I ask Providence Republicans to abstain from writing in Mickey Mouse, but to instead join me as I embrace fiscal responsibility, government accountability, and workable solutions to lower taxes, increase economic development, and improve the education system in our capital city," said Cianci.

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R.I. Taxpayers and RenewRI To Host Pro-Constitutional Convention Event

R.I. Taxpayers and RenewRI will co-host a meeting about the Constitutional Convention on October 22 from 5:30pm  to 8:00pm at the Radisson Hotel.

"In light of the large deficits the state faces over the next four years, for example, there is a strong case that the governor needs a line-item veto," R.I. Taxpayers President Larry Girouard said. "A Convention could set the stage to give the governor that important budgeting tool."

"One of the messages that will come out of Wednesday night is that a Constitutional Convention is in the best interest of the taxpayers," said Girouard.  "While the General Assembly took some good steps last session, the pace of reform has to accelerate for the state to pull out of its financial death spiral.  A Convention is a vehicle by which true reforms can be implemented."

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Providence Central Federated Council AFL-CIO Endorses Cianci

The Providence Central Federated Council AFL-CIO has endorsed Independent candidate for Mayor Vincent A. Cianci.

Cianci said, “It’s very meaningful to receive this significant endorsement from a union whose skilled members have a vital impact on the ability of Providence to thrive. Council President Paul MacDonald, along with the Council’s leadership and members, had a tremendous impact on our city’s celebrated revival during the 1990s, when more than $2 billion in new construction provided solid employment and good, reliable wages to families in Providence and surrounding areas.  I very much appreciate the confidence they have in me to make our capital city work again.”


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